Return to the Kingdom! Who is my father?

I’m sure I shared this experience before. In the vision I had left the world behind and I was seeing from the perspective of what occurs when some one dies. I saw the person laying by the ocean and a bright light appeared above the ocean. I started ascending to heaven and I went through a gateway through the clouds and there was an angel guiding me. As I journeyed through the gateway I went to another world. Then as I entered the planet’s atmosphere I felt myself descending from heaven and I landed on some sort of platform or bridge. I’m assuming this was the landing place for the ships. As my feet touched the ground I was greeted by my Father. He was a Guardian in this other world. I’m not sure if he was my Father in that world but I was so happy to see him again. This makes me wonder, “What planet was I on and who was my Father in that world? I had finally returned to the Kingdom. Hmm…. As I walked down the bridge I went inside of the kingdom. The kingdom was extremely large and I went to a room to meet this lady who was my mom. She basically was telling me that I was sent to Earth on assignment. She appeared to be like a student/guidance counselor yet it seemed like she was the Queen.

Clearly Earth is a school and it appears I was sent here to learn a lesson. Wow! Really… LOL. I want to know who my parents are in this other world. Whoever my Father is he sent a chariot for me in another dream. These are some interesting times and knowledge is increasing. The only thing that I can remember is that I am Royalty. I saw myself traveling on a ship and I descended on a island to give 2 people messages. After I gave them the message I went back on the chariot. They watched me ascend to the ship. I’m trying to figure this stuff out because I want to know what I did… LOL! Have I learned my lesson? I hope I did. One word comes to mind… Patience! Maybe I was suppose to wait to do something and I didn’t listen. I’m assuming I disobeyed my Father.

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