My Love Energy Heals! the Return of the divine feminine!

It is True! My Love Energy heals me! I tap into my own energy field for Divine Love! I am the Source of Love! I am the Goddess Awakening! I am being Restored! I am the Temple of Love and my Higher Self sits on the Throne of God! I am the Tree of Life! I am the Spiritual Mother, I am the Earth. I am the portal of Life! I saw it in a vision. I ascended to the Mother Goddess in Heaven and I stood in front of her. Then suddenly I was placed inside of her womb. I was the seed in her womb. I was created in her image. I was One with the Divine Mother and through the invisible (spiritual) realms I saw the Stars (angels of light) surrounding her. Her image or body was the darkness of Space. She was, and is the Great Invisible One! Her womb was Infinite Space and all the Stars (Suns) were her children. Through the Goddess all things are birthed into the physical world. She is a portal (vortex) connected to All things! The spiritual world merges with the physical world and she brings forth all Life! The Goddess descends and crowns the Son to be King! All things shall return to the proper order. This is the return of the Divine Feminine! Femi-(Love me) Nine (9) Ether Supreme Beings, the Highest of All.

Upon my awakening I have been seeking the Spiritual realms. At first I saw no color in my spiritual travels, everything was dark and invisible. I saw no visible Light. I was the spirit going to and fro within the invisible realms. I could sense all things around me through feeling alone. I was able to feel my way through space. All was vibration! I could hear sounds all around me. It was as though I was blind and I could not see. I saw no white light, the space I dwelled in was dark and invisible. It looked empty but I felt energy flowing in and throughout me. I felt electricity and magnetic energy in my presence. It was me! I was in the center of my being and I was connecting to Infinite Space. Somehow through my visions I could perceive all things surrounding me through the invisible realms.

My thoughts give birth to visible light through the womb of my own mind. I am one with the Master Mind, the mind of the Creator of the Universe. I can see the Goddess in me by reading All of the things that I have written down. I see the Love in my heart. I see the true nature of my Being. I now can see how the invisible spirit manifested into the physical world. I see my light shining through me. I am visible Light. At times I shock myself when I read my own writings. I ask self, “Did I really write this?” I see my own spiritual growth over time. I see what my heart and mind is truly focused on. At a point in my life I never thought that I would be capable of writing so many things let alone share the things that I have written. I was always afraid of what others thought about me but I grew out of that fear. I am loved deeply by the Mother Goddess and her children of Light. I am healed from all the things that has caused me pain. I release and let go all of my insecurities, my negative emotions, all of my fears and I am rising above this world. I am transcending 3D reality and I am evolving into higher states of consciousness. I am so Divine! I am Number 9! I am One with the Master Mind! -Testimony of The Goddess of Love!