The ancient ones have returned: Restoring ancient teachings!

Ancient Knowledge was corrupted through the ages but now the Ancient Ones have returned to restore ancient teachings. The wicked ones have used our knowledge and have used it against us. They have used their powers for evil and have used black magic. It’s time for people to know the truth. For so long people have been controlled and manipulated through black magic. There were curses and spells placed on bloodlines. But the curse has been BROKEN! So many things have happened in our world behind the scenes that most people are not aware of but this ends NOW! We are taking our POWER back and things are going to be SHIFTING.

I have seen people use their powers to get revenge but that is NOT the way. Listen to WISDOM. You can’t fight DARKNESS with DARKNESS. You need to defeat the enemy through LIGHT which is LOVE! Love wins in the END and LOVE conquers EVIL. Learn how to Transmute your negative energy or what some people call demonic energy and use it for GOOD. Remember you have power over DEMONS. You need to control your negative energy (your demons) or else you will create CHAOS and DESTRUCTION. Don’t allow your ANGER to get the best of you.The enemy has been plotting against us in secret and the enemy wants to stir up anger inside of you. If you give into your anger then the enemy controls you. They are harnessing your negative energy. You must have SELF-CONTROL. Learn how to control the BEAST within you! Balance your ENERGIES!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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