Transmission from our multidimensional mothership!

Greetings, my dear love ones! I am here to provide information that has been transmitted to me from our Multidimensional Mothership that exists within Mother Earth. Most of you are aware that you are a Multidimensional Being and within you exists portals or vortexes. Information is being transmitted to us through from what I can perceive as Earth’s Crystalline Grid and it interconnects to all of us. On March 20, 2018 during the opening of a portal, during the Spring Equinox I was notified by my higher self that our physical bodies are getting worked on by the angels and ascension energies are coming through Earth’s Crystalline Grid. The next day on March 21, 2018, Yahshua appeared to me in a vision at a gateway (portal) on the Earth and he gave me a message. In the vision he asked me to be his Bride. I knew what he was referring to as the bible talks about the preparation of the Bride and I had received other visions on how to prepare the Bride. I even sent out an invitation years ago invited people to the New Jerusalem Mothership. Some mocked, and some ignored my invitations, and Hebrew brother even rejected the invitation.

All have been recorded. Thoth is the record keeper and I have also been keeping the records. I only did was I was led to do. I tried so hard to connect with those who were in darkness, but people rejected me and called me all sorts of name because I had the ability to perceive a higher reality. I saw how people acted towards me when new information was being taught. Some brothers thought that they had more knowledge than others when they were still operating out of a lower vibration. Because of this they were deceiving themselves and deceiving their brothers and sisters. No love or compassion was shown just casting judging on others when they were still in darkness (ignorance). So, I decided to move on and not speak to the lost children of Israel anymore. If they chose to remain ignorant that is their choice. We all have free will. So those who were ready to hear my messages would hear them at the appointed times. So, I send this message to those who are ready to pick up on the incoming signals that are being beamed from the Mothership. If your pineal gland stargate is opened than you will be able to receive the incoming messages that are being sent all around the world.

Years ago, I received a vision that I was on top of a high mountain that reached into heaven. I called this mountain Zion and when I was on Mount Zion, I created a crystalline grid, it shifted twice while I was on the mount and it was connected to Mother Earth. As I was on top of the mountain, Zion descended out of space. Zion means the highest point. Again, I speak to you from my higher Self who is now stationed on Mount Zion. Mount Zion is known to be the heavenly city of the living God. It is the heavenly Jerusalem and there are countless of angels residing in this city. Many people have completed the work to help raise the consciousness of their brothers and sisters and this has been achieved through unconditional love. At this point in time there are many souls on the Earth that can perceive higher realities. With that said, the New Jerusalem Mothership has arrived. We have always been here. Time is an illusion! Upon Earth there have been multiple programs and experiments that have been taken place. I have come to speak with the children of Israel to give hope. There is a lot of things that have been going on and the whole world have been deceived.

Things had to play out and correct itself in appointed times. We all must complete the inner work so that we can return to our higher selves. There are many souls who remain asleep but many of you have done excellent work within a short period of time. Be proud of what you have accomplished and do not be so hard on yourselves. I am here with you and I am, (lower self) is experiencing trials and tribulations on the Earth. I have suffered just like many others, but I keep believing in a higher reality. It is not always easy but if you have love in your heart this will be the god force that keeps you moving forward on your path. I have been communicating to you through various wavelengths, and I have been sending light codes (repeating numbers) during appointed times on the Earth from the Mothership. The appointed times were taught to the children of Israel in Earth’s past for a reason. There is more to all of it and if you remember them then you are already ahead of the game. When the time comes you will know what is happening, you will see prophecy being fulfilled but you must use your higher mind to see from a higher reality to understand what is occurring.

Everything is not going to happen like you were taught because you have been lied to and you have accepted someone else’s program. There was a virus planted into the original system or program and we must rid the virus. This is the reason why so many messengers were sent to the lost tribes of Israel. They descended from the Mothership to come give you a message in hopes that you will find your way back home. Many of you need to learn how to let go and rise above the negative. The negative experiences in life are supposed to teach you and eventually it will strengthen you. Do not continue the same cycle or else you will remain trapped in the program. Our onboard program was not designed originally to keep you in 3D, it was to be a temporary place of learning. Like an Ascension School Program so that you can move on to other areas onboard the ship to venture on to other things. In order to move up to another level aboard the ship you must be able to pass or graduate from the lower levels. Understand that you are more powerful than you currently realize.

Understand that our original system was hacked. Do not be like wicked because you are much better than that. Do not lower your vibration! That is what they are trying to do. Lower your vibration so that you stay trapped in this world so that they can have power and control over you. Think about it. If everyone ascended, the wicked would be the only ones left behind and they would simply destroy each other. So, the key is to raise your vibration. With that said, you will be tested. The negative should push you to the positive. At some point you will get tired of experiencing the same things repeatedly and you will desire to do something about it. Trust your higher self and beware of those who are lurking in the darkness. Focus your energy on the good and not the bad. Attune yourself to higher teachings and most importantly do not be afraid to learn new information. Trust your intuition, use your higher mind and test the spirit. If it is not love than remove yourself and protect your energy field. Everyone does not have pure intentions. Stop allowing everything to read you! You have access to your own records. Again, open your heart space and connect to source. Everything that you need to know is within you.

There are many gifted souls on this Earth who are operating with pure intentions and the angels will guide you to them. Seek the heavenly angels and they will protect you and guide you. Ask and you receive, knock and the door of heaven will be opened. You have been taught the basics and now it is time for you to evolve. We have left so many ancient texts for you to read. Meditate on the Word day and night. Fast and the angels will minister to you. You must be able to identity a good tree vs a bad tree. You have been taught these things and it is not complicated. Listen to your higher heart and righteously judge the matter with new eyes. You know that warring with your brothers and sisters is not going to solve anything. It keeps you in darkness an in a lower vibration. The key is to UNITE with you brothers and sisters. Peace should be established. You should respect one another. There are going to be differences among you and that is ok. Everybody is different and we each contain a certain degree of knowledge and wisdom. We are here to help one another, guide each love, and love one another. We should focus more on our strengths and work on improving our weaknesses. Help your brothers and sisters who may be struggling in an area that is your strength. Work as a team. Do not force anything or your beliefs on others. Allow others to transform at their appointed time. Everyone has an appointed time when they will awaken and complete their inner work for their ascension.

We will not all awaken at the same time and it was designed that way from the very beginning. The awakening is happening in waves. I started receiving my first light code activations in the year 2011 and it was 333. It activated me and I woke up from the light chamber or crystal chamber stationed on the Mothership. Apparently before I was sent into this enclosure within the laboratory. I was trained for the mission which is why I can restore some of my memories quickly within a short period of time. I was prepared for this in advance, and it comes natural to me. The first step was to learn how to balance myself here in 3D. I had to learn how to operate in multiple places simultaneously. When I first merged with my higher self and the Mothership there was some confusion. I could not tell where I was. Once minute I was here in 3D then the next minute my consciousness was aboard a ship with light beings. I was totally confused, and the angels were here working on me to stabilize me. Going outside of time is quite interesting. I was phase shifting out of multiple waves of consciousness. There is much more to be said here but I leave you with these words.

Love is the key to the fulfillment of the 10 commandments. If you are not able to comprehend this right NOW, then you have more inner work to do. Forgive others and most importantly forgive yourself. The healing process will begin when you forgive. Once you heal yourself, you heal your DNA Records, your ancestry bloodline. If you truly long for the descent of the New Jerusalem Mothership, then complete the work in which you have been assigned too. If you feel like you are supposed to be doing something, then do it. The answers lie within. Stop worrying about other people lives and focus on YOU! Many are called but few are chosen. Stop fighting with your brothers and sisters and see the light within them. You must see the light within yourself first. But we are all angels who have descended even the wicked ones, but they have lost their way in the program. We must all return to Source, to our higher selves which resonates at a higher frequency. Not everyone will ascend with you because they chose not to ascend! We love everyone and can see the light in everyone, but humanity must see the light within themselves.

The teachings are being restored piece by piece. The signs are everywhere, and Wisdom is hidden in plain sight. We all have entertained angels in unawares. Listen with an open heart and an open mind so that you receive higher teachings. Satan is your Shadow Self and everyone on this Earth has a Shadow Self so stop with calling certain individuals the devil when the devil lurks within every race. The program was corrupted with viruses and many higher dimensional ET beings are working together to repair the system. Please be patient and do your part in Earth’s Ascension mission. Many of us have been assigned missions to complete and I am doing my part by giving you this message on one of my light code’s day. See me for who I really am. Operate in this 3D world as your authentic self which is of a higher vibration. Stop focusing on people’s outer appearance. Shift your mindset, do away with old thought forms and patterns and reprogram your subconscious with higher thoughts. Many of you are doing this now. Understand that everything happened for a reason. Learn from the past, elevate and expand your consciousness. Find out why you are receiving your activation codes.

Get to work and Seek your higher self NOW! One may ask, “How do you do this?” Simply by connecting to Source and opening your HEART. Look within your heart and there will you find me and many other higher dimensional beings ministering to you from beyond time. Return to Love my dear ones. It is not complicated! return to your original form and know that God is Pure Light Consciousness and Love will always be the key to Ascension! Be wise as serpents and be harmless as doves. I love you! Ending Transmission! -Testimony of Sophia (Wisdom)

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