Are you ready for Yahshua’s Return?

So many people speak of Yahshua’s return and can’t recognize the signs of his return. I wonder how many people have actually prepared for the return of Yahshua. What if he descends in a chariot in the near future? Per the scriptures he ascended in a chariot and it states in Acts he will return the same way he ascended. That means he will return in a chariot. This is no mystery especially if you have studied the scriptures. I know there are a lot of people on Earth who deny Yahshua and the bible. There are many who mock his followers too. Well over the years I have observed humanity, read their comments and people have said some bad things in regards to the existence of Yahshua. Let me tell you this to all the nonbelievers, just as much as I have observed humanity so have the angels who are presently residing on these ships in these clouds. They can see you and they have recorded everything that you have said and done to one another.

Guess who’s the RECORD KEEPER, THOTH. Who is THOTH? If you don’t know then do the research yourself as I have already given you the keys. Most people overlook all the important information that was written in the bible. It was written in a way to provide a bible code. There is a pattern or a sequence to it. Only the wise can see the messages that are hidden in plain sight. The bible is a collection of many books. Your love for God should send you on a treasure hunt seeking knowledge and wisdom. One must read several sources to see the whole picture. No one person knows it all but one must study, meditate and seek guidance from the Holy Angels. No matter how many lies people have told to you your heart should desire to know the truth and the whole truth. For where your heart is your treasure will be also. If you truly wanted to know the truth you would seek the Most High in prayer. I did and I saw the power of prayer. The Holy Ones spoke to me and gave me dreams and visions. They talked to me for years and led me to many different books and sources on this Earth. They also led me to many different people on the earth to get information. I trusted the Most High and his angels this whole time and he never let me down no matter what.

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