Light code activation: messages are everywhere!

I want to share something that popped up in my mind today while I was preparing my packages. I keep seeing my light codes. I am seeing it now as I am typing this. Wow! But I am always in deep thought. Before I started working, I was outside on my balcony having a talk with the trees. I know that the trees are living beings. I see them in a much higher form. The trees are deeply rooted in the Earth and so am I. WE are connected to her. Mother Earth always speaks to me in ways that I cannot fully describe but I know I am connected to her heart/core. As I was talking with the trees, I was taken back to the Cave of Treasures. Then I journeyed to the center of the Earth. From there I saw an invisible world at the center. Then I realized much more that I cannot put in words here. I drew something on a sheet of paper, and we are looking at things backwards. The center or inner world that we speak of is above not below and the surface world is not above it is below. I hope that makes sense. It is crazy because the shirt I am wearing right now says As Above, So Below, As Within So Without and it has the symbol of the as above so below tree on it.

I hope I am not confusing myself, but I saw it in my mind, and I am just trying to pull it out in this realm. I saw my higher self on a Mothership projecting Self into the Inner Earth which is a higher realm which is invisible. From there my consciousness traveled through a vortex within the Earth and I entered the outer world which is the surface world where my 3D Avatar Body was form and created in the womb of my mother. I saw the light of this world when I came through the portal of my Mother. Higher Self projected a lower version of Self in 3D form to dwell on the surface world to explore this light. This is one part. The second part. Now this is just me using my creative mind when I am deep into meditation. Years ago, I visualized a huge sphere which I called a Mothership. This Mothership existed in a higher dimension. I was simply using my mind’s eye to create a particular reality because I was trying to figure something out. I was attempting to create doorways/portals from the higher world that merged or connected to the lower world. In so many words my higher self formed and created a structure out of the ether within myself. So of course, this is another level or layer to my being. This Etheric Mothership would be able to fit the whole Earth inside of it.

So, the vision was that I was living inside of a Multidimensional Mothership and Earth was the 3D Sphere created within the Mothership. For years I have been stating that I entered some sort of crystal chamber inside the ship, and I have said that I am awake at the center of the Earth inside the Mothership. These were just random thoughts and I kept having them repeatedly. Years ago, I was caught up on a ship and I remember going through a vortex and I went through the opening of the ship at the bottom. I was talking with Yahshua in the Throne Room. He was sitting down in a chair and he called me to sit next to him. I was sitting to his left. I cannot remember the whole conversation, but I was close to him. He called me aboard the ship to give me information and told me he would return the next day. But the next day turned into 2-16-2018 when I met him at a portal. Time is not the same that is all I am going to say. It was years later lol. But there were rooms on the ship, and I remember there was a chamber room that he showed me.

People were lined up to go inside this chamber room. I remember telling a friend about this vision and outside there was a double rainbow in the sky. When I had the vision, I could not perceive all that was contained in this chamber nor in this Mothership. Later I started calling the chamber room, a Light Chamber. Then in another dream the ship descended and as soon as I got on the ship. My head was connected to some sort of device which was connected to the seat on the ship. As I laid back, I had my last fearful thought because I was leaving the 3D program. The ship then ascended, and I woke up. We are all living on a Multidimensional Mothership. Yep, I said it. That is all for now.

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