Pineal Gland Stargate: Is your Gateway Sealed?

Is your Pineal Gland Stargate dormant? Most people will ask, “How did you activate your pineal gland? Pure Love within my HEART opened the Gateway to Heaven and the holy angels descended in my temple. Remember your body is a Temple! The Temple of Man is the Temple of God. I didn’t practice anything nor did I meditate in the Sun or use crystals. It was simply LOVE which has always been the key to Ascension. I surrendered to Yahshua, to Love and My pineal gland opened naturally at the appointed time. My soul was ready to be awakened out of darkness and I desired the TRUTH! Since I was seeking the TRUTH wholeheartedly, the dark ones tried to prevent my awakening by using dark magic. It was their last attempt to try to control me. I guess they could see my Merkaba rotating and activating within Mother Earth. A vortex opened and I actually saw the point in time when my Merkaba ascended from the Earth. My ship was dormant before I accessed it. It appears I stationed it inside of the Earth upon my arrival.

All I had to do is remember WHO I AM! When my ship ascended from the Earth there was a big Earthquake. Does this sound familiar? But I accessed a hidden portal within Earth. Maybe this is a possibility of why they feared my awakening. Maybe they assumed that I would seek Revenge or start a War with them! I understand that my awakening meant the destruction of their wicked system or kingdom. The Truth is I don’t start wars I end them. It seems I am the peacemaker among my people. There is an appointed time for everything and justice will be served in due time. Order and balance is returning to Earth but you must know that you can’t destroy evil with evil. Instead I do the opposite and operate in Love. I have learned how to balance my energies and it’s an ongoing process. Trust and believe I have learned my lessons. The truth is the wicked will receive their karma in the end. Let it be a judgment day for the wicked. All that has been done throughout the Ages has been recorded in the Hall of Records. The wicked already know that their time is short. Truly they all need to surrender at this point.

The TRUTH will appear in the light regardless and there’s no escaping the TRUTH. The Akashic Records or the Book of Life will be opened. All souls must learn who they are in Time. All souls have the opportunity to choose the path of ascension at some point in their soul’s journey. As we live in this world of duality we can actually see that some souls choose to explore the path that leads to chaos and destruction. Most souls who choose this path is either lost, ignorant and heartless. Many souls have simply allowed their inner darkness to grow and rule over them. It’s to the point where they have now created an etheric prison for themselves. They are trapped in their own inner darkness. So if one is living in darkness, “How deep is that darkness?” So many souls have deceived themselves and I hope those who have been deceived wake up. You always have the chance to do what is right. As my ancestors have said so many times, turn away from all evil. It’s always best to be honest with yourself and others because the Truth will be revealed in the light.

At one point in my life I was living in darkness and I was ignorant. I was looking for a way out of this matrix. I saw that I was surrounded by my own inner demons that I had created in ignorance along with other negative entities that was controlling me. I actually had a vision and I saw myself in a dark space. I was hidden in space and it felt like I was in a prison. It was the prison in my mind and then I saw a bright light open in front of me. It was Yahshua coming to rescue me. He was the light that guided me out of darkness. Truly he set my soul free. It was something that I needed to do and he just showed me the way to freedom. Forgiveness is very important! Most people teach that you need to forgive others which is true but I also say that you must learn how to forgive yourself. I had to be completely honest with myself and I had to face the darkness within. I’m so glad that my darkness was not deep. As always, Forgive them for they know not what they do!

Written by the Goddess of Love and Light

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