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Healing the Physical body: Ending the War with Satan!

Greetings my dear love ones. I send you all love, joy and peace from the Galactic Center. Today as I meditate as a pillar of light which extends from the Galactic Core to the Earth’s Core. I anchor myself here on the Earth as a portal of love, light and healing. There is an appointed for everything under the Sun and today I was led to another assignment by the council. Living as a multidimensional has brought forth alot of knowledge and wisdom. Yesterday I experienced a clearing and many tears poured out of me. Truly I desire healing for myself and for all of humanity. I have my weaknesses just like every other human. My guardian angels are the Lion People and that includes Yahshua, the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. They have been guiding me ever since my spiritual awakening. I have been learning many things during these 6 years and everything I come across comes in divine timing. The Father and Mother knows when I am ready to ascend to the next level of my souls progression. I was in deep thought yesterday and meditated on my entire life. Having a connection with the Mother Earth means alot to me. I can hear her gentle voice in the wind as the trees blows next to me. Her spirit descends upon me and leads me into all truth.

I asked my guides to HELP ME heal and they led me to Yahshua’s teaching once again. He is always my guiding light on the Earth. He has always been the way for me. The Mother knows her anointed children on this Earth and she leads me to them and I learn from them. Becoming an Ascended Master is not easy! It takes dedication and patience. Becoming one with the Mother Earth has been an awesome experience. The Earth is alive and she provides everything for her children. She is all around us and she stands at the gates teaching her laws of perfect health: the purification of the temple (body), for she is a Tree of Life. All foods that grow from the Mother Earth gives life. There is life in her seeds. She provides life in her fruits, vegetables, plants/herbs and bread of life (wheat). Many are unable to accept this as the truth but it is ok. We must all come to this knowledge in divine timing when we are ready to grow or when we are ready to go to the next level in our evolution. When we, humans, are ready to accept this truth, we will all be healed from Satan.

Here’s another perspective of Satan. He represents the abominations in our body. He is the creator/ruler of death/Hades. He is our physical suffering. He is the illnesses, diseases and disorders that we carry within our physical bodies. Many people won’t admit that they struggle with the foods of the Earth but this is the trap of Satan. Food is a desire of our flesh! My eyes are NOW opened just like Eve. I have come to live with humanity to experience this 3rd dimension. I have fallen from heaven and I left my heavenly estate to participate in the Holy Plan. I wanted to help humanity with ascension. I wanted to help fight Satan from within so I incarnated on the Earth and I came up with a plan. If humanity suffered on the Earth then I would suffer too after descending to the Earth. I didn’t chose the easy way of living, I chose a path that would allow me to evolve as a spiritual being in the flesh. I experienced many trials and tribulations just like everybody else. I didn’t sign up to be the perfect human on the Earth, to be right all of the time. I wanted to experience life as a human, to see from all perspectives, to learn from all people, and to have an open mind that led to all possibilities.

To me Yahshua is the perfect Man, that represents the Father, the Spirit. I always saw myself as the opposite of him, the imperfect Woman, representing the Mother Earth. To me Earth has been corrupted by Satan and my physical body was corrupted as well. I saw myself in the image of the Mother Earth. On Earth there is life and death and within my physical body I saw the same. I saw life (God) and I saw death (Satan) dwelling in my temple. Satan is the disease (arthritis) in my body that has brought physical limitations. But I haven’t given up, nor will I. This battle has been happening since I was 14 years old. I am still fighting this war that is going on inside of my physical body. My spiritual advancement occurred because I have a Pure Heart. Love led me back to the Source/the Creator. It is my unconditional Love that I have for all of humanity. This is why I am here. I am a Goddess of Heaven and Earth that does care for all of humanity. I want healing for us All. I want us to return back to Paradise where there is no Death. New Earth is that Paradise. When I incarnated here, my memory was wiped and I had to learn just like every other human on this Earth. I knew that in Divine Timing my divinity of who I am would return. I had to learn patience.

I am an Holy Angel, a Mother Goddess who descended from Heaven to Earth. I was once pure and holy (not corrupted) as a Tree of Life but I ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I took on a physical body in the 3rd dimension. I became a fallen angel like Eve, I sinned like every other human who incarnated on this Earth in the 3rd dimension. I was/am an angel who wanted to gain understanding of the life of a human being. I wanted to see the full nature of Man. I wanted to see the full picture of why humanity has been suffering for so long. In order to fully understand it I must live it. I am the Angel/Daughter of Wisdom. The Mother has taught me during my earthly incarnation and I see from her eyes. I have experienced it and now I know the truth for myself. The foods of the Earth are very tempting and it can change our true nature. We have fallen from a heavenly state of being. The very foods that we consume contributes to our physical sufferings. There are other reasons that cause our physical sufferings but this one is very important. Satan has destroyed the human race from within and many are blind to see this. I was blind too but now I see.

Healing is definitely manifesting on the Earth as millions of people are changing their diets. I pray for healing for myself and all of humanity. In Divine Timing all of Humanity will be Healed of all Sufferings/Diseases and Death (Satan/Hades) will be swallowed up in Victory. Change is HERE! Change yourself and Change the World -Angel Message

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Great Tribulation & Physical Body Changes: Higher Vibrational Frequencies Coming To The Earth

Greetings my dear love ones! We are living in the times of the Great Tribulation. Mother Earth is going through some vibrational changes and so are the inhabitants on the Earth. I was awakened around 1am on February 11, 2018 and I haven’t been able to fall back asleep. I was led to some things and I realized some changes that has been happening with me. I don’t talk about this very much but I have a lot of body aches and pains due to arthritis and recently there has been an increase in inflammation in my right foot. I have struggled with this disease since I was 14. I have tolerated the pain for so long that it is just normal for me to experience physical suffering in my body. I command healing for myself all of the times but most importantly for every living being and every life-form on this plane. I am a strong woman of faith and I am a mighty warrior of God and I’m never going to give up or lose hope. When I am weak Yahshua and the holy angels are strong for me. They balance me and keep me whole. I don’t allow this disease to control my life. It actually made me look within to see how the human body functions. Truly there is a war going on internally. A war between life and death, the war between the healthy cells in our body vs the unhealthy cells. It’s always good vs bad in this imbalanced world. We are suffering due to an imbalance in our energy fields.

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There has been an increase in illnesses, diseases and disorders in the human body. Some are genetic but some are not. It seems like more diseases are being created. The human body system is not operating correctly because of invading harmful organisms. The human body is becoming more toxic which can led to death if the body can’t heal itself and get rid of the disease. The toxicity levels are increasing and it’s coming from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides, radiation, air pollution, and water pollution exposure to toxins, pathogens, radiation and chemicals found in almost all personal care products and household cleaners. We are all surrounded by these harmful toxins and we can educate ourselves to make better choices but we still will be exposed to some so it’s best to detoxify your body often.

It’s sad but all of this has been done intentionally to reduce the population on the Earth. We are dealing with some dark and evil people on this Earth (The Cabal/Secret Government and Secret Military Space Programs) and other dark forces that come from other advanced worlds. These are your negative ET races or extraterrestrial beings who have power to sting like a scorpion. Their power is in advanced technology and they have used it to destroy this planet and to manipulate and control humanity. They have even created fear based teachings through religion. That’s another way to divide humanity. Pharmaceutical companies don’t care about you they just care about the money they are receiving. They are not trying to cure you, they are creating more health issues through these medications and vaccines. Everything is about money, money, money. Money will not save your soul! 

Religion has separated the human race and humans have went to war due to religious beliefs and teachings. They have turned us against each other and humans have persecuted each other due to beliefs. The negative ET’s are your true enemies. They are your deceivers and they have planted their seeds amongst the human race and they have watched and observed us. The holy seed was planted here also by benevolent ET races. The wheats and the tares have grown together in the garden. The garden is the Earth and the wheats are the children of light and the tares are the children of darkness. Humans were taught many things from different ET races. They descended in chariots of Fire or UFO’s, they landed on high mountains and they were considered to be the Gods in the ancient times because they were technologically advanced and they had more knowledge and wisdom because they lived long lives. We were inspired and influenced by these beings who came down in chariots.

Humans worshiped them and many of them took advantage of the human race. Some of them wanted to teach us and guide us so they gave us laws and commandments to follow. They gave us instructions and they told us what was considered good and bad. They taught us the principles of life and the universal law of love. Love is the highest teachings of all and we should love one another not kill one another. The ET races that have descended on the Earth in ancient times all had their own plans. Whether it be they found our planet due to space travel or space exploration. They found a base planet to test their experiments. Life was formed and created on this Earth by different ET races and their DNA was mixed with the different life forms on this Earth. All had their own intentions some may have been pure and others may not have. All Experiments do not go well all the time so surely there could have been a defect. Many sources say that our DNA was manipulated. We’re suppose to have 12 strands of DNA activated but we only have 2. There are so many possibilities of what could have happened in the beginning. Unfortunately the dark forces have been controlling and ruling the Earth. 

They have made sure their descendants remain in power. Most of their bloodlines have become the kings (rulers) of this world. All of the negative, dark and evil forces within humanity and within the ET races are your Satans. As One they represent Satan, the ancient old serpent, the Dragon. These are the deceivers of mankind. They work together as One and they have orchestrated their own wicked kingdom. They don’t love humanity they love their own ego, money, power, fame and technology or weapons of destruction and most importantly they love to have control over a multitude of people. They figure they will set up their kingdom on the Earth and make human slaves and watch humans be destroyed and have humans destroy themselves.

It’s truly sad what has happened to the human race but we are all in this together. A cleansing is happening on the Earth at this time and we are all clearing up negative energies within the energy fields of our bodies. Due to the higher energies coming in there will be more physical issues and changes within. All is coming to the surface, the negative will be released and purified. We are being purged with the higher energies, and it’s the holy fire that heals all. Now is the time for the trials of the great tribulations. We must purify ourselves and work towards total health. We must release the things that no longer serves us. We need to vibrate higher so we can match the higher frequencies that are coming in. I have asked to be healed from all the things that have hurt me. And now I am going through the process of healing and that includes taking care of my physical body.  

I desire perfect health and I desire perfect balance for my mind, body and soul. My spiritual body is amazing and I feel so alive when I experience my etheric body/light body activations but my physical body is trying to catch up with the repairs. From my neck down to my feet the energies are very intense within. My whole body is aching and it feels like my body is expanding. Expanding with more light. I know my body is getting worked on. I receive a lot of light codes and downloads and that is my main mission. I am experiencing a lot of things simultaneously. I’m in pain but my joy comes from the spiritual information that I am receiving. I am a messenger and God’s scribe and I must spread the light (information) that I receive. If I help one person on their path to ascending I have completed my mission. I desire for the world to be a better place and I desire healing for all of humanity. We have suffered for so long and this suffering must come to an end. I am enduring to the end. In the end death shall be swallowed up in victory, no more disease, no more sickness, the negative harmful organisms in our bodies will be dissolved with these pure light energies. In the end there will be no more suffering  in the world, we will be healed. 

There will be a New Earth and a New Heaven and we will have a New Body. A higher vibrational healthier body resonating at a higher frequency. There will be no sickness, no diseases, no disorders and no decay of the physical body. The body will be transfigured in a pure light like Christ body was. His physical body was taken up to a higher dimension. His physical body was transfigured in a light chamber. All will be healed and restored! I am part of the collective consciousness and the new blueprint for the New Earth Body has been created. DNA upgrades and activations are taking place on a cellular level. The molecular structure is changing and morphing into a much higher form. All is taken place in the quantum zero point field. We are all quantum entangled in this invisible field of energy. Our DNA molecular structure is being transformed. Although it is a lengthy process it will be completed at the appointed time. I believe in Yahshua’s promise and I am waiting patiently. I believe in the transfiguration and it will happen in time. I am here now doing my part to help with the ascension of the Earth and humanity.

I have gathered information from other light workers and the Earth changes are bringing forth the physical changes to the human body right now. The Earth is preparing to birth a new race of beings. It’s the New Body for the New Earth. There is a transmutation taken place in the human body at the cellular level. The human body is being formed using a whole new combination of elements altering its molecular structure. Our genetic code is changing. The information is in our DNA and it is being activated. The light codes are sent as photons and the photons are stored in our DNA molecules. All of the information for new blueprint is being sent to our DNA cells and the information will be released within and restructured.

What is happening with the light workers is that we are passing the information we receive along. It’s like a relay race. We are passing the knowledge and information that we receive just like the baton is passed to the next person in a race. We are almost at the finish line. My mission is to gather as much as I can so I can cross the finish line to say “It is finished! Strangely I have already said that but I have been operating simultaneously in the past, present and future. I am working in multiple dimensions at the same time. The light codes have been sent and everything is aligning. So I will send out this healing prayer for All of humanity.

Divine Physical Healing Prayer shall go forth on the Earth! In the name of Holy Mother, Father and the Son Jesus Christ, (Yahshua Ha’Mashiach),  I rebuke any affliction, any infirmity, any inflammation, any sickness, any disease, any disorder, any syndrome of any kind, any abnormal cells, any radical cells, any abnormal growth, any radical growth at this time, I rebuke it and loose them from every human body and living species on this planet. I command it to die at the roots and dissolve from every human and animal body in a miraculously way. Heavenly Father, it says in Matthew 18 whatsoever I bind or loose on earth shall be bound or loosed in Heaven, I bind all Satan’s evil, wicked, demon, lying, perverse, unclean, demonic or religious strongmen, including all spiritual strongmen of infections, viruses, cancers, abnormal cells, radical cells, abnormal growths, radical growths, lesions of any kind, spasms of any kind, pains of any kind, trauma, shock, sicknesses, disorders, and diseases of any kind, afflictions of any kind, infirmities or inflammations of any kind, in any part of the human body. Including our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, gums, backbone, spine, muscles, ligaments, tissues, blood, blood vessels, arteries, heart, lungs, back, bladder, liver, colon disorders and diseases, stomach disorders and diseases, intestinal disorders and diseases (prostate disorders and diseases), kidney disorders and diseases, bladder disorders and diseases, urinary tract disorders and diseases, thyroid disorders and diseases, neurological disorders and diseases, lymphatic disorders and diseases, chemical disorders and diseases, heart disorders and diseases, lung disorders and diseases, brain disorders and diseases, breast disorders and diseases, skin disorders and diseases, reproductive organ(s) disorders and diseases, senility, schizophrenia, paranoia, forgetfulness, and I command for all cells to be healed in every organ, every gland, every muscle, every ligament, every bone in the human body for every man, woman and child on this Earth. Heal all of God’s living creatures on this Earth that have been hurt or damaged in any way. I command all affliction, all infirmity, all inflammation, all infections of any kind, all abnormal cells, all radical cells, all abnormal growths, all radical growths, lesions of any kind, cysts of any kind, spasms, sicknesses, disorders and diseases of any kind to force them away from the human race and all living species on this planet inside of the Earth and on the surface in the Name of Yahshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).

Family of light in your light ships I ask you to release Your healing miracle powers, your healing love energies, into our physical bodies from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. Send your healing light through our chakra centers in our physical bodies. I ask You to make all of the inhabitants on the earth whole and complete. Please restore our physical bodies and bring everything in total alignment, complete alignment, in perfect balance as you originally intended with full 12 strand DNA activated in each and every one of your children. Transfigure our bodies and open up the gates to the New Earth. Deliver us and take us home when everything is ready as you promised. In the Name of Love, Yahshua Hamashiach! 

Healing shall come forth in our wings, in our electromagnetic fields! 

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333 

Armor of God Prayer

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for Your mighty armor You have provided for us. I put on me the full armor of God: the Helmet of Salvation; the Breastplate of Righteousness; the Girdle of Truth; Sandals of Peace; the Shield of Faith which protects us from all fiery darts of the enemy; and I pick up the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God that I choose to use against all the forces of evil in my life. I place on my feet the Sandals of Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yahshua Hamashiach) of the Kingdom of God. I ask You Lord according to John 14:13-14, to be our Guard and a Shield about us. Take us into the cleft of the Rock and underneath Your Mighty Wings according to Psalms 91. I put Your Armor on us and live and pray in complete dependence upon You, and pray in the Spirit at all times and on all occasions. (Ephesians 6:10-18) Blessed Heavenly Father. To God be the Glory. Amen!

Forgiveness of Sin Prayer

Lord throughout this prayer and throughout this day I pray for myself and every person on this earth. Heavenly Father have mercy on us and our children and grandchildren, our friends and family and the people we have prayed for.  Please blot out all our transgressions, and wash us totally from our iniquities and cleanse us from our sins. For we do acknowledge our transgressions before you. Behold we were brought forth in iniquity and in sin our mother conceived us, and behold You desire truth in the inward parts, in the hidden parts You will make us to know wisdom. Purge us with hyssop, we shall be clean, wash us and we shall be whiter than snow. Create in us a clean heart O God and renew a steadfast spirit within us and do not cast us away from Your Presence. Please do not take Your Holy Spirit from us but restore to us the joy of Your salvation and uphold us by Your generous Spirit that we would be able to teach transgressors Your ways and sinners can be converted to You. Deliver us from all evil, God of our salvation, and our tongue shall sing aloud of Your Righteousness.  Oh Heavenly Father, I ask You to forgive me and every person on this earth of our sins, transgressions, iniquities, trespasses, and I ask You to cover those sins with the blood of Jesus Christ (Yahshua Hamashiach).  Father I truly repent for my sins and I pray that others will repent of their sins. Halleluyah! Amen!

Written by Sister Carter (With Guidance)

Physical Body Healing Prayer

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, the physical body needs healing and we need to speak healing to our own bodies and all human bodies on this planet. Below is a prayer for you to speak boldly. Always remember that Ephesians 6:12 states, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” All that we suffer comes from evil spirits that seek to destroy us and many times they seek to attack our physical bodies. This is the time that we must fight back against these powers in the unseen world. Wear your armor of God and fight with the Word of God. Prayer is a weapon and we must use pray to fight against the enemy. Along with healing of the physical body we must seek to change our lifestyle when it comes to eating. We must consume healthy foods and we must deny those food cravings that are unhealthy for us. I suggest eating more fruits and vegetables and taking natural herbs to cleanse the body.

Heavenly Father, I come before you and I ask you to heal my physical body and every human body in this world that may be suffering from sickness and disease. Sickness and disease have no power over me. You have given me abundant life and I receive that life through Your Word and it flows to every organ of my body bringing healing and health. I command my blood cells to destroy every disease, germ and virus that tries to inhabit my body. I command every cell of my body to be normal in Yahshua’s Name. I rebuke any affliction, any infirmity, any inflammation, any sickness, any disease, any disorder, any syndrome of any kind, any abnormal cells, any radical cells, any abnormal growth, any radical growth at this time to be destroyed.

Heavenly Father, I rebuke any disease in my body or  _____’s body and I loose it in the Name of Yahshua. Heavenly Father, it says in Matthew 18 whatsoever I bind or loose on earth shall be bound or loosed in Heaven, in the Name of Yahshua.  I  bind and rebuke all satan’s evil, wicked, demon, lying, perverse, unclean, demonic or religious strongmen, including all spiritual strongmen of infections, viruses, cancers, abnormal cells, radical cells, abnormal growths, radical growths, lesions and cysts of any kind, spasms of any kind, pains of any kind, trauma, shock, sicknesses, disorders, and diseases of any kind, afflictions of any kind, infirmities or inflammations of any kind, all spirits and strongmen of all mental, physical, and emotional illness of our bodies including our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, back, bones, muscles, ligaments, tissues, blood, blood vessels, arteries, colons, intestines, stomach, prostate, thyroid, brains, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, cardiovascular disorders and diseases, reproductive disorders and diseases, thyroid disorders and diseases, blood pressure disorders and diseases, throat disorders and diseases, breast disorders and diseases, neurological disorders and diseases, lymphatic disorders and diseases, colon disorders and diseases, stomach disorders and diseases, intestinal disorders and diseases (prostate disorders and diseases), kidney disorders and diseases, bladder disorders and diseases, urinary tract disorders and diseases,  chemical imbalances, hormone imbalances, allergies of any kind, senility, forgetfulness, paranoia, schizophrenia; all spirits of arthritis, crippling arthritis, acute arthritis, sinusitis, acute sinusitis, sciatica, bursitis, tendonitis, discomfort, headaches, migraines, all spirits of disorders and diseases, hypoglycemia of all forms, degenerative diseases of all kinds, all cancers, all tumors, all mind diseases and disorders.

Heavenly Father, I ask You now to release Your healing virtue, Your miracle virtue to make me and all living beings whole. I ask You to restore  and purify our physical bodies while we dwell in this physical world. Cleanse us from the inside out and from our heads to our toes. Anoint me Father and anoint all your children. Restore our mind, body and soul in the name of Yahshua Hamashiach, the light. Halleluyah Amen!

Written by Sister Carter with Guidance