Do you share your Dreams?

Years ago, I had a dream that women were being anointed. In the dream I counted the women that were being anointed by the Most High and there were 8 women. I am sure the number 8 was symbolic in my dream. All the women were different. I was dressed different from them. The women all had their heads covered. I did not. We all had different gifts. The women were chosen in my dream and I was included even when I did not dress like them. There are a lot of women who are pure in Heart in this world and because of this many women will be given dreams and visions. There will be hidden manna in your dreams so please pay attention to them. I will tell you right now that some things that you will see will appear to be strange. The dreams and visions will be attuned to your vibrational frequency.

As you raise your vibration your dreams will shift. If you have been completing the inner work, then you will be able to understand your dreams from a higher level. If not, the angels will guide you to someone who you can trust that will reveal the meaning of your dreams. Or you can seek the angels yourself like I did. In the beginning, I had no one to talk to when I first awakened so I seeked the Most High and his angels for guidance. Over time I realized my dreams and visions was a secret code and all was revealed to me. I was told by the angels to have patience. So be PATIENT! Ladies, if you are having dreams and visions, PLEASE get a notepad/journal or use your phone and write down your dreams and visions as soon as you wake up. The angels came to me on July 3, 2012 and told me to do the same thing and I followed their instructions. They literally were in my home on that day and they were speaking to me through telepathic communication. I had the ability to pick up on the signals that they were beaming to me.

I felt the presence of a ship near my home in the clouds during the first week of July, this was the same time of my spiritual awakening. I also went to a ship in the spirit during the first week of July. So please do not think this is a game. I am not making these things up. I have asked so many questions for years and have seeked the answers for a lot of things that have happened to me. I was called to come out of Babylon and that’s exactly what I did. Apparently, a higher being saw something great in me that I could not see within myself at that time. My life was literally transformed. So, if you are being called it is for a reason and I am going to tell you one reason. Your task or mission is to awaken the people by simply sharing your dreams and visions! Your dreams carry hidden messages, and you have the gift to decode them. So, you have a choice to share the messages, or you can keep them to yourself. Light is information and knowledge has greatly increased in these last days. So, you can spread the messages that has been given to you or not. I made a choice to spread my messages to the 4 corners of the Earth simply by creating posts of my dreams and visions on various websites.

Everyone will not understand my messages that contains hidden messages. I was told that the messages will reach the people that it is supposed to reach through time. In the past I shared my dreams and visions, and I was always getting attacked by Hebrew Israelite men. I was called a witch and I was told that I should not be teaching the Word. Most of the Hebrew Israelite men were still ignorant and they did not understand spiritual teachings. For a time, I observed and analyzed the Hebrew Israelite camps and then I moved on to higher teachings. I learned from Yahshua/Thoth and his angels. I knew that if I was watching and observing the camps of Israel, that the Most High and his angels were also watching from above in ships and in the spirit realms.

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