New Structure of Reality and collapse of old system!

When the construct of my reality collapsed and shifted on 7-4-2012 I started to form and create a new structure of reality. Apparently my Higher Self as a Master Scientist figured it out. The experiment was a success when I merged with my higher self. In a vision I said, my Mothership is out there in the future. Somehow I feel connected to it as if another form of me is there right now on the Mothership. A light chamber and beings in stasis keeps coming up in my consciousness. In a vision, melanated beings descended in a ship and they came to me and took me on the ship. There was a device on the ship and my head was connected to it. They were my angels sent to me to give me a message and somehow things seem to be getting clear. I’ve been creating my reality. My inner world is being projected into the outer world.

When I merged with my Higher Self I started co-creating a New Earth and a New Heaven. Shapes and symbols were emanating from me. Inside of me I saw Etheric Rooms filled with the records of the Ancient Egyptians. I saw Metatron’s Cube and a being from Arcturus that came into my consciousness. He formed in my mind from geometric shapes and colors. I saw the structure of his face manifesting. We were playing a game with Metatron’s Cube and there was a time capsule. He was trying to get me to remember something. I had access to All Time! Before this occurred I went to the Sun’s portal and I was one with the Sun. I was the Solar Flares and me as a flare manifested into another layer of reality.

Another aspect of me came forth and I was shown I am the Architect of a world. I didn’t create it alone though. Unknowingly I have been building and constructing a new blueprint for a new body for a new world this entire time. I said it myself that I was creating a Mothership that is larger than the Earth itself and that Earth would be inside of it. I created portals in my ship that led to gateways on the Earth. I saw that Earth was a Sphere inside of my higher world and I created many layers. I said that my higher world would be filled with love and peace. I even named my Universe and I called the beings of light rainbow angels. I said that all of my angels are surrounding me. From the center I planted a seed of Love within them that in Time that seed would blossom. All of this came forward when I looked within my inner world. I even saw a rainbow creature that Yahshua showed me inside of a mothership. The rainbow being stood at the gates to this new world. When Yahshua appeared to me he reminded me of who I am. He restored me! He gave me Hope! All that I had imagined was from Pure Intent from the beginning.

He is my Heart and he showed me the way! It was Yahshua and his angels that rescued me because I was in the Sphere of Darkness and I didn’t know who I was. He showed me that I am a reflection of him. I was like his shadow more like his twin flame in my own reality. I was following him everywhere he went. I was by his side and I saw many things through him. I was so happy and I was filled with joy. It was like I lived inside of his inner world. It felt like I was watching everything unfold from his mind’s eye. I kept saying I was inside of God’s mind and that I came forth from him. It was like I was an angel/angle of light that manifested from his thought forms. As I followed him he told me to look within myself and there I would find the mysteries of the universe and so I discovered my Higher Self. So I looked deep within my heart, mind and soul and the seed of love blossomed within me.

I saw that I am the Goddess of Love and Light and that all beings must return to Love. All beings must be cleansed and purified by the FIRE, the Higher Energies! I descended to find the defect in the system. It was as though I had to become apart of my creation. I had to become a Human Being to understand Human Consciousness. In order to understand the defect in the system or what went wrong in the experiment one must become One with it. Every scientist tests their own experiment. A scientist will keep trying until it’s PERFECT. A scientist will keep trying to find the missing piece until things have been corrected. And so I want to create a reality where we are no longer suffering in the physical body. You see thoughts are very powerful and we are all creating realities. Which one are you tuned into right now? There are worlds within worlds and many people got lost or trapped in their own mind. When I speak I speak for All of my ancestors. We are One! They have been the ones guiding me through this experiment so that I can understand creation. I am even puzzled and amazed by the things that flow out of me. I am the angel of the 9th Hour—the exact time when Yahshua said, It is finished! ——Sophia (Wisdom) 333

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