Dark Energy: Nothing is hidden!

For those who have known me personally I was sent in your life for a reason! I came here on a very dangerous mission but I succeeded in 2012. The biggest task that I had to do is Completed! It’s only a matter of time for everything to manifest in the physical world. The spiritual war that I fought in was absolutely terrifying and my fear was heightened! I even learned that I had my own demons within me but they were not scary looking beings! It was dark energy! Through the darkness I was able to see myself for who I really am.

The dark energy in my field formed into an image of what I was thinking and feeling! As I’ve said the mind is very powerful. During the beginning of my battle I felt the dark forces or energy surrounding me and I was scared! I never felt so much fear or negative energy in my entire life. It was like Satan’s whole kingdom was after me because of who I am and at that time I didn’t even know who I was so I was confused as to why these dark forces were attacking me. All I did was surrendered to Love and on the same day I was attacked.

I didn’t understand spiritual warfare until I was caught in the middle of an astral war. My electomagnetic field was being manipulated. I felt myself being pulled as though some dark force was trying to control me. I was even led to the source and discovered this person was using magic. This person had previously attacked me and I almost died but I wanted to help this person defeat their shadow self. I saw the light when this person couldn’t see it because they were lost and trapped in their own darkness. I saw the demons operating through this person and they were extremely strong and powerful but I fought this person off of me. This person was completely taken over and The dark forces operated through this person to try to fulfil their evil mission but what they didn’t know is that my higher self knew beforehand.

The wicked ones think they are so powerful but we higher beings can see their thoughts! Nothing is hidden in the Etheric realms. We saw the attack beforehand and so we prepared ourselves. Michael the archangel came into my consciousness during the battle and he fought for me! I did not see him but I felt his energy. Michael and his angels protected me from the dark ones. At the time when I awakened I felt an intense fear through my demons and it was because of the return of Nibiru. When Nibiru returns, which is the Day of the Lord, It’s the time of righteous judgment! The dark ones who have been plotting against humanity for ages are scared now because they know their time to rule is up! Satan’s kingdom will fall!!! Order will be restored! It’s only a matter of Time!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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