Are you having dreams and Visions?

Do you feel like something is coming or an event will soon take place in the near future? What many people are feeling is the arrival of Nibiru! Ancient memories of our ancestors are awakening within us! We too are having dreams and visions and they are reminding us of things to come! Our visions usually prepares us ahead of time! Our dreams teaches us and guides us while we are here on our journey! All that occurred in the past was recorded and imprinted in the DNA records ?of our ancestors! All of the information was passed down to their descendants! Our ancestors are guiding us from beyond Time and they are giving us firsthand knowledge. Connect, go within and seek your Ancient Ancestors because they are your angelic guides. Be guided through the Hall of Records and access an infinite ♾ Etheric library of All Life! Many lessons can be learned in life so always be willing to learn so your soul can progress spiritually!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light

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