Create Your Shield: We are Ending this War!

I didn’t come to Mother Earth to wage war, me and my crew came to end this war for good! I came in peace yet the dark ones continue to attack my people. Enough is enough! This war is SPIRITUAL so as the scriptures say put on your armor of God! Create your shields? my people! You have an electromagnetic field surrounding you just like Earth. Earth’s shield is keeping us safe from the Sun. It’s deflects the material coming our way from the Sun! ☀️ If Earth’s shield weakens and collapses then we are toasted. We higher beings are here for a higher purpose. We save planets.

For so long I’ve been having dreams of me creating a shield. It was an Etheric shield! I was learning how to create it in dreams and my shield also protected others. In my dreams I said, Activate Shield! This is an actual command and when I spoke these words my shield was activated! I am always trying to save others! It’s part of my nature! I genuinely care about people. I am a Galactic Warrior and its my duty to protect! There are so many angels working behind the scenes shielding us from all hurt, harm and danger. I saw it in my dream. There was a missile that came out of the ocean and a military base was targeted. I was in the area and the angel showed up and placed his shield ? in front of me and I was protected. Call upon the angels for protection and learn how to strengthen your shields.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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