Testimony of Sophia (Wisdom)

Hear as Wisdom Speaks! When I write there is always a hidden meaning behind all that I speak! I guess I get it from some of my ancient ancestors. I am assuming they taught me well in the ancient temples where there were wisdom teachings. My life has been simply designed in a certain way. I am filled with so much love yet I have felt so much pain. I was apparently chosen for a mission, and I simply do not know why. I have suffered greatly in my life, sacrificed myself for others, been abandoned, abused, left brokenhearted and I have felt so much pain physically due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed with this since the AGE of 14. It was called Juvenile Arthritis. In my ignorance I thought that only old people got arthritis and I was so confused. I did not know until later that my family on my Dad’s side suffered from this disease. I never knew my Father and until this day I still do not know him. All I know is what was told to me and I got to know him from the letters he wrote me from prison. But when I got diagnosed with ARTH… It was at this moment in time that my Trials and Tribulations begun. I was so young, and it felt like my life was shattered but I did not let it stop me from living.

No one even knew that I was pain or even suffering, only those close to me. On December 31, 1998 I remember going to church with my best friend. She was the one who told me about Yahshua, and I wanted to get to know him personally. After midnight, I gave my life over to Yahshua. I will never forget January 1, 1999. I invited Yahshua in my HEART and he has always been there. I was in complete darkness (ignorance) for a total of 13 years. I made some bad choices and had to battle my inner demons and fight off other people’s demons along the way. During deliverance, the dark ones has a message and said, “We have been after you ever since you were born.” So the question would be, “Who am I? Why are they after me?” Did I do something to cause this? The next questions are, “Who are my enemies and why?” I went through so many things leading up to the day of my Spiritual AWAKENING. I was so ready to surrender to Love. I wanted a new life, a better one but I desired to get on the right path, so I went to Yahshua on July 2, 2012 and even wrote a letter.

Afterwards everything came in alignment and the full plan of God was initiated on July 3, 2012 during the opening of the Sirius gateway. It would appear to be divine timing or the appointed time for something. I was clueless at the time and had no idea what was happening. Well my higher self knew the plan. Clearly someone higher in rank was and still is operating behind the scenes regarding all of this. My awakening occurred at the AGE of 27 (9) and I am now 36 (9) writing all of this. I am truly at the end of this cycle and I am exhausted by all the things that has happened to me. Everything is finally collapsing, and I can no longer keep it all together. All things have happened for a reason and it has happened during certain times. I have done all that I could do at this point in time. It is Finished! No one knows my whole story but the Creator. Truthfully at times, I question God’s plan for my life. I had this perfect Love Story mapped out in my mind and at the end of all my trials and tribulations I would be crowned Queen. I would be WORTHY and loved by the King. I would finally get to experience True Love and be HAPPY! I would live in a New WORLD and see what it is like to experience NO PAIN in my BODY. I would have a NEW BODY and there would be no more suffering. I know that day is coming, indeed it is written. I know that everything will be ok future wise. But for now I know that I am apart of God’s PLAN and I am fulfilling it in some way, shape or form.

On August 13, 2015, an emissary or an angel of God appeared to me in a vision. He was dressed in green and white garments. My cat Shadow had passed away on the Lion’s Gateway 8-8-2015 (888) and I was so distressed. First Smokey now Shadow. My heart was so broken. When the angel appeared I noticed the angel was in my image; his face was brown, and he had dreads. Finally, I see someone who looks like me in the heavens. But the angel had a scroll in his hand, and he said, “I have a plan for you from God!” I was just leaving class and we were having a conversation about the 2 witnesses. He gave me a robe and he told me to walk down the street in it. It was a Purple robe. I was scared at first. I had no clue what I had to do so immediately fear sat in. But this angel spoke to my HEART. I opened the GATEWAY for the angels to ascend and descend through my gates.

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I invited Yahshua in my HEART so he has sent his angels to help me on my journey. I seeked him and I simply knocked and the doors were opened to me. Revelation 3:20 states, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” It appears I have been ascending and descending through the 7 heavens, experiencing life with the Seven Lords has been quite interesting. Angels of light will appear when needed or necessary. I speak to the angels within me all of the times so I know they hear my voice. Everyone experiences different things and all must know that the Light of God is within. In all space, there is only ONE wisdom. Through seeming decided, it is ONE in the ONE. All that exists comes forth from the LIGHT, and the LIGHT comes forth from the ALL. Tablet 7 of the Emerald Tablets

We are all INTERCONNECTED! In my vision, other angels or emissaries were going out in other directions doing the same thing on the Earth. I am not the only one who has been called. For many are called, but few are chosen. I’ve been given a plan from the ancient One and I’m doing my best to follow the plan. Some who watch me secretly may ask, “Who’s plan is it?” Who is the Ancient One? Well, to me it’s simply the Ancient Mother & Father, my Foremother/Forefather, my Ancient Ancestors. From what I have gathered the records goes back to Nibiru, to the Sirius Star System and most likely beyond this. It appears my ancestry leads to multiple star systems. The ancient Ones have already met with me and it is up to me to decode the mysteries. Maybe they believe in me or simply see something greater in me that I cannot see at this present moment. Who knows it could be just another experiment. Clearly, they are here observing me and the others. I sense the same thing occurred with Yahshua.

There were ships in the skies watching him as everything played out. They were there when he was born and when he ascended in a ship. The angels ministered to Yahshua just like me. I’m sure his experiences were different because it depends on your level of consciousness. Clearly he has more knowledge than me. I’m just trying to catch up. He also read a lot of ancient texts and his third eye was opened. The Ancient Mother passed down the keys to me in a dream on December 31, 2015. The timing was interesting to me. I found out that Sirius is highest in the sky at midnight every New Year’s. It was the same time that I gave my life to Yahshua and when the Ancient Mother appeared to me. Apparently, my connection is with Star Sirius thus the reason why I say I am the Stargate Keeper of Sirius and the Light Codes. Sirius is the KEY and it is the Gateway of Ascension. My ancestors have been sending me messages through Sirius Stargate. Now I’ve been led to the High Council of Orion. My cats have always been a key as well. I love my CATS, and I really enjoy the Feline Race.

I am hearing, “Have I not shown you the way? “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. On July 26, 2013 I met with a being who called himself the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The date is quite interesting again. An angel showed up and gave me info. The date led me to the Galactic New Year beginning July 26, 2019. I saw information regarding a 13-moon calendar. The number 13 is significant. Again, more keys have been given. Why so there so many keys? Keys are used to open or close doors, portals, or gateways! Most importantly if I have the keys I can access information. The question is, “Have I opened any Gateways?”  In prior times, I have spoken of a New Heaven and provided information regarding the 13th Constellation, Ophiuchus (I am the Serpent Bearer). It is already interesting enough that my birthday now falls in this new SIGN. The question is, “Are we paying attention to the Signs in Heaven?”

Are you paying attention to the messengers who have been sent amongst you? Years ago, as I lie in my bed, I felt this energy rising up my spine and then I heard a hissing sound. It came all the way up and I heard the sound in my right ear. I felt like it was a snake behind me. This serpent was speaking to me. I jumped up because I did not know what was happening to me. Then later in a vision, the serpent re-appeared. It came right in front of me. I came face to face with the Serpent. The snake made its appearance and I gazed into the Serpent’s EYE. Suddenly a force within me was unleashed. It was so powerful that I saw a Huge WAVE forming. It was like a Tsunami incoming. There was so much WATER pouring in. The sign of the Water Bearer comes to mind. What’s coming in the AGE of Aquarius or should I say WHO is COMING? WHO is RETURNING? Yahshua always spoke in parables and it was like a secret code. It’s always been a mystery but he himself said that he would meet his followers in the Age of Aquarius. Passover is the Key! The answers lies here. Even in Egypt we saw them passing over into a new AGE. The Bull represents the Age of Taurus and the Ram represents the Age of Aries. Many events took place near the end of the the Age of Taurus. In the book of Exodus, remember the children of Israel were delivered out of the land of Egypt and they worshipped the Golden Cow. The old things were passing away.

Yahshua told us something important. What occurred during the Preparation of the Passover? Luke 22: 7-16 states, Now the Festival of Unleavened Bread arrived, when the Passover lamb is sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John ahead and said, “Go and prepare the Passover meal, so we can eat it together. “Where do you want us to prepare it?” they asked him. He replied, “As soon as you enter Jerusalem, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him. At the house he enters,  say to the owner, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?’  He will take you upstairs to a large room that is already set up. That is where you should prepare our meal.” They went off to the city and found everything just as Jesus had said, and they prepared the Passover meal there.  When the time came, Jesus and the apostles sat down together at the table. Jesus said, “I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins. For I tell you now that I won’t eat this meal again until its meaning is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.”

It seem like everything will be fulfilled in the Age of Aquarius. If we follow the signs the man carrying the pitcher of water appears to be the Sign of Aquarius. This will be the appointed time for the return of the Kingdom of God. According to the Book of Revelations, there is going to be a Wedding Feast. A celebration where people will be given crowns. It’s simply a time of Ascension. Revelation 19: 7-9 states, “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

So many people are waiting for the return of Christ and at times I feel like we are waiting on the return of Thoth and his Father Enki. Yahshua said in John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. So the question is, “Where did Yahshua go when he left in the chariot?

Based off the scripture there’s suppose to be a deliverance. I understand this in 2 ways. People can ascend in chariots and experience a different reality or if you die and ascend you can experience another reality. Clearly in the scriptures some people will die and some won’t. So we have quite of few things happening at the end of the age of Pisces. To be honest there are already signs of the ships arriving in our skies right now. Surely there is a preparing going on. We just can’t predict the timing of the pole shift or can they? Etheric ships are here now! I learned this from the higher council of Orion. Information has been spreading all over the world and I’ve just been collecting it. All the people who have passed away are already being resurrected into a new body. Many souls are already traveling back to their home planets and other star systems. Many are dwelling in higher dimensions/higher vibrational worlds. I’m sure physcial ships in 3D are arriving too.

The kingdom of God is VAST and exists in all Realms. As Above, So Below! The Angels of God are completing their duties. We must understand there’s different ranks of angels. We have them operating in the higher dimensions and in the lower dimensions. We, humans, are even god’s angels and we each have a certain degree of light! Remember there’s small and great in the kingdom of heaven. The truth is we are currently at the end of the Age of Pisces and clearly this is not the reign of Yahshua, a true God. Seems more like the reign of the AntiChrist. People keep thinking the rule of the Antichrist is coming but it’s already here. There’s been so many lies, deceit and massive cover-ups all throughout this Age. This is not how we should be living. The church has deceived the whole world and have given false images and false teachings. But the truth will always be revealed. The church and the government is in on everything. There has been Malevolent Beings ruling this world behind the scene. Treaties have been made and the public is not aware of most of them. So much secrecy. For a very long time, the beings of Nibiru have been deemed as demons when there has been numerous races of beings to descend to this Earth. But there are other species in the Universe who are HEARTLESS and they can’t feel anything which is why they commit all these crimes against humanity. Some of these Malevolent beings won’t think twice about what they are doing to another living being. They don’t honor Life, they seek to destroy it. All they seek to gain is Money, Control and POWER! They think our EMOTIONS make us weak but it’s what strengthens us. Many of us humans are intelligent, compassionate, loving and forgiving. Many of us desire to create a better world. Many of us have been completing our shadow work while others have been sleeping. As my ancestors said, Turn away from ALL evil. This is constant work and at times it’s hard when you have people working against you while you are trying to do the right thing. I come before the High Council of Orion, Sirius and Nibiru with Love in my heart. I offer my LOVE! Enough with offering someone’s life. No one should have to suffer anymore! The Wickedness needs to be put to an end on this Earth. All of the wicked hearted people on Earth needs to be imprisioned, taken away to a faraway location where they can’t harm any living beings. Justice must be served for All of the crimes that have been committed against ALL of humanity. They need to be taught in righteousness, death is not always the answer. These malevolent beings need to reflect on what they have done and caused to others through their actions. The heavenly army needs to descend and the Earth needs to be healed along with her inhabitants. So much has been done over the Ages and it’s time for Peace and unconditional Love. It’s time for a new Reign, with a Righteousness King and Queen. Things must change for the better.

When I met with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on July 26, 2013 I did not see his face. I only heard his voice. We met in a secret place, a dark space within my mind. I now know I was blind at the time and I could not see the light descending upon me. I did not have much knowledge at the time and I was ignorant of spiritual things. Because I wanted to know what I had experienced I seeked knowledge. I had to gain knowledge over time to understand my spiritual experiences. There were moments of fear when I had to learn something new. Then I pondered on an open vision that I had when I was led back to the garden of Eden. I was naked and I placed myself in the garden as EVE to see from her perspective. I wanted to see who all was there in the garden teaching humans. Who was it that gave us knowledge? Who actually cared about the progression of our growth. Well the seals have been opened for me and it is no longer a mystery. I know who sat there in the garden observing us and testing our intelligence. I read through some of the Sumerian records. I saw the main 3. For me I saw the trinity. Ninmah as the Mother, Enki as the Father and Ningishzidda as the Son. These 3 were responsible for the creation of a new living being. I saw mistakes and corrections that were made in Eden. I could see more within Enki and I saw that he did care. He had a heart. All three of them did. They were benevolent beings who made mistakes just like any other living being.

But as this God spoke to me, I realized that he was communicating to me through some sort of device. At first the sound was a little distant and he had to get closer for me to hear him clearly. Apparently there was some type of interference. Maybe he was aboard a ship or communicating to me from another planet. I have learned that the Pineal Gland is a Cosmic Antenna. I can receive and send signals through SpaceTime. There’s a saying that I say often pertaining to my Love. I say no matter the distance we will always be connected. It’s a bond unbreakable and it’s how I describe our Love. I can feel him no matter how far apart we are. Then I learned a little about quantum entanglement and it explained how I had been feeling. No matter the distance messages can be received instantaneously even light years away. I sense anyone that shares the same DNA can access each other’s information or memories. Many times, I have received incoming signals that I have translated into messages and images were projected in a Vision. During the transmission of a signal, I have felt intense vibrations and a lot of tuning going on inside of my brain. Apparently I am feeling the neurons firing off. It’s like I have to match the vibrational frequency of the signal that is coming in to receive the message. The sounds are very high pitched. I am connected to a Mothership possibly fleets of ships. Information can be downloaded and sent through the gates. End of Transmission for now.

The Testimony of Sophia (Wisdom)! 333