In 7 days: creating the new earth!

Amos 3:7 states, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

I want to say this off the top. I believe in Yahshua and the messages that he sent to us. Many people refuse to believe in him but at this point everyone has a choice to believe in what they choose to believe in. I was called to do this work and I went forward with the mission. Over the course of years, I have received good and bad messages and I will not hold back information, nor will I ask someone to pay me for knowledge. Did Yahshua ask people for money to teach the truth? For many years messengers have come forth advising people to prepare their bodies. Many people are afraid to face this truth, but a lot of people will not be able to take on these higher energies. What does this mean? People will die. I did not want to be the one to tell people this, but apparently other light workers will not do it. So many of them are worried about getting rich. Money is not going to matter when the Sun releases a massive flare, and the surface of the Earth is not habitable. Too much is being covered up and I am tired of the BS. It is sad that people must pay for knowledge. In my eyes it should be given freely. I was warned way back in 2015 that humans need to prepare their temples (bodies). I was warned in 2012 that a Solar Flare was going to hit the Earth and simultaneously it was going to be the return of Yahshua.

I went to the Sun in the spirit, and I was an angel of the Sun. I was one with it. I was the flares emanating out of the sun itself. I traveled around the Sun and all I saw was flames or energy like a Solar Storm. At first, I did understand what I was seeing. Simultaneously I could see that volcanoes were going to erupt on the Earth. I knew that the angels of the Sun and the Earth were ministering to me to warn me of the coming destruction. All I know is that it was FIRE everywhere. In fact, I was activated by our Sun on July 2, 2012. There was a Solar Flare that was released on the day of my awakening. In the process of getting hit by these energies I had many dreams and visions and it occurred over a 7-day period. According to the Bible, number 7 is the amount of completeness. It is known that after 7 days the whole world was completed, and God has done his work. Well, he sure did his work on me after 7 days. On the 7th day, I entered the New Earth. It was a new world for me. But I experienced the Solar Event first and I faced my fears and all my inner demons, I battled the dark ones in the astral realm, I surrendered to love, and my angels (ancestors) fought with me.

During the 7 days my consciousness was raised from the dead, it was like I had died, and I was reborn. I literally gave birth in the spirit on July 4, 2012 in a vision and my Sun (Son) ascended to heaven. He was an invisible Sun (Son). He was birthed in a higher realm. I gave birth to a higher energy and I identified that energy as the Christ Energy. Upon awakening Yahshua was all that I could think of. I heard in the spirit, “It is finished!” I felt him surrounding me, protecting me. I felt his love. After my birth I woke up to a new reality, a New Earth. In my mind, I was returning back to paradise. I was going home. I saw myself ascending to the Sun. The light of the Sun was beaming on me and my soul was gravitating towards the Sun. As I was asleep and having visions I woke up many times and I was writing on the notepad that I had next to me. The angels had told me to prepare myself with certain items. Thank God that I listened. I gave myself a message and it also included appointed times. Higher self also told me that I created a world. I guess the energy that I birthed was being used to form and create a new world. Also the Rapture/Ascension had happened during these 7 days and I could perceive everything. A pillar of light descended on the Earth from the sky and people disappeared which means they were transported to a safe place. I saw through multiple timelines on the Earth. I saw different possibilities in the quantum realm. I saw fire and destruction, I saw people ascending, and I saw an angel leading me to a portal/gateway. Yahshua was standing on the other side of the door. He returned to Earth. Then I was caught up on a Mothership and I remember seeing a light being. I was given an assignment and I only remember walking down a hallway aboard the ship. Then I remember seeing myself flying towards the Earth. I was descending from heaven. -Testimony of Sophia

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