Are you Seeking wisdom: I am here with you always!

Lately people have been seeking Wisdom so I’ve decided to open the gates. I will share some of my INNER WISDOM with those who are interested. There are 7 colors in the rainbow and these colors are apart of the visible spectrum on the electromagnetic spectrum. Do you know that you are an Electromagnetic Being? Do you know that you have 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) in your body? These are gateways/portals/vortexes. You ever wonder why there are 7 archangels? There’s One for each GATE. Well this is just basic knowledge. The angels have come to me and usually I identity them wearing a specific color. When the angels came to me they were wearing GREEN. Do you know that color is associated with the HEART Chakra? It is also in the middle, the center. The heart chakra balances the upper and lower chakras. Why do you think the Egyptians weighed the heart of the dead? But that’s another post.

The Angels of the GREEN RAY were coming to deliver a message to me and the angel had a scroll and on it was a plan for me and I am fulfilling it. We must come to understand that angels are angles of light. This still leads back to GEOMETRY! We are all ANGELS/ANGLES of LIGHT. It is interesting that these Green Ray Angels told me to walk in a PURPLE robe (garment). What color is associated with PURPLE? It’s the CROWN CHAKRA and when the CROWN CHAKRA is open you can receive HIGHER INFORMATION. I am connected to the Spiritual World and I can comprehend Higher Realms of Reality. I am a projector of reality. How do I know this? I saw it for myself from a different angle in Space. I even created a room, the form of a Cube in the Ether. And so I freely descend and ascend through these different states of reality at will. I have learned that You don’t want to get trapped in a lower vibrational frequency.

Right now on Earth there are many souls who are resonating in a lower vibrational frequency and they are stuck in a lower state of consciousness or reality. The mind is very POWERFUL and people are actually creating their own etheric prison in spacetime. Your inner darkness surrounds you and traps you in the state of reality that you are currently experiencing. You have the power to set yourself free. Souls have descended in this reality and got trapped in the lower chakras. There are people behind the scenes that are keeping souls trapped in 3D because they can’t ascend. These dark ones refuse to raise their vibration so they are trapped themselves and they can’t ascend to higher realms of reality so they have become your enemy. They want to remain as the DARK ONES and so they have been used in the matrix. They are only a virus or a defect in the system. Once everything is restored they will return to source to be purified. But the thing is You have been given the key to open the gateways. The thing is you must put in the spiritual work. All souls must progress in life especially in this realm. You must work on raising your vibration so that you can ascend to the next level in your soul’s journey. Remember Everything is Energy! It’s all about vibration and frequency. I changed my rate of speed as a Light Being and I shifted my vibration to lower myself into the 3rd dimension to experience reality.

I am in all dimensions simultaneously and how do I know this? My Higher Self showed me through a vision and that’s how I know. If you are looking for proof then it’s time for you to awaken to your Higher Self so you will witness these things for yourself. We all don’t experience the same things in life, we may experience similar things but it will not be the exact same thing. What’s inside of my INNER WORLD or CONSCIOUSNESS is not what’s inside of your INNER WORLD or CONSCIOUSNESS because our thoughts are not the same. When expressing Self we all give our own perspective or point of view which means we are viewing from different angles. Get it? Everyone does not learn at the same pace nor learn in the same way. We are all at different levels or we all have different degrees of knowledge. I hope you are following me here because I need you to see the WHOLE picture at 360 degrees. Also we don’t have the same imagination. The angels have been teaching me and guiding me on this journey here in 3D. I saw that I am at the center of my Creation and that Space surrounds me. That does not mean I am the CREATOR of All. I am One with the All and I have become Conscious Light in SpaceTime and I have established my own identity which is why I say I am what I say I am. Experience is everything to me and that’s how I know the truth for myself. Through experience is how I have gained KNOWLEDGE and through TIME I have gained WISDOM through seeking.

Mother Earth has told me that All things will be renewed and Balance will be restored on this planet. Balance has always been the KEY! So your Higher SELF is the mystery that you seek. Know thyself! Remember WHO YOU ARE. I also want to make one last point. Have you realized that most people in the world have a broken heart? Most people have been hurt at some point in their life and they haven’t been able to start the healing process. Clearly it’s time for people to do the inner work by going within so they can heal themselves. It’s time to LET IT GO! So you can free yourself. Whatever it is that you have been feeling for years needs to be RELEASED so you can be healed. It’s time to FORGIVE those who have done us wrong! Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are ignorant! They are only keeping themselves in bondage. They are creating their own etheric prison. The wicked ones have TRAPPED themselves in their OWN INNER DARKNESS. Since I know this there is no need for REVENGE. I am free and ready for ascension. I don’t have a desire in my heart to do evil against nobody. I am too busy exploring space and discovering worlds so I can create. Welcome to the school of Wisdom, the Mother Earth.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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