The Time has Finally Arrived! Contact with Humanity is soon to come!

It’s been 8 years since my awakening! The time has finally arrived! I’ve been waiting for a lot of things to come to pass. I can say that I never seen so many people ready for the light ships or their star family to descend in ships. There has been so much talk about Motherships being in Space and people being caught up in them in dreams or physically being taken aboard a ship. I’m one of them! I’ve shared my experiences many times hoping that I wasn’t alone! People are finally realizing that we are not alone in the Universe! There’s many Advanced ET Beings or Star Races in this Universe which means over time there’s been many star seeds planted on this planet!

We all come from other star systems and even other galaxies! We are all different in many ways and we can learn different things from each other. Unfortunately there has been many beings who came to Earth to establish their own wicked agenda. To be honest, all beings have their own agenda and it can be good or bad! So much is happening on this planet that many people are unaware of. Many ET races live amongst us. They blend right in! Many beings have the ability to shapeshift! I even say I am not from this world but it goes over people’s head! I said plenty of times that I saw myself traveling here from another world and me and my crew came here on a mission to help with Ascension!

I’m a time traveler so it seems because I said in a vision my Mothership is in the Future! In another vision I tapped into a memory and I saw myself traveling through our Solar System! I saw 2 planets aligning and I know one planet was Jupiter! I was traveling in my merkaba and I went through a portal. It was very interesting 🤔 and I payed attention to the direction that I was coming from. I came to prepare you for the incoming Nibiru system!

Also some people say the bad aliens 👽 are coming…umm they are already Here! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ They have been the ones operating on Earth for a very long time and they have been the ones controlling you in this wicked system. You have been brainwashed and manipulated for so long that people can’t see the truth for what it is. So many people are being deceived right now even the ones who think they are awakened. You will see people for who they really are! Pay attention to their words, their actions, even their reactions! I’ve said it, “No more hiding! All is being revealed! Period!!!!! Nothing more, nothing less!”

Many people all over the world is waiting and watching the skies above! So many people are saying, “Something big is coming!!!” There’s a shift going on!” Something is happening! People noticing they had fake and jealous friends the whole time. People realizing their own family members don’t care about them! People realizing they have been sleeping with the enemy! People are being betrayed! People’s faces are now shape shifting and they seeing reptilians. Well……what I said! All will be revealed!

So much is being captured on videos and photos. For me this is an exciting time to be in because higher beings have returned as promised. We are here to cleanse this world! Destroy this wicked system! Love, Peace, Healing, Order and Balance shall return! Just hang on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride to New Earth! The old Earth shall pass away!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light

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