Revenge of the Reptilians/draconians: Nibiru and the Serpent!

Many people have talked about the Reptilians or the Draconians. Most of us are aware that they seek to divide and conquer the Human Race. They look for new worlds to conquer. It is in their nature to fight and dominate. They are not satisfied with peace. Well, most of us know that they have their underground bases around the world and many of them walk amongst us. They basically are the ones behind the rulers of this dark world. Their technology is quite advanced, and they are apparently intelligent because they have been successful in their plots against humanity. Surely, they have intelligent scientists amongst them. I have learned that the Reptilian Females are the best warriors. Who is the Queen on Earth? If you do not know then you need to research. Understand they are all being controlled. But they have hybrids and most of them are in your communities, hospitals, governments, military etc. Yep, they all blend in with us. But they control the surface world. Why?

Did they take over the Earth because they felt threatened or was power given to them for a certain time period? I question a lot of things since we are in the Age of Pisces. Looking at the records there were certain beings assigned to rule in each Age. My findings were surprising, but I am still gathering information. I know that the Age of Aquarius was assigned to Enki and in the bible Yahshua told his disciples that he would meet them in the Age of Aquarius. Well we are currently at the end of the Age of Pisces. There are going to be some changes soon. I read some things repeatedly and upon the arrival of the Nibirians I think the Reptilians were already stationed here. Who knows what they were doing? Like all other ET Beings they explore new worlds and do experiments on them. The first creature that was killed on the Earth when one of the Nibirians arrived was a snake. I think I am the only person that noticed this. Let this be a lesson. If you arrive on a new planet and you are not familiar with its living creatures. Please do not kill it no matter how strange looking it is. For the record Alalu was the first to arrive on Earth from Nibiru. He was Enki’s stepfather.

Here is a passage in The Lost Book of Enki where Alalu killed the snake (serpent). People may miss the point here, but a snake is a Reptile. He killed one of them. Maybe I’m looking too deep, but I am deep thought and I ponder everything. Once more he drank, then with fright he asunder jumped:A hissing sound he could hear; a slithering body by the poolside was moving!His carried weapon he seized, a blast of its ray toward the hissing he directed.The moving stopped, the hissing was ended.To examine the danger Alalu stepped forward.The slithered body lay still; dead was the creature, a sight most strange:Like a rope its long body was, without hands or feet was the body;Fierce eyes were in its small head, out of its mouth a long tongue was sticking.A sight on Nibiru never beheld it was, a creature of another world!Was it the orchard’s guardian? Alalu by himself pondered. Was it the water’s master? himself heasked.Now have you ever wondered why the Reptilians stationed themselves underground. Of course, to remain hidden in their subterranean civilizations. But I sense there is more. Maybe they are trying to gain entrance to another land, possibly Inner Earth. It makes me think further about the sinking of Atlantis. There was war with the Atlanteans and Reptilian Beings. The technology used in Atlantis caused the island to sink. According to a book I read, the Reptilians were able to shapeshift to appear human, the Reptilians then infiltrated the Atlantean civilization, abducting humans and creating Reptilian hybrids.

As I read the Emerald Tablets, I realized that the gateway/portal to the Inner Earth was sealed. I figure the same things that were taught in the temples in Atlantis was taught in Egypt. Thoth took the knowledge with him and set everything up in Egypt which leads me to think that there was a secret gateway/tunnel in Atlantis that led to Inner Earth. If they infiltrated the Atlanteans then they probably learned quite a few things. They may be watching us, but we are also watching them from the higher realms. We are learning their strategies. It is predictable at this point. We must think about the Reptilian’s nature. It has been about survival from the beginning. I read something and from the beginning it appears they resonate in a low frequency which is fear. When they were hatched from the egg, they were alone and had to fight to survive. It is quite deep. But they go world to world conquering other people’s land. I am assuming that at one point they believed that they cannot be defeated. So here is something I will throw out there. Has anyone thought that Reptilians are trying to gain access to these hidden gateways inside of the Earth? In the past we have experienced pole shifts.

What if these gateways were blocked off or sealed during the last pole shift? It appears that we are about to experience another pole shift. What does this mean for the entrances that could have been sealed? What if they are waiting to get through to conquer another land? This is just me thinking because I had a vision that there was a war at a gateway/portal. Everything has been about gaining access to certain stargates or land. Generally, the past becomes the future, but how I see it now we can change reality. We are creating the future with the choices we make right now. I saw multiple timelines so I’m curious what’s going to happen on this timeline. As a gate keeper I keep saying protect my heart which equates to protect the center (heart) of the Earth. At times the Mother Earth speaks through me. Earth is a living conscious being and it appears she is trying to warn us about something. I say protect her Heart, the heart of the Earth.

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