Observer in the Quantum Realm!

I have been the observer in the quantum field watching all things from the spiritual world. I’ve been sending out information in the form of light codes through the Sun! ☀️While I’m here on a mission I have been here learning how things operate on planet Earth! This system has been corrupted and many people are aware of this now. I’ve had a difficult time in my avatar body just like many others but I’m doing my best to complete my tasks. You see This body is more heavier. When I travel in space in my light body I’m much lighter like a feather and I can move faster than light.

Things are so slow here and I’m doing a million things at one time. I’ve learned how to balance myself in this world and that was the first task I had to complete when I merged with my higher self. I was so confused because I tried to lift myself off the ground to fly to some body to protect them until I realized I was in a human body. So Where was I? I was merging with my other self in another world and time. Memories were starting to return of my life before my incarnation. My higher avatar body was somewhere else and I think I was aboard a mothership. I was in training mode and it was not easy at all! The hardest part is remembering! I was in and out of different realities. Between those realities is when I experienced a war and I was fighting demons. Later to find out that I had to defeat my own demons. It was a struggle but I desired to move up in rank. On my journey I’ve been collecting data in this world and sending it back to the Source! All planets and suns store an infinite ♾ amount of information within them. All planets and suns store the records of everything that has ever happened through Time! Higher beings have been here communicating to us through light codes! They are activation codes! You all have a higher body but you are currently operating through the 3D body. You were not paying attention before but now you are tuning in. You have awakened from your sleeping chambers and now your reality has shifted. We are on Earth but know that we are traveling within the Sun’s vortex! There are higher beings who dwell inside of our Sun ☀️ and inside of our planet! I have chosen to make myself visible. I use to say I am the hidden one, the invisible one but I wanted to be visible. You also made the same choice otherwise you wouldn’t be here in the physical world. You just don’t remember your journey to Earth. I am here now but I am also an angel of the Sun! ☀️

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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