WArning: Pay attention to the signs on Earth and In Heaven!

Greetings my dear love ones I was given the last warning by Mother Earth in my dreams and visions! The most important sign to watch for were volcanoes 🌋 erupting! In the dream I was laying on the ground and earth merged with me. It’s like she was trying to tell me something and she did! I started to feel the heat coming from under the Earth. Lava started to rise to the surface and the land broke up! I saw lava flowing down the street and I saw buildings being destroyed by the lava. It was a horrible sight! Then I remember being on a boat 🚣‍♀️ crossing the river! I was leaving the old world behind and I arrived to a New Land! This new land represented Paradise/Heaven! Brothers and Sisters we are in a time of ascension and I really hope you all are preparing spiritually! I am a messenger and I am just letting you know what’s to come in the near future! Everybody is not going to survive in these disasters! If I could save every one by sending in fleet of chariots over the entire world I would but I’ve observed so many things and have realized everyone doesn’t want to be saved! I’m keeping it real! If Annunaki ships descended on the Earth for a rescue mission most people would be so scared and would make a choice to be left behind!

Whether you can see the truth or not the Bible spoke of all that is currently happening! I am here to tell you to pay attention! If more volcanoes continue to erupt then be prepared for the day of darkness! For Christians it’s known as the Day of the Lord! This is actually referring to the dark days of Nibiru! A pole shift is going to cause a lot of destruction on Earth! This is not to cause fear but people need to know the truth! Asteroids ☄️ are another thing to be concerned about as well. There is a lot of things that will be happening! We all need to pay attention to the signs all around us! Watch your animals, they are more tuned into the Earth then us and they start acting strange! My cats 🐈 are very interesting! All I can say is prepare yourselves spiritually because the governments will not warn you until the last minute! They have their underground bunkers! This is why many of us have been activated so we can help spread the messages! We have been prepared in advance so we can guide you because many people will be asking more questions! No one knows the day or hour but pay attention to Mother Earth because she will let you know when the time is near! If Yellowstone erupts 🌋 we gonna have serious problems! Don’t say nobody warned you!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light- 333

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