hear as wisdom speaks: more revelation!

Something is occurring that I cannot explain. I am off in my calculations by one day. Everything happens for a reason. I wonder if anyone has been paying attention to what I have been saying for years. I keep saying key dates for a reason. I hear Thoth right now speaking to my soul; he was precise with his calculations. There is error with my calculations but to be honest I did not know I was supposed to be calculating anything. I knew that I was suppose to gather, collect and KEEP THE RECORDS. That’s my job in Earth’s Living Library. Am I in training mode? LOL. I said I wanted to be where Thoth is. He has been my teacher. He just showed me that I am off by one day. I also had a vision, and I was told to pay attention to the numbers and the date. I heard the word, “KNOWING”.

It was like a code or something that I was looking at, a calendar and possibly a bible code. I had an open vision. It looked like a crystal slideshow of events that were being projected through my third eye/pineal gland. I now say crystals because I found out that we have crystals in the pineal gland. Later I also found out that the crystals vibrate and it opens a vortex. How do I know this? I experienced this while seeking the light in the darkness of night. I reveal the mystery, no more secrets. I was in the process of going to sleep and suddenly I felt something vibrating in the middle of my head, in the location of the pineal gland. I could sense some sort of fluid as well. Then suddenly I saw spirals opening right in front of me in my room. There was a vortex opening spinning clockwise and my consciousness traveled somewhere else. That’s another post because somehow I found myself near 3 pyramids (Pyramids of Giza) and it’s interesting because I saw a Lion, Lioness and a Cub. This was documented in my records on 1-11-2020 at 6:55am. All light codes for me. The whole point was the number 3.

But each experience that I have is breaking everything down to me on a level in which my lower self can comprehend. Then I do further research and seek other angels (humans) on the Earth who is doing the work to provide light (information). There are 2 particular men who I listen to for science and quantum physics. Billy Carson and David Wilcock. Both of them have a significant amount of information and have done research. There is truth in a lot of things they speak of because I have experienced it spiritually and they have provided an explanation. They are sent as angels to provide information. I hope you are listening. You don’t have to resonate with everything they say. I listen to key points just as I was told and guided to do. But anyways, let’s get back to the crystal slideshow during the open vision. It was the coolest experience ever but of course saddening because I saw a lot of people running away from something. I assumed a disaster was happening because they would not let me see why they were running.

I am too sensitive and probably would have lost focus on the key points in the experience. I picked up New York but of course I could be in error and I’m not afraid to admit this. I saw an image of Yahshua in the clouds during the crystal slideshow. Key point, there was something in the clouds in the sky. Then I saw numbers and it was like the movie knowing when he was figuring out all the events that had happened. If you saw the movie the final event was the Solar Flare destruction but more specifically the ships descended and the pure in heart were removed and taken to a higher world. What did I tell you the other day what happened to me on July 2, 2012? Go back to review. There’s more but I’m not going to say anything I will let the timeline play out. We all play a part in this. I’m just doing my part. But this is getting quite strange yet interesting to me, but I can only share what has been given. I only collect and store the information. Which brings me to this. I revisited the records that I stored to check dates and a specific timeline when the Annunaki or the Nibirian men were speaking to me through dreams and visions. They were showing me something pertaining to prophecy. To be completely honest, Enki has his hands in all of this. If you do not know who Enki is then it is time to learn about Enki quickly as we are moving into the Age of Aquarius.

Please see beyond 3D because his higher self in extremely intelligent and wise just like his son Thoth. If you focus on the lower things that happened in the past, then you will miss a lot of things. Key point here is that we are all MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS. We are angels and so are they and each of us have a different rank or degree of knowledge and wisdom. We are all ONE and if you think you are better than anyone else you still have more learning and growing to do in 3D. We are One! So I prefer to communicate to them on a higher level and some times I have to seek the lower self (shadow self) and go back in history to understand certain things to understand why certain things happened. It’s just this thing called Time. Time is used for specific reasons in this realm, but I will not go into this because I am still in the process of learning about the establishment of time in this region of Space. But Enki has done quite of few things in a certain pattern. He gave me key points, and everything led back to him. I guess he was testing me to see if I would follow the clues or listen to him. I am always up for a challenge to reveal a mystery. I see in the dark and I can see what other people cannot see.

This is where Enki has met me, in the darkness, I only heard his voice, and I followed the light. If you do not get it then it is not meant for you to understand right now. I have called myself the hidden one but that was only pointing me to the one who has been hiding in the darkness of the Earth or shall I say in a secret place/space. I was inspired to do a 40 day fast back in November 2015. It was pertaining to the bride being prepared, the 144,000. We were rededicating ourselves to the Most High and we were purifying our temples (bodies). The fast ended on November 11, 2015 yet I realized that I was short by one day. I looked at the start time and the end time. During the 40 days I had dreams and visions. On the last day of the fast I made a post called The Final Stage: Completion and Perfection. After the completion of the fast, on December 12, 2012 I wrote a post called The Bride has prepared herself: The Crowning of the Bride. Then I received one final dream on December 13, 2015 about a volcano erupting and entering the promised land. On the same day I made a post called Completion, it is finished! The final days are ahead. Previously I counted the days between my awakening to this final dream after the fast. Guess how many days?

July 2, 2012 – December 13, 2015 is 1,259 days. This is one day short of 1260 days. I thought it was 1260 days originally when I counted, but I was incorrect. It is 1259 days instead of 1260 days when I put it in google. I calculated it by hand the first time. Lol. Only 1 day short. Hmmm… This is getting interesting. I thought that I’d share since I have a piece of the puzzle. The men from Nibiru were speaking to me throughout all of this and then things shifted when I was contacted by ancient woman on December 31, 2015. She revealed my ancient key and my ancient symbol. She was one of my ancestors and in the dream she took the form of my grandmother so that I would remember the vision. This is when my consciousness was elevated into new regions of space. The key turned into an ancient book filled with knowledge and wisdom. Then in January 2016 I heard a woman speaking who was a scientist and I received a download about the mystery and beginning of time.From that point forward my consciousness was expanded beyond Earth and our Sun. The Christ Consciousness kicked in although I had given birth to it on July 4, 2012.

Everything was aligning to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy as my heart was gravitating towards the heart of the Milky Way. Then I could see the 13th sign. To be honest it was like I had so many beings ministering to me. Each of them giving me knowledge and wisdom on various levels from high to low so that I could see the WHOLE picture. I accepted all of me, the good and the bad. I forgave myself and forgave others. I had learned that Enoch walked with God and I wanted to do the same thing, so I went deep and connected to Source. I asked the Most High, let me see through your eyes and gaze into eternity until infinity was shown. It is just too much information at this point and I realized that I, my consciousness was expanding the Universe. I had to see from a certain point of view and then I saw the Collective Consciousness, the Universal Mind. We are all expanding this Universe. Man it’s too much. I will just take bits and pieces and use them as I see fit for the time being. Enoch went away for a period and so did I. Once I learned who Enoch was talking to everything started to make sense and I started to understand why I was contacted. Matthew 6: 21 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

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