Dreams are doorways to our memories: Thoth is visiting my Temple!

Lately I have been so busy but today I heard a calling from Thoth, the God of Wisdom. So, I sat down inside of my sacred temple and I listened. I started writing and things started flowing from me as usual. Then I suddenly realized I am a female Scribe.  I have been sending many messages to myself and others through time. I also know that I am beyond Time. In my writings, I said, “I am the mystery being revealed.” At some point in time I was initiated into a mystery school and it seems all that was planned in a past time is now manifesting on the physical plane in this time. I have always said that thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts give birth to reality in some way, shape or form. I have been connecting the dots and apparently, I have been forming and constructing an etheric temple through Time and Space and storing sacred information within it. Only those who have been initiated can enter my holy and sacred space. I will always protect what’s dear to my heart.

When the portal opened, I never understood how I gained access to this Etheric Temple in Egypt, but the gateway opened to me within me. In a vision I was given a key and it appears that I passed it down to my ancestors. My ancient grandmother appeared to me and she told me I gave her the key and she was giving it back to me. She was guarding the key so with her giving it back to me I am the Guardian of the Key. That key transformed into an Ancient Book of Knowledge and Wisdom. So apparently, I am a guardian of an Etheric Temple that is filled with many records. There’s libraries in this Etheric Temple because I keep saying that I work in the Etheric Libraries of Heaven.  Somehow, I was here in the beginning. I figured at some point in time I descended to Earth in another body. I descended in a physical body not made of Earth. It’s a possibility that I descended from a another world. This would explain the visions of seeing myself as royalty.

My father sent for me many times in dreams and I would always be picked up in ships (chariots). Clearly I came from an advanced civilization where there is advanced technology. In a dream I saw myself descending on a ship someone near the ocean. I came to visit 2 people on earth to give them a message. After I gave them the message it was time for me to depart. They followed me to the shores of the ocean and they watched me ascend to my throne (chariot) inside of a whirlwind (portal). I traveled freely in my chariot and I vividly remember that I had 2 servants aboard my ship that catered to me. Maybe they were my crew members. But so much has occurred in my dreams which I believe dreams are gateways to ancient memories or possibly memories from the future. All can be accessed in the Present Moment. For so long I have been saying that I am the keeper of records and that I work in the Etheric Libraries with Thoth. But it is all starting to make sense now. Thoth led me to a woman in Ancient Egypt and finally all of the pieces are coming together. I was led to Seshat. She was the Egyptian goddess of writing, knowledge, wisdom, the keeper of royal records and libraries. Surely she represents an aspect of me and the things that are transpiring in my life.

To me my writings are so deep that at times I surprise myself. When I re-read my writings, I always ask, “Did I write this?” Clearly there is higher information that is descending through my Crown Chakra right now. The activation of my Third Eye allows me to receive the incoming signals or messages that is being sent from divine beings. I am always tuned into My higher self no matter what. I now state that 13 gates of heaven are open. The portal to heaven is open and no longer sealed. Higher beings are now here and they are ready and willing to communicate to the ones who wants to ascend. All my ancestors who have ascended have now returned. The prophecies are being fulfilled whether people can see it or not.  You do not have to believe in anything that I say but things are happening in divine timing as planned from the beginning. There are many things that I still don’t know but many things have been revealed to me. I share what I have been able to interpret from these divine beings who surrounds me.

My ancestors have been resurrected and they are very much alive in their light ships or merkaba’s. They have visited me in my home, where I have been building an Etheric Temple. Thoth and Isis guards the entrance of my Temple. They have been the ones helping me expand my consciousness. Love is on my Etheric walls and if you are not resonating in Love you can’t enter my sacred space. I am one with the Source and it is Pure Divine Energy because I am Pure Love Consciousness. I have accessed the Source Code for learning purposes so that my lower self can understand what my Higher Self already innerstands. Today I have realized that my ancestors have been working with others who were capable of receiving higher information. Many were sent before me to do the work. We have been sending messengers to spread the messages to those who can receive them in this world. Humanity has had plenty of time to prepare for their return. Its all written throughout ancient texts.

Written by Goddess of Love and Wisdom

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