Nibiru is Here! End time revelations!

Most people on Earth are unaware that we have a very huge Celestial Planet making its journey through our solar system. This celestial planet is called Nibiru! It is a Reddish planet and it has a 3600 year orbital path around our Sun!☀️ When it comes through asteroids ☄️ are flung towards the Earth. You know the Bible predicts an asteroid hitting the Earth. Guess who’s in space monitoring everything and trying to prevent the Earth from being hit…Humans have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in heaven (space). These higher energies that the spiritual community is feeling are coming in from this incoming planetary system!

People don’t want to admit it but Nibiru triggers our spiritual awakening. Earth and Nibiru has a bond! In the past the Nibiruans were on the Earth and they were not fully prepared. They saved Noah and his family! Why? Noah was Enki’s son. It wasn’t originally apart of the plan but Enki couldn’t just let his family die in the great flood so he gave Noah instructions on how to build a submarine. Enlil was pissed! He was selfish and only concerned about the mission. You see you must have empathy! More people could have been saved if it was planned properly. Now we have prepared!

Nibiru is inhabited by many different groups of advance beings and guess what? They have already arrived in ships on our planet! Why? Because the prophecies are being fulfilled. Most of the time there chariots are cloaked in the clouds. They have been sent out to the 4 corners of the Earth! Why? They are surveying the Earth. Do you know why? Earth is experiencing a pole shift! Does the governments in this world know? Yes! But they will not tell you and they will create events in the world to keep you distracted so you can be blind to what’s coming. Meanwhile they have created their underground bunkers so they can escape and save themselves while everyone else on the surface will have to face the disasters that are coming. Do you know what that means? There will be some destruction on this planet but earth will not be destroyed completely. She is a survivor! But guess who have been making plans in advance to try to save the planet and it’s inhabitants? The angels… The nibiruans/annunaki.

We exist in higher dimensions not just in the physical world. We have evolved! The Nibiruans did some messed up things in the past but they are trying to make it right which is why their descendants suffered. Karma is real! But There are so many star races who have united just to come to the Earth to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We are not all the same. If I could open portals all around the world I would. Some things were revealed to me through dreams but I don’t know the entire plan. I’m more focused on fulfilling my part of the mission! This means if you know you were sent here to fulfill a mission then that’s what you need to be doing. Everyone must complete their work. The mission is much greater than what people think.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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