Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness!

Hello 2022! Things are going to get deeper from this point forward. Focus on Self-Growth, Letting Go and Releasing the Old, and learn how to create a New and Improved Reality for yourself so that you don’t continue on the same old cycle. Learning how to navigate in this world can be challenging for many but there has always been spiritual guides (angels in the flesh) on this Earth willing to help people get on the right path.

2 Key Words for 2022 is Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness! A lot of people work on forgiving others which allows the other person to start the healing process but they forget to forgive themselves so they can heal. Millions of people are suffering in the world from all kinds of emotional and psychological trauma. There’s so many levels to this thing and no one really knows what someone else is going through mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will always say this, “You can’t fully heal unless you know the root of the issue.”

The root of the issue -The underlying cause or fundamental essence of some issue, problem, or difficulty at hand. Most people don’t even know that they have underlying issues which means they have some sort of unresolved issues. So let Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness be one of your top goals this year if you want to work on these to help you on your soul’s journey. Also there’s nothing wrong with seeing a Therapist. Maybe they can help you get to the root of your issues if you are not capable of going within to figure it out for yourself. Some people truly need one and that’s ok! Who cares what people think. Start believing and trusting in yourself and don’t let anyone distract you from becoming the best version of yourself. I mean NO ONE, this includes husband, wife, kids, family members, friends, co-workers and whoever else you are surrounded around daily. Learn how to take some time for yourself to get the healing that you need. Do something for yourself and make sure you have self-care time. This applies to women and men.

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