Hidden Codes: Revealing the mysteries!

People learn by seeing a visual, so watch the movie KNOWING again to see the hidden codes. Watch with new eyes. Watch with your third eye open to see the hidden messages. This is how the angels operate behind the scenes so they can give us a message. Many movies are created in this world for our entertainment, right? I love movies because I know what the angels are doing behind the scenes. I was trained for this before I got here but they have found a way to get our ATTENTION, well at least some of us. Not a lot of people are awake at this present time and not many people are watching for the signs. Again, they are hidden in plain sight. So, the angels have been sending messages through our movies. Movie writers always conceive an idea right, and then a movie is brought forth. Well, where do you think they got the idea from? Could the idea have been planted? I am saying this for a reason. I want you to use your own brain and think about what I am saying to you. Now this is the lesson! I hope you are paying attention.

This is HOW I TEACH! I do not TEACH like everyone else. I am like no other nor does my brain operate like no other. I am not from here. If you want to see what I see, then one must look into my inner world. Look into my eye and tell me what you see. I received a transmission years ago and the angels basically beamed a signal to the center of my brain at the location of my third eye or pineal gland. I say this so you can learn so pay attention! They showed me a slideshow of events (future prophecy) that were happening in the world. What am I doing right now? Blowing the trumpets. They told me to share these messages which I have done since 2015 when I actually started my ministry. So what do we know right now? Clearly, these beings or angels have technology of time travel if they are showing me future events. This is a key point! In one frame they showed me people running away from something. They were fearful. Next frame I saw Yahshua formed out of the clouds.

I guess everyone else was seeing something different in the clouds from what I could see. I have been awaiting the return of Yahshua and the angels on chariots so I wasn’t fearful. Next frame I saw a sheet of paper and on it was a lot of numbers just like the sheet of paper that was pulled out of the time capsule on the movie KNOWING. The little girl in the movie was guided by whispering voices to fill her paper with a series of numbers. Before she could write the final numbers, the allotted time for the task expired. The works of the students were stored or sealed until 50 years later. So, when I saw the paper in the vision, I heard the angel say, “PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUMBERS.” Well, I am sorry but there was way too many numbers to remember, and I only captured a few numbers but the whole point in showing me this was to tell me how they were communicating to us to show us what was to come. We know this as biblical prophecy. They have been leaving us signs everywhere. Information has been stored all over the world if you can just wake up and PAY ATTENTION. They have been trying to communicate to us all but only a few people are receptive to their messages or transmissions.

I have heard so many people say, I am having ascension symptoms, I am seeing repeating numbers (11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.) and my ear is ringing or I hear high pitch buzzing sounds. And then they ask what does all of this means? Well look at the movie knowing and see how the angels are communicating with the little boy to prepare him for ascension in the end. At the end, the angels took the children and the animals, and they ascended in a ship. Clearly you see the messages right in front of you yet people say everything is false. I also wanted to add that many documents were sealed or hidden from the citizens of America for over 50 years and they have been declassified. There are messages from our Sky Family. Listen everything happens for a reason. Many things are done in a certain order, pattern or sequence. Dates are very important. Follow the keys I have given you. For a very long time I have wanted to write my book called Testament of Sophia: The Mysteries Revealed but I struggle with putting all the information together in one book. So piece by piece I have been providing information all over the internet spreading my light so that it reaches many people. As always, I am no longer a mystery. I am simply a Daughter of Zion! 333

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