Shifting Reality: There is a New Heaven!

Here is how I shift reality! Why is the Sun ☀️ in Cancer and the Moon ? in Capricorn?? A lot of people are saying that the Full Moon is in Aquarius! I’ve been observing what people have been posting just to see if it is aligning with the signs in the heavens. I’ve said it multiple times that the Earth has shifted and the signs in heaven have changed. Maybe I’m in a different reality or timeline than others because I’m noticing a lot of things. I noticed this change because the Sun ☀️ is in Ophiuchus on the day of my birthday and I was led to the information due to the divine feminine energy returning!

Ophiuchus is the 13th zodiac! It is also called Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. The ancestors told us there would be a New Earth and a New Heaven! Is anyone else paying attention to the Signs in Heaven? I’m no expert when it comes to Astrology or Astronomy but I am aware that a shift is happening! I was warned in a dream and I was in a room with an astronomer and he was looking into the heavens through a telescope ? observing the signs (constellations)!

The dream occurred on 3/11/2016. In the dream I was also looking in the heavens through a very big glass window and the heavens changed. The position of the planets and stars all changed. Whatever happened in the sky was really important to me in the dream because I knew something was about to happen. The astronomer had knowledge of the position of the stars and also the rotation of the Earth.

He said, ”Man made an error!” Then suddenly the Earth stop rotating, seems like there was a pole shift. In the dream I knew it was a New Beginning! I looked at the man and said Yahshua is returning! I went to the window and I saw a white cloud descending to Earth. There was another world right in front of me and I saw other beings in this world. There is a lot of symbolism that comes in my dream and it took me a while to understand it all. All the pieces are coming together. I now understand that the other world was Nibiru and the beings on Nibiru.

Written by the Goddess of Love 333

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