The end to this False Reality/system! Your time is up!

I was just reminded of something that I found in a video game called Fortnite. I was led to it 2 weeks ago on January 3rd. It was around 2am or 3am in the morning and after I watched it, I had an amazing experience lol. I woke up and wrote it down and the main part of it was my pineal gland activating. It was like full power. It’s like someone pressed a button, my pineal gland, and my avatar lit up. Lol! It reminded me of what I had just watched on the Fortnite video game. She is called the Cube Queen. It was during a live event that was called the End of Fortnite Ch.2. I’m not a gamer so I don’t know much about the gaming world lol. I was trying to figure out what was happening in the game. Before the event started, I saw a pillar of light come out of the clouds over the pyramid. The capstone is glowing, and I see a bright orb of light hovering over the pyramid like a Sun. As I looked closer, I saw the Cube Queen standing on top of the pyramid. She is shown as a bright golden orb of light. The golden cube, which is her, acts as a beacon to open the portal. Lightning bolts came down from the sky. I see a quick image of the Sun in the sky and the sky is starting to crack open. Looks like it’s the end to a false reality. While observing the scene it looks like an invisible shield, or dome was placed over the island.

I saw a holographic image of the cube as the sky was opening.  I have learned that the Cube in Platonic Solids represents the element of Earth, a hexahedron having 6 square sides. But anyways the lightning is activating the Cube Queen (The Mother), as far as I know the Cube in the game is an object of immense power and is a power source of the Last Reality. She is hovering over the apex of the pyramid. She lit up and you can see rays of light emanating from her. Electricity is flowing through her and the pyramid. They are both charged up or activated to full power. The Cube Queen is raised up higher above the pyramid. She is now glowing with the power of the golden cube within her. I see the power of the Sun, but anyways once full activation has occurred, she says, “The last reality is at hand”. Basically, it’s the end of this reality lol. A bright beam of light emits from her directly into the sky and then heaven opens signifying a portal has opened. Now guess what is hidden from view. When the portal opens there are huge motherships in space. She, the mother, opened the stargate to let the ships in. lol. There were multiple ships seen in the sky and smaller ships came out of the big motherships. Man, this stuff is funny! Signs are everywhere and these people think it’s just a game lol. I can’t. Hidden symbols are in the game but if you don’t have your third eye open you will miss a lot of things.  The game has its own version of Metatron’s cube in it, and you can clearly see 13 spheres symbolizing the Flower of Life.   

So, with that said, it literally feels like I am on a treasure hunt in this world. Sometimes I feel like I am playing inside of a game at times. The strange thing is after I accessed the portal of the Sun in a vision, I perceived myself as a ray (angel) of the light (Sun) that beamed myself to the Earth. In that vision from another angle of Self, I saw a Cube and it was tumbling. I remember calling it Metatron’s Cube. I saw different forms of geometry in inner space. I saw a face forming out of the geometry shapes that appeared in space. I simply called it Arcturian.  I was playing a game with this Acturian and it’s like the Acturian was reminding me of something. Sometimes it does feels like I am playing in a game. I’m here looking for clues and I am gathering information. Every time I find a secret treasure it leads me to another hidden treasure stored in this world. It’s like once I find and gather all the hidden treasures (gems) I have finally completed the mission.  But the silly thing is, I was just fully activated does that mean the portal is about to open soon and the false reality that we have all been living in will end? Hmm. This is so crazy, but this is stimulating my mind and activating my pineal gland. It’s so mind blogging, challenging and fun at the same time.

Even my dreams told me that I was on a treasure hunt. I literally saw myself in a land seeking treasures. There were guards placed in the ancient city and they didn’t want me to get inside but I found a way around them lol. I found the treasure and it led me to a star map. It was some type of ancient device or helmet; I remember putting it over my head and built within it was a star map. It seemed like some sort of advanced technology. When I accessed the device, I saw a beam of light from my third eye, and it pointed towards a star in the heavens. I heard the name of it, but I can’t remember it. The star was associated with a symbol on the ancient structure where I found the treasure. There was a woman on the structure, and she created some sort of herbal mixture, an elixir. A male voice from heaven called me by my middle name. I looked up the meaning of my middle name and it means, “Worthy of Praise.” So, I really feel like I am in a land discovering who I am while searching for secret treasures. Now I am linking that dream with another vision. I was standing in an ancient city by some walls, and I said, “My father is calling me. So, I ascended to heaven, in outer space and I saw 2 signs appear. A Blue Star and a Red Star, later I discovered the Blue and Red Star Kachina. Then in another dream I was at some type of observatory, and we saw a blue sphere in the sky. There was a man sitting in the middle of the blue sphere. It looked like he was sitting in his merkaba. Now that makes me question, “Who was the man sitting in the blue merkaba?” It makes me think of Lapis Lazuli. Now I’m seeing the Star of David. Wow! I never saw it like that before. Omg… I’m unlocking more things as I am writing this. All I can say is that these secret treasures are leading me back to my home. Every time I find a treasure I am further activated or awakened to the true reality. If I am on the Mothership sending myself messages through DNA activation codes, it’s quite amazing.  Ok that’s it. Upwards and onwards, I rise in my ship! That’s it for now.  -Sophia (Wisdom) Athaleyah (Lioness of God) Ariana (Holy One) of Israel 333- Sirius Stargate Keeper. Look deep within your heart and there you shall find me. -Goddess of Love and Light!

The Return of Yahshua/Thoth (Ningiszidda)

Everything is all starting to come together. I had a thought that Enki sent his son Thoth (Ningiszidda) on the mission to incarnate as Yahshua (Jesus). When I read the Emerald Tablets it all started to make sense to me. Enki felt really bad about what happened in the beginning so I think he came up with a plan of salvation and he included his Son. Ultimately it was Yahshua’s will to move forward with the plan. According to Thoth he was free to incarnate at will and he had the ability to access his memories from past lives. Yahshua (Jesus) knew that he would be ressurected to life. Thoth talks about this in emerald tablets. Thoth has ascended beyond 4D, or Time. He has been operating in multiple dimensions and have been assisting humanity through Time. He knew that he would ascend to heaven. He had the knowledge of the Higher Self and he was sent here to teach people how they can also return to their higher self so they can ascend.

The Nibiruans caused a lot of chaos and destruction in the past on this planet and some of them felt really bad about this. Their descendants have suffered because of it because they have their DNA. Surely it’s a bond between earthlings (Earth) and the Nibiruans (Nibiru). So many things have been playing out in Time. A story has been told in the bible and a portion of God’s people were used as an example so that people can see the bigger picture. The descendants of Nibiru represents the true children of Israel, the 12 Tribes of Israel. Most of these descendants are melanated (brown/copper) people. For a very long time they have suffered in this world through time and they have been working on clearing their Karmic Debt.

We have been laboring for the Kingdom of the True God, representing the Higher Self/Higher Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. True believers of Yahshua (Jesus) innerstand this knowledge. Yahshua came in the image of the True God, and he showed us all how to operate in Love as the Higher Self. Many of the lost tribes of Israel have discovered our true selves and we know how to keep the commandments of Love. We must purify our hearts and minds by doing away with all evil. Most importantly we must forgive others, have compassion for others and forgive ourselves. We must also show unconditional love and stop being so quick to judge others when we ourselves have inner work to do. So I leave you with this.

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean.

Chosen was I from the sons of men,
taught by the Dweller so that his
purposes might be fulfilled,
purposes yet unborn in the womb of time.

Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness!

Hello 2022! Things are going to get deeper from this point forward. Focus on Self-Growth, Letting Go and Releasing the Old, and learn how to create a New and Improved Reality for yourself so that you don’t continue on the same old cycle. Learning how to navigate in this world can be challenging for many but there has always been spiritual guides (angels in the flesh) on this Earth willing to help people get on the right path.

2 Key Words for 2022 is Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness! A lot of people work on forgiving others which allows the other person to start the healing process but they forget to forgive themselves so they can heal. Millions of people are suffering in the world from all kinds of emotional and psychological trauma. There’s so many levels to this thing and no one really knows what someone else is going through mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will always say this, “You can’t fully heal unless you know the root of the issue.”

The root of the issue -The underlying cause or fundamental essence of some issue, problem, or difficulty at hand. Most people don’t even know that they have underlying issues which means they have some sort of unresolved issues. So let Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness be one of your top goals this year if you want to work on these to help you on your soul’s journey. Also there’s nothing wrong with seeing a Therapist. Maybe they can help you get to the root of your issues if you are not capable of going within to figure it out for yourself. Some people truly need one and that’s ok! Who cares what people think. Start believing and trusting in yourself and don’t let anyone distract you from becoming the best version of yourself. I mean NO ONE, this includes husband, wife, kids, family members, friends, co-workers and whoever else you are surrounded around daily. Learn how to take some time for yourself to get the healing that you need. Do something for yourself and make sure you have self-care time. This applies to women and men.