Deep Thoughts of the Goddess!

I’m always in deep thought! ? I had a Vison where I seen myself traveling from the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy! I call it the Galactic Command Center. Its the Source of All in this Galaxy. All Suns are interconnected and it’s like a web. Information is constantly being sent and received through all of the Suns in this Galaxy. The Galactic Command Center is the Source Code. All information from all worlds in this Galaxy is stored at the Galactic Center. That’s where I see my Higher Self and other Etheric Beings operating in from the 13th dimension and beyond! Maybe I could be imagining and creating all of this in this present moment in time or it’s an actual memory! I said that I would travel to Earth but I would take the long route! No short cut! I didn’t want to go through a portal.

I wanted to take my time and learn from each world in the Galaxy! I said that I would visit all of the worlds and observe and collect information to store in the Etheric Libraries. When I finally reached the earth I met my Shadow Self. This was so interesting! This world was different! ?My shadow self said, “Would you like to experience 3D reality? You see I saw my Higher Self as the observer in higher realms but then I decided to actually experience things for myself. To get to know my Shadow Self! Then the merge happened!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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