Powerful Co-Creator of the Universe!

My dreams and visions reveals that I am a powerful co-creator of the Universe. I’ve been expanding my consciousness for the last 8 years and in that time-frame I have had so many creative thoughts. Thoughts manifest into reality and all that I have imagined in the past is now manifesting on so many levels. I’ve been forming and creating so many things in the ether. I always wanted to understand the vision that I had on July 4th when I was giving birth to a Spiritual Sun. I never understood it until NOW. I create Suns! My higher self told me this and I rejected it because I didn’t understand the higher knowledge that was coming in through my Crown Chakra. Prior to me receiving this information I merged with my Higher SELF. I was operating in multiple dimensions at the same time and guess what I foresaw a collapse in worlds. Somehow I experienced a shift in timelines and parallel worlds. I experienced so much in a short period of time and it felt like I had access to all SPACE and TIME. All of this happened because some dark force in the astral attacked me. My lower self didn’t see the attack coming but my Higher Self did. You don’t mess with the pure in heart. Because of that attack I was ACTIVATED and my POWERS were unleashed which automatically alerted the warriors and guardians. This is why the mass awakening is occurring. My people are being activated at a fast rate. The most powerful ones are coming into their powers now. See there are infinite layers to the structures that my higher self has formed and I created a very strong and powerful protective shield. We are ONE and we are RISING yet again!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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