Do you remember your Dreams?

Do you remember your dreams? I woke up this morning and was like, “What am I doing in these parallel worlds? ? I be jumping to different realities and timelines experiencing many things. That’s my consciousness jumping from atom to atom through the electron. In this other parallel world I lived somewhere near a big lake! It was So peaceful! In that reality I still didn’t know how to swim but I love the water lol ?. I remember being on Facebook live and there was up to 800 people watching! It was quite interesting. This is something that I wouldn’t do here in this reality or would I? ?

It took me so long to start showing myself on YouTube videos! But I stepped out of my comfort zone! I tried it and now I can say I have experienced it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought initially. There are many people who are comfortable with showing themselves on videos but I wasn’t at a time! I like operating behind the scenes. I love expressing myself through writing! ✍️ It’s always been like that for me. My dreams have pushed me to be better and it’s shown me to do something different! That’s another reason why I’m here because I wanted to explore this realm. Now I’m doing things that I’d never thought I would be doing. Earth is like a School! I see why all different types of beings come here! Mother Earth can and will help you on your soul’s journey! I love Earth!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

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