Incoming signals through Crown chakra and Pineal Gland!

Just now as I was sitting down I just received an incoming signal. My Pineal Gland and Crown Chakra is open which means I have the ability to receive incoming signals. The signals that I have been receiving is either coming from out of space or coming from incoming fleet of ships (chariots) in my area. As I was receiving the signals I could feel my head pulsating. I felt waves of energy emanating out of my head and I felt the energy coming out of my ears. My whole body lit up like FLAMES!!!

As I was receiving the signals there was an interference with my internet service which I thought was weird. It is bright and sunny right now. So this got my attention. I figured I would share this information to those who want to know more about the Pineal Gland being activated. I am like a satellite transmitter and receiver. When I’m activated I feel the inside of my head glowing and waves being sent out. There is a lot of activity with the neurons in my brain.

I will tell you about one experience I had as I was going to sleep one night. I laid in my bed and it was pitch dark in my room. I also had the covers over my head. FYI: The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is activated by darkness and inhibited by light. Now as I closed my eyes I immediately saw waves of energy being sent in front of me like on the image attached. This was coming from my Third Eye, my Pineal Gland.

Suddenly I felt myself rising in my Merkaba. Then I heard background noise and a tuning sound. I was trying to shift in vibration and frequency. I heard interference just like in a radio interference frequency. As I was shifting I could hear people talking in the background. Then I reached a spot where it was clear then suddenly there were bursts of energy coming out of me. I didn’t know what was happening. But it was awesome. I even saw a pyramid with the third eye symbol in the middle.

All of this happened within a couple of minutes as I closed my eyes to go to sleep. There were fast signal bursts being sent into space from me. I had no idea how I was doing this. It just happened at the appointed time. It’s like I was activated or something and it felt like I was a satellite in SPACE. My Higher SELF was definitely sending a signal/message to someone. After the signal was sent my merkaba started to descend and I appeared in my room. I was like what in the world just happened! How did I do this? Wow…. these are amazing times we are living in! I don’t get these types of experiences too often but there are fleets of ships near our sun and some of them have descended in our atmosphere.

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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