Spread your inner light!

I have repeatedly shared my spiritual journey on all of my pages so that I can help others. I’m spreading my INNER LIGHT into this world and to the worlds beyond this world the best way that I can. My hope is that you all seek your INNER LIGHT and expand your consciousness to higher levels. Some people don’t talk about their dreams and visions too often but I do. I have a message and I am the angel of revelation. I deliver important messages and the truth is some people listen and some people don’t. Those who don’t listen will only make it harder for themselves.

There is an army of holy angels that are trying to help you. If you are not tuning into the spirit it will be hard to connect to them and you won’t be able to receive the message. There are many messengers on the Earth right now and we are delivering all types of messages repeatedly. If you have dreams and visions, there are messages hidden within your dreams and you must be the one to seek the meaning. It is important that you pay close attention to your dreams and visions especially if you remember them. Your dreams can warn you of things to come. It can even reveal things about a past life. So much can be discovered in your dreams alone. Your dreams can also guide you and they can provide you with higher knowledge. I write all of the dreams down that I can remember. I often find myself going back to those dreams and every time I go back I learn something different. I am discovering that my dreams and visions contain powerful information.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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