Hear as Wisdom Speaks!

Lately I have been up at night! I’ve been falling asleep around 4 am or 5 am in the morning. I can’t remember what time it was this morning but I saw a Butterfly come into my consciousness as soon as I closed my eyes. It was Yellow, Blue and Black. This is not the first time that butterflies have come to me. I once had a Yellow Butterfly come to me in a dream and it came out of nowhere. It flew around me and it landed on top of my head. I wasn’t outside, I was inside of a building and I was attending a graduation ceremony. Then in the real world yellow butterflies started appearing everywhere. Dragonflies and butterflies are always around me when I go outside. Before I awakened I barely noticed them. My consciousness have definitely shifted.

When the yellow butterflies were appearing in my life I was led to find out what it symbolizes. I am a seeker of knowledge and I desire to KNOW what certain things means. Everything has a meaning. We didn’t descend here for no reason. We ALL created this reality that we are now living and existing in. Again DARKNESS is IGNORANCE and I don’t want my consciousness dwelling in the SPHERE of DARKNESS (IGNORANCE). Ignorance has formed it’s own kingdom and yet this is where the Dark Ones/Negative Entities/Demons receives their POWER. They feed off of negative energy and your ignorance which is why their KINGDOM has become great and powerful. Why is this? Because you gave them your power. All you have to do is take your power back. I did and that’s why I am a threat to Satan’s KINGDOM. Have you forgot that you have power over these demons?

Remember you were given power and authority. How so? Well the truth is you created these demons in IGNORANCE with your negative thought forms and patterns. You created a blueprint for these negative beings and now they have manifested into your reality. Collectively we have given birth to various lifeforms in the Ether. But that’s another post. I am just sharing my inner wisdom. I’ve said it plenty of times, I gather and collect all information and I store it. I can see the whole picture at 360 degrees. I am outside of your reality yet I am here to give you a message. I am from above remember. While many people reject information I collect it All. Many people are aware they are currently operating in the 3rd Dimension. But I am observing reality from 5D and beyond. When you are operating in 5D you can see through the 4th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension. Many of the negative entities/shadow beings exist and operate out of the 4th Dimension and so does your shadow self. Have you completed the shadow work???

But many of these negative beings can’t vibrate any higher than that and so they can’t ascend. You must reach a level of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension. But many people here are struggling. They are so JUDGMENTAL and in ignorance they are creating Chaos and Destruction. How do I know? Demons have manifested into your world and they are telling you who they are and what they have been doing this entire time but you are too blind to see the truth. Even demons have a purpose and they have been sent out on assignment in this world. Remember what the Word says, Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

The Etheric Gods and Goddesses who exist in higher realms can actually see your thoughts manifesting in SpaceTime. Who do you think is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes? You are apart of an Experiment and you chose to enter this reality of 3D. But knowledge has greatly increased in these times and we have given you access to the Source once again. Open your eyes, open your ears and pay close attention to what is actually happening in your world. You are all connected and what you do affects the WHOLE world. All of the false realities that you have been projecting into the Outer World is now beginning to collapse. I experienced a collapse within my consciousness when I awakened in 2012. Most people were still sleeping when I woke up. I saw many things that I didn’t understand but now it’s all making sense. I see how my thoughts have affected the world around me. Please be careful with your thoughts because things are manifesting at a faster rate. Like I said I can see through people and people have some very dark thoughts. The destroyer itself has returned! For so long people have waited for the day of the Lord but many people don’t truly understand that the day of the Lord is a day of DARKNESS. Prepare yourselves spiritually! Purify your heart, mind, body and soul! Do some good and work on elevating your consciousness.

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