Reflecting on my spiritual experiences! Zero Point and the Black hole!

Let me tell you about another experience. This was a very interesting out of body experience. I didn’t know I was out of body until I returned and popped back into my body. My whole body was vibrating intensely and the entire experience felt like I was gone for a while but it happened in a short period of time after I went to sleep. Time is definitely not what it appears to be especially when you are out of body. I actually felt my heart slow down during the experience. I was in tune with my physical body and all of space surrounding me even parallel worlds because I was experiencing a dream, within a dream, within another dream.

This was wild but it all happened within 1 heart beat. I went through 3 layers of SpaceTime and maybe more. This is the best way to describe it. Some of these things that happen to me I don’t know how to put in words. Quantum Physics has helped me greatly to understand the things I actually experience in the Spirit World especially with Quantum Entanglement. But I went to Zero Point, to the Beginning of when I became a Conscious Light Being. I actually felt like I went Subatomic. I actually made a command and all of Time stopped and everything disappeared around me. My consciousness traveled through a portal and I remember WHITE LIGHT all around me then suddenly I was in PITCH Black Space. At first I called it the BLACK HOLE. There was a strong gravitational pull on the core of my being. I was in the center of this force field. I felt electricity flowing through me. to me it felt like the first moment in SpaceTime that I became a Living Conscious Light Being. I was observing the space surrounding me and I had my first thought.

Guess what the first word was. It was LOVE! I actually saw the word LOVE being projected from me into the space I dwelled in and it was floating through Space. That was the first vibration/sound that emanated from me. This is why I say I am the Goddess of LOVE and LIGHT! Everything I say is for a reason and I’m not just saying it just to say it. I actually discovered who I am through my own spiritual experiences that my HIGHER SELF showed me. This is all occurring so that I could remember my HIGHER SELF as PURE LOVE ENERGY. After I saw this I returned to my physical body. Then guess what happened after this. I will share in my next post for those who are interested to KNOW!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

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