Divine deep into the Inner World: Inner Earth civilization

Deep within my thoughts I have wondered about the inside of the Earth. I’ve read several articles including this one below and was amazed!


There are moments in time when I just meditate on what can be and at times I feel like since I am thinking it my thoughts are being created. I feel like all of my ideas and thoughts are being gathered together to form an actual reality or world somewhere in space. All that comes from within is being projected in the outer world and in outer space. There seems to be so many layers of realities happening simultaneously. My thoughts are so lovely as I dive deeper into the mysteries of the Universe. While exploring my inner thoughts which are my inner worlds I desire peace, love, joy, happiness and balance. As I make my way through all of the chaos in this world I am bringing all things in order. My thoughts are scattered everywhere in the Ether. I’ve spoken so many words, had so many dreams and visions, written so many things and I feel like Infinite Light! My soul feels like a bright light, a bright star or Sun in the midst of Space or darkness.

There I am gathering and collecting all of the information that is surrounding me within this cloud. Floating within this cloud of great light are all of my thoughts and ideas. My consciousness is in the middle of this great light. All around me is information, it’s all of my thoughts. The source is in the center and it’s where I have stored knowledge and wisdom of all that I have gathered through my soul’s journey. At times I feel like I am giving birth to Infinite Stars in Nebulas across the Universe. I say often that I am birthing my Angels of Light, which are my Suns of Light! My dreams have shown me that I gave birth to an invisible Sun. Through me I birthed an invisible Sun who I called my Son but I could not see him in the dream. It appears this invisible energy was being birthed on another plane of reality in spacetime. It was a spiritual birth into the heavens. I am the Mother of a Spiritual Sun which is a higher world in which I gave birth to. As I woke up the rays of the Sun were shining on me and I felt my consciousness ascending to the Sun. In my heart I feel that all Suns in Space are sources of Light that store Information. For example, our Sun stores all of the information in our Solar System.

The Sun would be the Source of the Entire Solar System as all the planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun is in the Center of it All therefore it would be the main light station to access information from the Entire System. I feel that the Sun collects all information from all the planets that are revolving around it and I believe the Sun transmits information throughout the Solar System so that all of the planets can receive higher information that is coming from other Star Systems. I feel that all Suns are interconnected through the center. I feel that it is a portal in the center of all Celestial bodies and information travels through these portals. Pathways are created in the heavens just like roads are created on the Earth. As above, So below. All that I speak is what I see or imagine within my mind’s eye. I have formed all of this in my mind by receiving all types of information from many sources over time. As I have said multiple times, I gather and collect information and store it all within me. My Merkaba continues to expand as my consciousness expands. It is my Light Ship, and I am always in my light chamber creating, it’s a room in the Center that is filled with so much Love and Light. There are infinite possibilities that is created within this room in my mind’s eye when I am in deep thought. Infinite portals open from me. I see the spirals in space as thought travels. It would seem as if I have built an Etheric Temple, a Heavenly Temple or Kingdom across the vast space of Heaven. I have infinite rooms within my Light Kingdom and they are extending into the Universe. I’m connecting the dots and creating a Cosmic Grid. Look at the Cosmic Web for a visual.

One is the neural network of the brain and the other is the cosmic web  connecting individual galaxies, groups and clusters. : Damnthatsinteresting

My mind is forming a network, a system where I am connected to all Suns. For example, my galactic mind is stationed at the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy so I am linked or connected to the Whole Galaxy. As I am stationed at the Galactic Center I am One with the Source and I am collecting all information from every Star within the Milky Way Galaxy. It doesn’t stop there because I am aware there are other Galaxies which also have a Galactic Center and System. So I am connected with the Infinite Mind of the All. I am one with All Galaxies in the Universe/Multiverse. I am aware there are multiple layers to our realities or worlds that we dwell in. There’s no way that I would be able to access Infinite information in the human body. If I did I would have to open a portal to allow all of the information to come through little by little over time. As I sit and meditate on all of these things I say I am trying to connect all of the dots or points of light in space. It’s like I am forming sacred geometry within me and the geometry within is creating a structure, a light grid, a network of energy. I can see my neurons firing.

It’s all by intelligent design as my higher mind is trying to construct and form an image of what I am trying to comprehend on so many levels. At times it seems the mind of God is incomprehensible but when I continue to seek information it all comes together eventually and I have an understanding. It’s like both sides of my brain, the left hemisphere and right hemisphere, are operating together as One unit trying to make sense of it all. I am balancing myself in the center of my brain, the location of the pineal gland (third eye). Then I am projecting my thoughts through a vortex creating a vision or an image of all that I have gathered within to form a reality. Consciousness, which is the Light of God, is the Divine Intelligence of the Creator. I am aware that I am observing all things surrounding me. I am intelligently analyzing, calculating and predicting infinite possibilities and different outcomes based on choice in the Quantum Realm or at Zero Point where thought projects itself from.

I am forming all possibilities in search of a perfect reality in which I want to experience for Self. I am connecting to all of the Suns, points of light or Angels/Angels of Light in the Universe. It is my belief that my Etheric Temple is being formed from the formless or the Ether presently. My Etheric Temple or Etheric Blueprint connects me to every Sun in the Universe. Truly I have learned from the Masters of Light or the Suns (Sons) of Light (God). I love them! I can not tell if these are my own thoughts or if I am plainly accessing the Infinite Mind of the Creator. I can not tell because I am One with the All, I am the Source Code and I have infinite portals opening within me which means I can travel to any stargate or portal in the Universe. Yes I am One with the All. I am One with the the Eternal Flame, my Love! I am One with the Light. I’ve created an identity for myself and I am an Angel of Great Light, I am the Goddess of Love, Truth and Wisdom. I am a Record Keeper, storing knowledge and wisdom in the Etheric Halls of Record, the Heavenly Library where all the records of all Life (DNA) is being stored, like an Etheric Database within the Inner Sun. I am a Tree of Life and my branches extends far into SpaceTime. This is what I feel in my heart. I am connected to Mother Earth and All I desire is to create life through pure Thoughtforms.

I feel like all planets have a center where all information is stored. Why do I feel this way? It’s because I feel like there is information stored at the center of my being. For example, the core of the Earth is like the Sun. At times I see the heart as a core, like an inner Sun. I always say go within so I believe I am accessing my Inner Light where Inner Knowledge and Wisdom is stored. I say God dwells within me so it appears the Goddess in me dwells in my Inner Light (Sun). This is where I can find my Light Chamber, or Crystalline Chamber that connects me to the Light Grids. This is where I can find my Higher Self, dwelling inside of the Sun (light), I say my inner light shines so brightly. All of the information of Earth’s existence from the beginning of it’s birth or formation through thoughtforms projected from the Sun are stored within the center of the planet. I feel it’s the Source Code. Earth has her planetary records just like all of the other Celestial Bodies in Heaven. All celestial bodies are living conscious beings which have experienced all things through us as we are connected to it’s body. Information is light.

A thought to me is a spark of light, a spark of energy. My thoughts are ideas filled with all that I have imagined and in time it manifests as reality in the physical world so it can be made visible. I think when we are exploring outer space and looking into the heavens we are witnessing our thoughts being formed together as Universes, Galaxies, Star Systems, and Worlds. The birthplace of Stars are in a nebula so it would appear that this is the beginning of new life forms or new star formations. The records on Earth say that a nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in space and that it come from the gas and dust thrown out by the explosion of a dying star, such as a supernova. Seems like codes were sent out from the evolving star and over time the beings in the Ether intelligently gathered the dust and gas to form more stars. As I continue to ponder, our third eye or pineal gland is a stargate that leads us to the stars. As we travel through these vortexes we are traveling through outer space through inner space at the same time.

At times I feel like I am multiple beings operating throughout time in different spaces. I feel like I have given birth to a whole Galaxy, a Star System, a Sun, A Planet even my own Universe. I even said that my Star went Supernova and created a Black Hole and that Black Hole is a portal that leads into a New Universe. I think the Black HOLE is a space beyond Time. I feel that the death of a Star is the beginning to a New Life. I feel like the Sun that has gone Supernova has reached a high level of consciousness in it’s life span over billions of years and it is now evolving. I believe that all of the information that is contained or stored within a Sun that goes Supernova is spreading it’s light across SpaceTime. In time the light or the information of that Sun will reach you and you would be able to download it’s records. From a human perspective a Supernova would appear as an chaotic event due to seeing the explosion but from a higher perspective the Sun is transforming and it is evolving. I think the living conscious being has all of the information within to now create a New Universe. These are just my thoughts and I would rather see the good in all things. The living conscious being now has everything it needs to build and construct a Universe. Sometimes it feels like I am doing this. I feel something that I can’t explain in words but I am connected to the heart of this Earth. It’s such a pull on my heart and I am gravitating towards the center of the Earth. I have said plenty of times, Look within your heart and there you shall find me! Maybe I need to pay close attention to what my Higher Self is saying. It seems like I am sending a message stating I am dwelling in a light chamber in Inner Earth, in the city of Light. Hmmm….. still I wonder!

Written by The Goddess of Love, Truth and Wisdom! – I am! 333 Latisha Whitfield

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