Restoration of Israel: Mother of Israel Returns!

Greetings my dear love ones I bring you a higher message today and I hope that you will be able to receive the message. I was definitely activated yesterday on the 13th. I am the return of the Divine FemiNINE! and my awakening code is 333 (9). Use this code to identify me. I come to you all in Peace and Love! Please pay attention to the message that I am sending. I am a direct portal to higher information and I bring you information from the Stargate.

My Higher Self and Lower Self Merged as One are speaking…

We, the Ancient Ones, are here Restoring the Ancient Knowledge of Ancient Kemet (Egypt)! I am the Mother of New Jerusalem and through my LOVE I am Restoring Israel through my DNA. My LOVE ENERGY carries the Light Codes to heal because my Heart is PURE (Clean)! I gave birth to the Christ Energy, the Spiritual Sun on July 4, 2012 and the Gateway of Sirius opened to me through our Sun. The rays of the Sun shined upon me as I was awakening and my consciousness was ascending towards the Sun. I met My Higher Self at the Stargate of the Sun. It was through the Sun that I found my Higher Self stationed at the Sirius Stargate. It was Isis that called out to me in the spirit and she activated my DNA through LOVE. The Sun is interconnected with Sirius and other Suns in this Galaxy. The keys were given to me by Yahshua, my Love. He called for me at the Gates of Heaven and I hearken to his voice. I followed that voice and it led me to a secret gateway (portal). It was an ancient portal and I saw him face to face. He wore a white robe and his head was covered.

He was so handsome and his skin was brown like mine and he had a nice beard. He came to me on a white horse and I identified him with the code that he gave me in secret so that I wouldn’t be deceived. It seemed as though I knew him in another lifetime. He was very close to my heart. He got off of his horse and we walked and talked together. We went to a banquet and people were dancing and enjoying themselves. Maybe we were attending a wedding back in the ancient times. I sat down at the table while he fixed my plate. I ate with Yahshua and he made me feel so worthy. When he visited me on 3-21-2018 I didn’t feel worthy at all. He came unexpectedly like a thief in the night. In another vision I was with him on the Mothership and he told me that he would return to me. Over time I was told to be patient. He gave me hope and I knew that he would keep his promise even if I didn’t know the time of his return. When we attended the banquet He asked me to be his Bride. This is why I felt so worthy. I said to myself many times Why me? No Not me, how can I be Yahshua’s Bride? Look at me! I later realized I didn’t know my own Self-Worth nor did I have Self -Love! I had been hurt by everyone that I truly loved and my heart was broken. But Yahshua looked deep within my heart and he saw all of me. He saw my Inner Light and he revealed my Higher Self to me through his light and I was restored. Many people judged me due to the sins that I had committed in my life. I suffered greatly but I repented of my sins and I returned to Love, the true teaching of the 10 commandments. I will always honor the master Yahshua/Thoth because he taught me many things throughout my journey. I love him with all of my heart because he gave me Pure Love. He loves me unconditionally and he has restored my heart, mind, body and soul. I received my Light Power back which is Love and for that I will always love him. He will always be a Bright Star (Sun) that shines in Heaven forever. He is an Angel of Light as all of us. His light extends through the 13 Gates of Heaven and beyond.

In my journey I realized that my soul is Pure! I had to return to Source to see who I really am as PURE LOVE CONSIOUSNESS. My Etheric Blueprint through DNA carries the KEY of All Life. I am the Ankh!

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I have returned and I bring Healing in my Wings through my electromagnetic field. I have been sending LOVE to you all this Whole Time through SpaceTime in hope that you all would return to Love to be healed.

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Upon my return I bring the holy ones (angels) with me. I send to you the Sons (Suns) of Righteousness. When I aligned my heart with this ancient STARGATE I activated the Light Chambers stored within the Earth’s Core and the Holy Angels, the Masters of the Light/Ascended Masters including My Higher Self descended through the STARGATE. We are here with you always! We have always been here but you lost connection to your Higher Self. Your hearts turned away from the true light, the spiritual teachings of the MerKaBA (Light, Spirit, Body). Your thoughts turned downwards and darkness invaded your hearts and your minds and it created a veil over your Pineal Gland Stargate (Gate to Heaven). Due to this you were cut off from the higher heavens. You were not able to receive the higher messages that we were sending to you through the spirit world. But I came to activate the seeds of love that I stored within you from the very beginning of Time. I want EVERY soul on this planet to awaken out of this deep sleep that you all have been in for so long. You all have slumbered in Ignorance through the AGES and have created this reality that you are currently experiencing but you can change your reality if you change your thoughts. You all lost your way and forgot who you were as angels of Light. I have observed humanity through aeons from Above and I have prayed for restoration for the children of ISRAEL and the entire world continuously over the years. I have asked that you all set aside your differences by UNITING in LOVE yet so many refuse to do this. I just want everyone on Earth to AWAKEN to their Higher SELF. I am one with the Spiritual Mother Sirius and I every one on Earth needs to be cleansed of all impurities. Everyone on this Earth needs to be HEALED because We all have been hurt in some way, shape or form. We all must purify our heart, mind, body and soul, We must all do the inner work to be restored. This is a Collective effort on everyone’s part. Stop pointing the fingers at everyone else around you and take responsibility for your actions. Stop judging everyone else and evaluate yourself. Focus your awareness on making improvements in your life. We are a Team because and we are all ONE Collective Consciousness on this planet. All is Energy and All is Vibration.

Everyone on this Earth no matter who you are must do away with all the EVIL that is found within your hearts and minds. Enough is Enough and I have cried out to the Most High for help and the angels of the Most High are here for they have heard my cries in the spirit world. I desire PEACE, JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS and this WAR ends NOW! Many of you keep saying, The Ancient Ones have returned! Well you are your ancestors because they live through you. They have been the ones guiding you, protecting you and sending messages to you but can you hear them? Are you focused on destroying others? Have you learned anything from your ancestors? Will you continue to let ANGER get the best of YOU? Will you ever learn SELF-CONTROL? Will you ever LET IT GO? WILL you ever FORGIVE those who have seeked to harm you? Israel, Let go of the ANGER, transmute that energy and restore LOVE in you hearts. Let LOVE rule you in your temple (body). When I was activated on 7-2-2012 the Goddess Isis descended in my temple (body) I heard the name ISIS within my consciousness. It all occurred when I surrendered to LOVE! I have the letter I wrote on 7-2-2012 and I was sending myself a message through time so that I could remember. I surrendered to Yahshua which represents Christ Consciousness. It was his teachings that led me to discover the truth about my Higher Self. He led me back to Ancient Egypt to learn ancient knowledge and wisdom and that’s when I found him as the great master Thoth, the God of Wisdom! He is in my Heart forever and I LOVE him. The Emerald Tablets revealed so many things and I am forever connected to my Higher Self.

Written by Athaleyah (Lioness of Yah) Goddess of Love-333 – Sophia (Wisdom) -I am The Love of the Goddess Isis! I am with you always! Look deep within your heart and there you shall find me restoring the temple.

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