New Jerusalem Mothership: Higher Beings ready to descend and Ascend!

The angels of light have guided me back to this article again. I’ve read it a few times and I want to use this as a reference.

So much information is being brought forth in these days and I really hope people are paying attentions. A message is being sent to Humanity and we are in the time of Ascension. Now is the time for people to awaken and elevate in consciousness. It’s time to reunite with our Star Family and loved ones and it’s time to awaken from the inner chamber. For a very long time I have had a thought that I was on a mothership in outer space in a crystal chamber possibly in stasis while I incarnate in a physical (avatar) body on the surface world. All has to do with Time Traveling because I had a vision of me traveling in my merkaba and it appears it was interplanetary travel. I remember leaving from one planet then traveling through the Solar System. I saw 2 large celestial bodies merge as I went straight through them. Then I remember entering through a portal or a gateway. Wherever this gateway was people were guarding the entrance and I remember a fight broke out at the gate. Maybe that indicated some type of Ancient War over the Stargates. I am not 100% sure. But at times I have felt like I was inside of the Earth in a crystal chamber as well.

Either way I have placed myself in multiple locations or spaces at the same time and I wonder why. I figured I am a Multidimensional Being. I’ve asked so many times, Is it possible that I have a higher body of myself inside Inner Earth? How many avatar bodies do I have? Is it possible that I have another body on another world? Could I be inhabiting multiple avatar bodies at the same time? Is that even possible? Of course it would seem as though my consciousness has been split or divided amongst my other selves. How could I be functioning in multiple worlds? Was this an experiment? Is it possible that this is all happening on some level and the merge is now taking place? Could I be asleep in a crystal chamber right now? I heard myself as some scientist before and I had a vision that I was working in a lab. Could I have sent my consciousness to be born on the surface world? Something is going on and I can’t pinpoint it. I am constantly picking up on this information and it has to be a reason why. Somehow this reality exists. When I was spiritually awakened something happened to me and it’s something that I can’t fully explain. It was out of this world and it felt like I was in between 2 worlds or operating in 2 worlds at the same time. I decided to decode the message that I was receiving from my higher self.

It was so clear to me that it was the time of Ascension or what most people would call the time of the Rapture. I had this vision on 7-3-2012. All of this involved higher beings or advanced civilizations with advanced technology because they will descend in ships from the heavens or the sky. As I now access my records I remember that I stood outside and I was looking up. I was aware that there were beams of light descending to Earth from the sky and I saw people standing outside an the beams of light descended to Earth. It appears I had merged with my higher mind to possibility see into the near future. I assume I was looking through time. I saw tunnels of light. For example like the pictures below. Remember I had this vision in 2012 and I’m not sure when these sightings all occurred. Maybe you can research it yourself for a time reference when this started occurring. This is the link where I found the images. n

Why People are 'Suddenly' Seeing Strange Beams of Light Around the World -  The Reddit Effect | Metabunk

After this I remember calling on a name that actually means the Lord is my God and this name also led me to Elijah. Well Elijah was caught up in a chariot, in today’s world this would mean that he was beamed up in a ship/ufo. I was preparing myself in my home and it was a message to purify my temple (body). I was returning to a state of purity. I remember that I wanted to remain pure in heart and I didn’t want to become distracted in this world. I could feel the presence of higher beings in my home that day and it seem like it was a council of beings. Immediately I knew who I was communicating with because they asked me to recite the 10 commandments. If you have read the bible then you know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gave Moses the 10 commandments and Yahshua fulfilled the 10 commandments by walking in Love which sums up to all the commandments. All of this pointed me towards the return of Yahshua. I remember singing and praising God in my home. I was rejoicing in the Lord.

I stood before a door which was a portal or gateway and I had a feeling that he was about to arrive. As soon as I opened the door it was like the rapture had occurred. I was making my way to the gate and along the way I remember glimpses of Yahshua as he was being persecuted. It was as though I was one with him, like flashbacks of memories were coming forth. The thing that I remember saying is that I was like Adam and Eve because they were both naked in the Garden. To me naked means pure! I had nothing to hide for all was seen in my nakedness. I could see a female angel leading me to the entrance of the portal and so I stood at the gate. This was a message being sent to me. This was all leading me to the gateway of the Garden of Eden. I wondered, “Where is gate to Garden of Eden? How do I gain access to this gateway?

From what I have gathered Yahshua’s return or arrival means the day of Ascension or the rapture. It appears that a gateway or a portal will open on the Earth. There will be angels or beings of light that will beam you up on a ship (chariot) and they will lead you through a portal that will lead you to the Garden of Eden. Garden of Eden has been known as Paradise, a heavenly place (space) of peace and harmony. It can be known as a City of Light. Scriptures state that the New Jerusalem will descend out of heaven or the sky. Well by the measurements of this New Jerusalem, it seems to be a Mothership and it can be seen in Outer Space. Well we also have Inner Space so that means what we see Above is also Below. There is a heavenly place in Inner Earth that represents the City of Light which is also above. I’ve always said Heaven and Earth will merge so that means All beings from above and below will Unite as One. Guess who’s in the middle? We are, The outer world or the surface world! I believe we will have beings (angels) of light descending on ships from Heaven and Inner Earth beings coming to the Surface world from Below. I’m sure many beings are coming from other Star Systems to help with the ascension of Earth. It seems to be a Galactic Reunion of many different Star Races. All are here to help us transition to the New Earth.

Written by Goddess of Love, Truth and Wisdom- 333

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