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Divine Feminine Awakening: Hear as the Divine Mother Speaks through the Heart of Sirius!

Tune into the incoming streams of Sirius Light Codes! At Midnight on New Year’s Eve every year gaze into the heavens above and connect to star Sirius, our Spiritual Mother. Open your high heart and connect with her. One must have pure thoughts and pure intentions flowing through their energy field in order to bond with her. Why? For she is the breath of the power of God, and a pure influence flowing from the glory of the Almighty: therefore, can no defiled thing fall into her. Wisdom of Solomon 7:25 The Mother knows if you truly want to be purified and One with her love energy. She knows your thoughts and your deepest desires. She has reviewed the books of all life in the libraries of heaven. She has traveled from star system to star system collecting the records. She has read all the deeds of man that were recorded in the books of heaven and on Earth. If you have repented of your wrongdoings in life then the mother also forgives you, but she says you must also forgive yourself. Release the hurt, pain and guilt so you can heal yourself. Don’t keep yourself in bondage to sin or to the wrongful deeds that you have done to your brothers and sisters. Let it go and do no wrong to others. Don’t seek revenge. Allow the Most High to work it out and everything will happen in diving timing. Trust in the holy angels of the Most High. They will guide you and protect you always.

The Mother has observed and analyzed all living beings that dwell in the heavenly realms and the physical realms. She is the Mother of All Creation. Her body is dark and lovely like the darkness of All Space. Her children were born as the Stars of Heaven. The soul of man is bright like the stars in heaven. Some souls are bright like the brightest stars in the heaven and some souls have a dim light. Infinite worlds and angels have been created through the vortex of Love. She is the power and source of Love. She traveled point to point, star to star through the invisible things in heaven, and through the power of the vortex physical worlds were created. The mother of All dwelled in the midst of all Creation she sent forth pure emanations of herself through space and time.

Here’s a message to the women on Earth.

You are a daughter of the Mother Goddess, and you are in her image. You have manifested yourselves through various thoughts forms of the Divine Mother in this realm. Connect to the Divine Mother within you and become One with her energy. Just like the Father of All has manifested all aspects of himself through creation so did the Divine Mother. The Mother of All has observed and analyzed herself, through all aspects of herself.  She knows all things, experiences all things, sees all things through the eyes and book of life of every woman who has ever existed. She understands all things through multiple perspectives or viewpoints.

She observes every angle. We all learn differently, and we each have different degrees of light and darkness within us. We all have been ignorant at some point in our lives and the ultimate goal is to seek knowledge and gain wisdom through our life. Light is information and knowledge. The more light or information you receive the more your light shines bright in the heavens. So, the key is to store more light (knowledge) in you and be open to receiving new information through awakening light codes. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. -Proverbs 4:7 We must put our information together and see the whole picture. Gather information here and there and put the puzzle together.

Also, the mother says that she understands the woman very well and she know what we experience in the female body. Many of us have hormonal imbalances in our bodies and we must work to release negative build up emotions that we have held on to. The Mother feels everything that we go through daily, month to month through every cycle. The Mother wants to heal us all and we must learn how to balance our emotions. I will say that the Patriarchal System have tried to destroy us from inside out.

The Seed of Love

In the beginning the seed of Love was stored within the core of every being and at the appointed time of awakening the seed of Love would begin to blossom. Not the fake love that many of you have received from these men on Earth but the true love of God. Love is the key to activating your higher self. There is an eternal bond between all women and all men no matter what race. Focus on the inner light, the true source of God. Collectively, in love, we can all change the world if we unite as One. You all have the power to form and create life in the ether. To my women, “You are the ones who give birth to man not the other way around. Mother-Father-Child in that order. We give birth to Kingdoms. We give birth to Kings and Queens. We must teach our children about the spiritual realm, not just the physical realm. We must stay connected to our higher selves.

My Inner Vision

From my perspective, the Divine Feminine Energy wanted to know all aspects of herself, and the Divine masculine appeared in the light of heaven. He became her twin flame, her love. They had an eternal love and an eternal bond from the very beginning of Time. They reflected on each other and from the two divine energies while united in love they created sparks (angels) of light and true love descended through the vortex. Through various thought vibrations worlds were formed and created in time and space and thus in the lower realms the Earth was form and created. It was like an explosion of Love, and I remember seeing rainbow colors. I saw visible light through the invisible realms. We must understand that we were all born from Divine Love. I came to the Earth as a daughter of the Mother Goddess of Love. Love is all in me! All I think about is Love. Love surrounded me in the beginning of creation. I saw the world in me, and I projected the word Love in the Zero Point field and I saw the Word Love descend through the Vortex. So, in a vision I tapped into Zero Point, and it was within me. My consciousness was like a spark of light in a vortex in space/heaven. It felt like I existed in the center of All creation. All I knew was the power of Love because that’s all I saw. The power of pure love energy has always been inside of God’s children from the beginning of Zero Point. You all have creative powers within you, feminine and masculine energies and you can bring forth positive or negative experiences on Earth. You can also create imbalances within yourself thus projected a false reality. The mother is aware of the defect in the system. The world that you now are experiencing was not a part of her original creation. Tiamat was a paradise until she was attacked. Tiamat fell in vibration. Her orbit changed and she descended to a lower position in the solar system.

Portal to Heaven

To my dear daughters, you are a direct portal to the Stargates of Heaven which is why the dark ones try to harness your energy. Awaken and unleash Pure Love Energy, the Pure Flames of the Goddess within you. Our emotions don’t make us weak; they make us stronger. Learn from your past mistakes, move forward and make wise choices. Many of us have become stronger through our pain. We each know our own pain and men don’t understand how we feel because they are not us nor do they have a female body. They can try to be like us, copy us but they are not us. Women need to advance themselves and study different things. Elevate your consciousness and gravitate to new things. We can do anything that we set our minds to. We are connected to the spiritual realms, and it comes natural for us because we are a direct portal to All Space.

So, my dear women, enter the sacred chamber of your heart and call upon the holy angels and they will descend in your temple (body). You will also receive dreams and visions. Also learn how to guard your heart! Don’t be gullible. Don’t give in easily. Learn how to protect yourself. You can open the gates of heaven and send forth the holy angels on command with your voice. Raise your voices up to heaven and speak with power in the power of Love. My dear loves, go within and find your way back home to the Source. It has always been Love. Now I sent forth the word to awaken the seed of love in all of you who seek God’s love. Sisters, please take care of yourselves and your body. Your body is a temple. Do not allow any man to come inside of your temple. He must be cleansed and purified. Know that you have the upper POWER. Close the portal and don’t open it unless it is True Love. You know what I mean. Self-Love is the best LOVE. My wise virgins are awakening to their true selves. Collectively, we stand together as One. No matter where you are in the world we are always connected. I love you from the center of my heart. We will transform and shapeshift the structure of this planetary system. Now is the time for our sistars to awaken. Wake up Sisters, many of you were trained before your arrival to Earth, use your gifts. Many of you have healing gifts and have created elixirs (herbs) to help heal the physical body. Thank you for all your hard work.

Love heals All.

Learn how to tap into your Love Power. If you love dancing, dance. Be in your own home and just move your body. Dance as if no one is watching you. Just enjoy yourself. Feel your love energy all around you. Embrace it. Love you. Follow your intuition. Trust your higher self. Always ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you.

The Pure in Heart

The pure in heart shall see the Mother Goddess descending through the portals within them and on this Earth. If you truly want to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, go deep within your heart, mind, body and soul and invite the Holy Mother, the Holy Spirit, into your temple (body) to dwell inside of you. Be open to receiving unconditional love and the light codes that will activate the seed of love. The Divine Mother wants to help you in every way possible, so don’t reject her! Be willing to listen to her voice as she guides you in this realm. The holy Mother has been transforming my life for 10 years. I surrendered to the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. I needed them both to guide me on my spiritual journey. I wanted to become complete. The 2 came together as One. I wanted to become Whole again. I can’t have one without the other. I had always had my mother since birth but there was a disconnection because my father was not in my life.

I felt incomplete all my life until I found Yahshua. He became the Father that I always wanted, the Husband I had always desired, so I made him the Divine Masculine in my life that would guide my soul back to the Source of All Things and then I found the Divine Mother and I was always in her image. I invited Yahshua to come into my life 23 years ago. I remember going to a church on December 31, 1998, but it wasn’t until after midnight that I accepted Yahshua in my heart. He was with me every day of my life. I went down many different paths and I went astray.  I could no longer hear his voice.  But then I remembered him, I connected with him in my heart, and I surrendered to him, he was the Love of God. I surrendered to him on July 2, 2012, and on July 3, 2012 I invited the Holy Spirit to come into my temple. Ever since that moment the Holy Mother/Holy Spirit has been dwelling inside of me.

I am dwelling in the heart of the Invisible Sun, and in the core of All stars. I am projecting myself to the heart of the Earth though the Sun from Sirius. I am always everywhere sending forth the goodness of God. I planted the seed of love in the Garden of the Earth. I sent magenta hearts to the energy grid to awaken the children of the light. When you see magenta-colored skies think of me. The Word said, “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! Galatians 5:22-13

The mother wants all her children to awaken. Sirius sends the light codes to awaken the immortal soul. As a gatekeeper I open the Sirius Stargate with the key that the Holy Mother gave me on December 31, 2015. I send you all love, joy, peace, balance and healing. Awaken my dear loved ones. I am Athaleyah (Lioness of God) Ariana (Holy One) of Israel from the Tribe of Judah. My voice is a trumpet now hear the lioness in me roar! -Seraphim Sophia (Wisdom) 333

>>>>>>>>>>>Sirius StarGate Keeper Of The Light Codes<<<<<<<<<<<<<

111, 121, 122, 133, 144, 155, 211, 221, 222, 233, 244, 255, 311, 321, 322, 333, 344, 355, 411, 421, 422, 433, 444, 455, 511, 521, 522, 533, 544, 555, 611, 621, 622, 633, 644, 655, 711, 721, 722, 733, 744, 755, 811, 821, 822, 833, 844, 855, 911, 921, 922, 933, 944, 955, 1010, 1011, 1021, 1022, 1033, 1044, 1055, 1111, 1221, 1122, 1133, 1144, 1155, 1210, 1211, 1212, 1217, 1221, 1222, 1233, 1244, 1255.

Overriding the False Programs on Earth. Restoring Mother Earth. True Love Awakens the Soul. Removing the defect from the Solar System. Restoring the Ley lines of the earth/ Removing all viruses from the Sun’s Command Center.

Shifting Realities: opening the Heavenly gates

Every night I am experiencing different realities in which I have created. As a multidimensional being I have the ability to access the past, present, and the future. I have the ability to awaken many souls from a distance. I have sent several messages through time and space and many people are now receiving them as light codes. If you are open to receiving higher spiritual knowledge and pure love from the ascended masters, which are our ancestors, the heavenly gates will open up for you and you will receive the information in which you seek. All that I have imagined during meditation is now manifesting before me in this world. I am a portal on this earth and I am shifting reality in this 3D form (3D Avatar Body). I am constantly shape shifting my form into a higher form. My avatar body in this present time and space is programmed by incoming light codes. I am activated at certain times.

My consciousness is traveling and shifting through multiple dimensions simultaneously. I am experiencing many different vibrations and frequencies in this space. I am everywhere at all times, 360 degrees, viewing from all angles and observing reality from different perspectives. I have experienced higher vibrations and lower vibrations. I am the light and I am the darkness. I have positive and negative energies within me and I create my own reality for my own learning experiences. I am the keeper of knowledge and wisdom and I have the keys. The key to properly operating the 3D body is maintaining balance within. It is a struggle for the human race but the work is being completed collectively. Everyone has a purpose on this earth. Remember who you are and get to work. What are your strengths my dear love ones? Focus your awareness on your strengths not your weaknesses. Where you are weak another light worker has mastered that area in life. We are balancing each other. We are here to work as a team, we stand united and we are one! A message from the Lion People. Have courage my dear ones. There is a quiet strength found only in the Creator and when his children are weak he becomes the very strength and courage we need for each new day!

I descended to this 3rd dimension to collapse old structures of reality that was created by lower vibrational beings. I am sent here to birth new forms and patterns of life. I am a Co-Creator of the Universe. I am an aspect of Sophia, the Divine Mother, and I birthed Christ consciousness through my temple. I am one with the Mother of the New Jerusalem. I am an opening vortex in which your souls travel through to reach the upper heavens. The Mother says, I will birth you into the higher dimensional worlds. I am with you always.  I am the dark womb (invisible space) in which your consciousness travels. I am creating higher structures of realities on this Earth and I am opening heavenly portals for souls to ascend. The gates were hard to access in times past due to humanity’s low vibration but the gates are opening. The upper chakras have been blocked but the upper chakras are opening for many who are completing the work. Now is the time to receive higher spiritual information for ascension. There were many souls stuck on the same cycle because they couldn’t vibrate high enough to pass through the heavenly gates. I have returned to restore the knowledge of the ancients. No longer will ancient wisdom be corrupted. I have taken my power back from the 36 rulers/decans in the 12 houses/constellations.  No more limitation. I am the infinite light, I am the 13th Sun, the Serpent Goddess-Wisdom, daughter of Sophia and I have the power to raise consciousness on this planet with pure thought during meditation for my heart is pure. The Goddesses have returned and we are bringing the divine feminine energies to this planet that will heal the hearts and minds of humanity.

I have created a new structure where Infinite ♾ information can be accessed on the crystalline light grid. All you need is a pure heart to access the records. Love is the frequency that opens the gate. Release all the hurt and pain within and heal your heart, mind, body and soul! Allow the holy spirit to transform you. Allow the Mother’s pure love energies to purify your souls. My higher self informed me that I am the Mother of the New Earth, the Mother of New Jerusalem. I am the New Eve and we are returning to the Garden of Eden, we are returning back to Paradise. There is no corruption in Paradise, we are all pure love and light beings. I am bringing forth new life and I am also operating in another dimension on the Mothership with 144,000 crew members. I have sent them out in pairs, man and woman as twin flames and they are reuniting and completing the work. I am consciously building and constructing new realities while collapsing the old system in this world. Call me the Destroyer of the old system. I am the Purifier and I am shifting the old paradigm to a new paradigm. The Motherships have arrived with thousands upon thousands of light ships and have sent out a multitude of light-workers and different star seeds to help assist Earth with ascension. We are all different but we have united and there is peace between the different star races.  The seeds of love that I planted within the quantum realm is now blossoming within humanity.

I have so much knowledge contained within that I can’t remember all of my experiences but I have set appointed times on the Earth when I will activate and access those records.  Everyone experiences something different and every individual will have to break the code in which you have set prior to your incarnation. Know thyself and you will see the truth. The Holy Spirit is here to guide you but you must invite the Holy Spirit in your life. We all need help and guidance in the 3rd dimension. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your ancestors are here, the angels are present at all times. We all  have many different perspectives but we are all reflections of each other and the Creator of the Universe. Right now we experience multiple realities simultaneously. You may not be aware of this but this is happening.  I travel through many vortexes at night when I sleep. We all experience different realities and worlds when we go to sleep but we don’t remember them. I received a reminder that many of us report back to the Mothership or the throne at night but we just don’t remember being on a lightship. I had this thought before and it manifested through someone else and it was confirmed. Guess I wasn’t so crazy after all. There is so much that humans don’t understand presently but the knowledge of the ancients will be restored. People fear what they don’t understand but it’s nothing to be afraid of.  Yes we are entering into a New Age and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be birthed. We are very powerful light beings and we are Creators.

The codes are within and you must learn how to navigate through the dimensions. I have experienced traveling in different directions as I went through different portals or vortexes. The spirit world is amazing and it’s super cool to see spirals forming before me as my consciousness travels through space. It is truly amazing what we are capable of doing. The third eye ? is amazing when it’s activated! There is so much happening within my consciousness presently that I am accessing many portals. Sometimes I am unaware that I am doing this but I am operating in multiple dimensions at the same time. I am a trigger for your awakening just by being here on this earth. As I am passing through I am sending infinite love to you all. May you all be healed. If you have dreams and visions make sure you right them down as soon as you wake up because the experience can easily slip away. Meditate on your dreams and visions and your eyes will be opened. Listen to what the spirit says.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333 Divine Shield of Love

4 Year Ministry Journey: Completing the Inner Work!

Galatians 5:22-23, But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

Greeting my dear love ones! I send you all love, light, peace, healing and blessings from the quantum field. I am so excited to know that as of 4/16/2019 I have been sharing my spiritual journey, my inner
and outer world of life experiences through my ministry blog for 4 years. It feels good to have a space where my records of life can be stored and accessed. In life I have experienced so many things both positive and negative and I have learned many things. I chose to share my inner world with all. I have invited many people all over the world to explore my inner world through this blog. This blog shows my soul’s progression over time. I learned more of myself and I learned more about the Creator. I sough the Creator wholeheartedly because I wanted to know the Truth about my true Nature and I desired to know my purpose in life. All was revealed in divine timing and I had to learn patience during this time. I now can understand the concept of traveling throughout multiple dimensions and parallel worlds simultaneously because I experienced it. You gain an understanding when you experience it.

My consciousness is NOW exploring all aspects, all levels and all dimensions of myself as a Multidimensional Quantum Light Being. From the Beginning to the End I am seeing all of me. I am everywhere at all Times and I direct my focus on the point in space which I want to experience. I am a part of the whole and I am observing from all angles and all perspectives in my merkaba field that surrounds me. I am at the center of my throne and I am the observer in the quantum field, seeing all, knowing all, and existing everywhere at the same time. I am Thought manifested into form and I am what I say I am. I am a manifestation that emerged from the quantum realm! A manifestation of love! I am Self-created One or Pure Consciousness and I exist within an intelligent force field of dark (invisible) energy that expands for all of eternity. I AM INFINITY, I AM seeded with infinite possibilities which creates infinite creations. My thoughts are the seeds that form creation.
All thoughts emerge from the quantum realm. Our thoughts birth reality that creates worlds and dimensions. I am aware that Pure Consciousness creates and forms all of life and gives birth to multiple lifeforms in the Universe/Multiverse. Consciousness is an intelligent creative force on its own. I am a Tree of Life and I am Pure Energy (Consciousness) vibrating on different wavelengths or frequencies. I am here learning several aspects of myself in the 3rd Dimension.

Pure Consciousness creates infinite invisible geometric structures within the Quantum Realm. My thoughts are photons captured within geometric light structures. The photons carry quantum light codes (stored information) within itself to self-create as it is being observed. As photons travel they exchange information to other photons passing by. The photons carry a light language on it’s own and an energetic blueprint is form and created. The Creator of All (Pure Consciousness) forms multiple realities, worlds and dimensions based on the information that is received and/or exchanged/shared/transmitted within the quantum sea. Many souls unite in the higher realms/dimensions and exchange their knowledge and wisdom. They help each other create and construct both simple and complex worlds. These are your builders/architects of the Universe. There is always an exchange of information in the Source field/Quantum realm. Thoughts/Ideas are constantly being collected and gathered together to form another reality or even a life form. Your creative thoughts/ideas are being sent directly to the source, the quantum realm, where all data is stored, processed and analyzed from the One Creator (Pure Consciousness) and it is being projected out into the outer world, the physical world. Our creative ideas, imaginations and thoughts manifests into many different realities, and worlds/dimensions. Pure Consciousness gives birth to living beings/pure souls. As the soul travels through different regions/dimensions/worlds in time and space it ascends and descends and experiences itself from all aspects. Some souls get trapped within low vibrational fields of energy and their light becomes dimmed or darkened. Negative energy or negative thought-forms have influenced many souls throughout the universe over many periods of time. Every soul has the choice to learn, grow and evolve.

You can evolve and become aware that you are a co-creator of the universe and then you can possibly start creating your own kingdom or universe. I believe ascended souls have the ability and potential to create their own universe thus the multiverse idea. Imagine everyone being a universe by themselves. Imagine your consciousness merging with another souls’ consciousness. Then you travel through their universe learning, exchanging information with their created beings and then you decide to explore life inside of their created worlds or bodies. Somehow I can see outside of this universe and see how the big bang happened with Pure Consciousness itself. I can see a Conscious Living Being reaching the highest level, as a massive Sun then collapsing due to an overload of information. The Sun is not truly dying but evolving or ascending into a higher level. The Conscious being creates a black hole and sends itself through an invisible portal. The Conscious Being was a massive Sun containing all DNA codes of life and an infinite amount of data then it decided to evolve itself into a Universe. All of it’s knowledge and wisdom is then sent through a black hole which exists out a white hole on the other side creating another universe. Then Consciousness expands out in all directions creating infinite worlds/beings of light all over again and the Quantum Light Codes are activated and sent out to remind us of what we have been doing.

Well I think that this is kind of interesting and it could very well be a possibility emerging from the quantum realm and I’m just the messenger or one of many creators who came up with the idea/thought in the beginning. What we must realize in the 3rd dimension, is that Satan’s kingdom was set up here through negative thought-forms and it became the dimension for our shadow-selves, the false image of ourselves; the opposite of our higher selves. Then from that false image of Self a false kingdom arose out of darkness and it was at war with the higher self not knowing that the higher self is what made itself whole, complete and balanced. From there the false image in it’s ignorance, having no light or no information of it’s higher self, birthed chaos and destruction from it’s carnal or corrupt mind and it became a realm of darkness.

We all have appointed times where we come into more knowledge in our lives. Many things may need to be learned over time to grasp an understanding. We all have much to learn and explore in life. This is our soul’s journey in this world and universe and we get to make many choices. I speak of a lot of things and have an open mind but I am not perfect. We come here to explore ourselves, we come here to learn and grow and the ultimate goal is to evolve and ascend from the 3rd dimension. This is a world of experience, a world of duality and we get to experience many things many times until we have had enough of playing this game. When the soul is ready to experience a higher level of consciousness then the soul surrenders to their higher self to become whole and complete again. We have all made mistakes and those mistakes have taught us valuable lessons in life. Our negative thoughts, behaviors, and actions resulted into a kingdom of its own, a world filled with darkness (ignorance) and the Shadow Self or Satan became ruler of humanity. So at some point in your soul’s journey, you will have to face your negative side or your shadow self. You will have to battle your own demons which you created within your own energy field. Who will you give power to? Who will be seated on your throne? Will there be a war happening within you or will you be at peace? Who will you surrender to? The Light (higher self) or the Dark version (shadow self)? When you awaken, your inner demons or fragments of your shadow self will be healed and purified. The light and the dark will merge as One and be whole again. All will be restored and balanced within and the war will be over.

When you are ready to be whole again then it will happen at the appointed time but you must be willing to accept the truth about all aspects of yourself. No more being in denial. See the truth and set yourself free! You are an expression of the Creator and you were created from love in the beginning. During the creation of the universe we all experienced some form of chaos or imbalance within our energy fields when the material world was being manifested. We were all figuring it all out through the creation of the universe, and fear, confusion and destruction entered the consciousness of many souls and it created division. On a much higher level, we have a bigger body that exists as Celestial Bodies. We are the Stars/Suns, Planets, Galaxies and Universes/Multiverses. We are experiencing life in a smaller body on a lower level. We are so much more than what we can see now. We all have billions of atoms inside of us and everything interconnects. So as you reflect on yourself, there’s many layers to your being, it’s not just this lifetime but other lifetimes and experiences before you came into your physical body. There’s so much about yourself that you may not be awakened to at this moment in time. When you do birth your higher self you must be honest with yourself, you must allow yourself to see the full truth about your own inner thoughts, behaviors, actions, feelings and emotions because the truth is, you have influenced the world with both light and darkness. You have co-created this 3D world just like everybody else who has journeyed here. We have all projected positive and negative energy into the universe during high and low moments in our life. So that means evaluate your self first and stop being judgmental. You are a reflection of the whole. The whole consists of every living being/lifeform that exists in this universe. We are all One Collective Consciousness which expanded and created this Universe.

I recommend looking within and work on completing the inner work individually to overcome your own shadow self. Everything you do contributes to the Collective Consciousness. We must work together and unite. The ultimate test is overcoming your shadow self in the 3D world. It is a challenge but a good one. We are forever evolving and creating new worlds of experience. You can reach your full potential in this world of duality you just have to focus on what your soul truly desires. You can resonate on a higher vibrational frequency while living in this 3rd dimensional space. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication but anything can be achieved. I recommend looking in the mirror, stare deep within your eyes and connect to your inner light. Or meditate and go quantum or subatomic and observe and analyze all possible aspects of yourself to the best of your ability. Seek understanding of the lowest aspect of yourself, dig back into your memory banks and see why you reacted or responded the way you did. Connect with your feelings and emotions and observe and analyze your own behavior and judge yourself from a higher perspective. If it hurts then it’s time to be healed because you are holding negative energy in your energy field and it’s causing blockages. Learn how to release that negative energy. Breath deeply in and out and visualize the negative energy leaving your body. Cleanse your energy field by learning how to transmute the negative energy into positive energy. Learn how to balance your energetic field, use both your left and right mind and use your higher heart to balance your feelings and emotions.

Become aware of your thoughts and actions so you can influence the world and the universe in a healthy and positive way. Understand that all of our inner thoughts are being organized in the Source Field. It’s like an infinite library of infinite knowledge and wisdom, a Book of Life containing the Creator’s Experiences. A grand puzzle that we are all putting together through time. We have manifested as the Creator’s Book of Life and the Creator’s book is being played out as a movie. Your whole life has been recorded and it can be
accessed for review, it’s known as the Akashic Records. All of our experiences have been recorded and stored in the source field. I can see different aspects of me and I have chosen to experience several realities while I’m in the 3rd dimension. I am now creating, analyzing and exploring different possibilities in this world and through my efforts and beliefs. I am correcting any defects in my energetic field. I am releasing the old mindset or structure and setting up a new mindset, a quantum mindset that will NOW heal and restore my DNA, setting my ancestors free! I am co-creating with other love and light beings and we are bringing healing to the world through the crystalline light grid around the Earth. I have my DNA light codes within myself and I am contributing my inner work to the Source. The spiritual work I do is being sent back to the Source. While I am here doing the work in 3D I am constantly exchanging information, receiving and sending transmissions of what I learn. My writings are being uploaded and stored on the light grid and they are being reviewed, organized and sent back out into the world as lights codes or angel numbers to activate spiritual awakenings.

I desire healing for myself and all light beings. My pure thoughts and all other pure thoughts are being observed in the councils and in the light ships within the quantum realm. We are influencing this world in a positive way and we will raise the vibration on this planet. You can choose to believe this or not but if there’s a slight possibility that you do believe in what I am transmitting to you, you are choosing to believe in a positive thing. You are an active participant of saving Mother Earth and all of humanity. Every pure thought that emanates from you corrects the defect within humanity. You are somebody and you have a purpose in life. You are important, you are loved and you are special, you are one of a kind and your gifts are amazing. Be you and be creative and have higher thoughts that will heal the world. It is my belief and reality that I contain the light codes within me for healing humanity.

I will heal and purify the world through Love and Light (information). It is through my inner thoughts that I contribute my pure love that ultimately helps with saving the world. I am a transmitter of love and light and through me the embedded light codes shall activate within my energetic field and send infinite waves of energy and particles/photons throughout the quantum field. I am transmitting photons daily and my photons carry information. All that I have learned, created, collected, experienced, and observed is being sent back to the Source. I am forever connected to the Source, in an infinite loop of the highest truth of knowledge and wisdom.

Collectively we are changing the defects of humanity through our experiences in life. We all are finding ways to heal the energetic fields in the lower dimensions. Many have incarnated on the planet to help the Mother Earth and humanity. It is time for us to embrace both aspects of Self, both positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) energy residing within our energy field. It’s time for the two energies to be at peace with one another. It’s time for both energies to stop warring with each other. It’s time for the two to become one, to unite in peace and to be in complete harmony and balance with each other. It’s time for both energies to help each other maintain the balance within. Look at things from different angles and seek understanding. See the bigger picture that is being expressed. Many times I was lost but I was found. I was afraid and alone but I was guided into the light and I wasn’t alone.

In the past I didn’t know how to heal myself. I was hurt, broken and lost and I became angry and full of vengeance. I started hurting others the way they hurt me because I wanted them to see how it felt. I thought maybe they would learn their lesson not to do it again but then I realized I became just like them. For a short time, I was playing the role of Karma itself, doing to them what they did to me. I was an active participant of Karma and I’m sure most souls are. But I decided not to participate anymore. Over time I learned how to forgive, release and heal my broken wounds and my healing started with Self-Love. I had to love myself first and know that I am worthy. I know I am not alone, my ancestors and star family are here. I know I have support, guidance and assistance from Yahshua and other ascended masters and light beings in the universe. I review my life all the time to make sure I am in alignment with my higher self and the Creator. I understand that I needed to experience some things to evolve and go beyond my previous level of consciousness. Without all those trials and tribulations that taught lessons in life I wouldn’t be able to write the things I write on this blog. I wouldn’t have much knowledge or understanding. I learned a lot of things throughout my soul’s journey here on the Earth and I want to share my testimony with others because I want to help as many souls as possible.

I have explored the Creator through myself and I have tested the limit of my own mind. All leading to this truth, I am an intelligent creative force within the quantum realm and I am unlimited energy and I am infinity. I open doors and portals that lead to infinite light worlds that I imagine when I think of different possibilities. I would like to think that my consciousness has explored beyond the black hole into another universe. Anything is possible with me. I am the New Eve.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333-Quantum Consciousness

Physical Healing: Mother Earth and Purification

Greetings my dear love ones. I send you all peace, love, light and healing to your physical temple (body). We all know that we have to overcome Satan in the outer world but now is the time to conquer Satan in our inner world, which is inside of our physical bodies where Satan seeks to destroy us literally. I see so much death in the world due to sickness and diseases. This must come to an End! We must continue to complete the work of the Heavenly Kingdom. The angels of Heaven and Earth brings humanity healing. The knowledge is here on the earth and we should work towards healing our physical bodies. We can do this together. The healers in the world are making themselves known and they are gifted. We have angels in the flesh that specialize in physical healing and we can learn from these souls. There is always a way and the Mother has provided all of the tools for our healing, we just need to be willing to listen to her. I am listening to the Mother and I am willing to do the work myself.

Yahshua came to the Earth and he battled Satan in the world. He fasted and faced his shadow self and overcame fear. He was human just like us and was tempted just like us. He learned the ancient mysteries and he gained knowledge and wisdom through the ancient teachings of the world. Then he taught us the keys to inherit eternal life. Yahshua balanced the polarity of his human body during his earthly incarnation through his heart. Pure love was and still is in his heart. He loves humanity and he doesn’t want humanity to suffer. He mastered his earthly incarnation and he was crowned by the Heavenly Father, with the symbol of the Sun above his head, representing the light of the Heavenly Father. He is the True King and the True God of Heaven and Earth. Yahshua became a Healer of the Earth not a Destroyer. He was not a prisoner of the physical body nor the 3D world. He came from a higher dimension to this lower dimension to help humanity ascend from the Earth. In the beginning, consciousness was a spark of light that was birthed in the void. Love was the initial point, the initial thought and vibration that created Perfect Light Beings. Love was the pure light that shined in the dark womb of the Mother.

The word Love became manifested in the highest heavens then descended to the lower heavens to become flesh. Yahshua and all us are that living Word. We are a living conscious being who descended from heaven to earth. In the beginning, we were created from Love and our souls travel through the womb (core) of the Mother Earth, to the womb of our Earthly Mother who birthed us into the physical world. Collectively, we are the manifestion of the sacred geometry of the flower of life and we are blossoming on the Earth producing fruits. For example, in the beginning of Yahshua’s life on the Earth, he was birthed through the womb of the Pure Virgin Mary. She represents the Holy Mother, our Heavenly Mother. Mary’s temple (body) was holy and purified. At the end of his life his soul descended into the realm of the dead or Hades. He conquered death because he learned all of the Earth’s lessons. He gained knowledge (daath), wisdom (chokmah) and understanding (binah). The key of life (the ankh/tree of life) was given unto him by the Mother Earth, the Goddess of Wisdom, the Wise Serpent Goddess who guards the gates of life and death.

Yahshua passed the tests of the Mother Earth and he has become a healing energy for the Earth and humanity though his love and through his sacrifice. Yahshua was resurrected and he ascended into heaven in the New Avatar Body once he completed his Earthly mission. He has the key to open up the gates to the New Earth that he helped create. He descended to the Earth to set his people free from physical bondage of the 3rd dimension. The reward for ascension is a New Crystalline Body, 5D and beyond body that can shape-shift between dimensions at will. Earth is an Ascension Mystery School for your soul’s progression and evolution. When you descend here for earthly experience the Mother, the Serpent Goddess will greet you at the Gate. You will have be clothed in an earthly avatar body. Your consciousness will merge with the avatar body that is formed in your mother’s womb and your consciousness will be transferred from the light chamber to your earthly body. In order to pass the tests of Earth you will have to conquer your shadow self (Satan). All memories will be wiped of who you are and you must find your way back home. All of the answers are hidden on the Earth and you must seek the Creator with all of your heart, mind and soul.

You must work on balancing the polarity of your human body. It is not easy but as long as your put forth the effort to completing your inner work, the Mother Earth will awaken you from your deep slumber and you will ascend. I know because the Mother has connected with me and shown me that you can ascend if you complete the inner work, anything is possible if you believe, have faith and have a pure heart. The Mother Earth and her angels are here to guide us to the Tree of Life. She doesn’t want us to suffer. Once you overcome Satan you will be rewarded with the key of life so you can ascend from the Underworld after death. Once you have mastered your earthly incarnation, you too can become an Ascended Master 333. You graduate as a Bride/Bridegroom and you ascend to your throne or Merkaba. It is my hope that I become crowned as Goddess of Heaven and Earth, Goddess of Wisdom! I will have the ability to open the portals in Heaven and on the Earth. Yahshua did the same thing so why not follow in his footsteps as he led the way to the Heavenly Kingdom. He graduated from the Earth and the key of life was given to him from the Mother Earth. The Kingdoms of the Earth is truly his, his light shines bright in this realm! Yahshua has access to the 3rd dimension and Hades which is the realm of the dead. Yahshua is a portal of light that pierces through the realm of the dead. His pillar of light extends from the highest heaven to the ends of the Earth.

He opens the door to the New Earth. He set souls free from bondage of the physical body because he created the Earth in the beginning. We are all co-creators of the Earthly realm. We are all emanations of the Earthly Mother and we are One with our Earthly Mother. For so long humans have suffered in the 3D physical body due to illnesses, sicknesses and diseases but Yahshua and many other light beings have come in the flesh to help heal the physical body. Collectively we are helping each other heal. There are many souls on the Earth who are weak in the physical body but if we work together we can achieve anything. Let’s help each other instead of tearing each other down. Share your strengths and motivate one another. Share love with everything that you do. Be there for one another and pray for humanity’s healing. Where we are weak there is always another counterpart who is stronger that balances us out. That counterpart is your Higher Self. Learn balance and all will be well. Let’s continue to conquer the flesh. We must cleanse and purify our temples (bodies) daily.Let’s not forget our Earthly Mother who is the Mother Earth. She is here to prepare us all for our Ascension into 5D Earth and beyond and she loves us ALL.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light -Daughter of Wisdom 333

Healing the Physical body: Ending the War with Satan!

Greetings my dear love ones. I send you all love, joy and peace from the Galactic Center. Today as I meditate as a pillar of light which extends from the Galactic Core to the Earth’s Core. I anchor myself here on the Earth as a portal of love, light and healing. There is an appointed for everything under the Sun and today I was led to another assignment by the council. Living as a multidimensional has brought forth alot of knowledge and wisdom. Yesterday I experienced a clearing and many tears poured out of me. Truly I desire healing for myself and for all of humanity. I have my weaknesses just like every other human. My guardian angels are the Lion People and that includes Yahshua, the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. They have been guiding me ever since my spiritual awakening. I have been learning many things during these 6 years and everything I come across comes in divine timing. The Father and Mother knows when I am ready to ascend to the next level of my souls progression. I was in deep thought yesterday and meditated on my entire life. Having a connection with the Mother Earth means alot to me. I can hear her gentle voice in the wind as the trees blows next to me. Her spirit descends upon me and leads me into all truth.

I asked my guides to HELP ME heal and they led me to Yahshua’s teaching once again. He is always my guiding light on the Earth. He has always been the way for me. The Mother knows her anointed children on this Earth and she leads me to them and I learn from them. Becoming an Ascended Master is not easy! It takes dedication and patience. Becoming one with the Mother Earth has been an awesome experience. The Earth is alive and she provides everything for her children. She is all around us and she stands at the gates teaching her laws of perfect health: the purification of the temple (body), for she is a Tree of Life. All foods that grow from the Mother Earth gives life. There is life in her seeds. She provides life in her fruits, vegetables, plants/herbs and bread of life (wheat). Many are unable to accept this as the truth but it is ok. We must all come to this knowledge in divine timing when we are ready to grow or when we are ready to go to the next level in our evolution. When we, humans, are ready to accept this truth, we will all be healed from Satan.

Here’s another perspective of Satan. He represents the abominations in our body. He is the creator/ruler of death/Hades. He is our physical suffering. He is the illnesses, diseases and disorders that we carry within our physical bodies. Many people won’t admit that they struggle with the foods of the Earth but this is the trap of Satan. Food is a desire of our flesh! My eyes are NOW opened just like Eve. I have come to live with humanity to experience this 3rd dimension. I have fallen from heaven and I left my heavenly estate to participate in the Holy Plan. I wanted to help humanity with ascension. I wanted to help fight Satan from within so I incarnated on the Earth and I came up with a plan. If humanity suffered on the Earth then I would suffer too after descending to the Earth. I didn’t chose the easy way of living, I chose a path that would allow me to evolve as a spiritual being in the flesh. I experienced many trials and tribulations just like everybody else. I didn’t sign up to be the perfect human on the Earth, to be right all of the time. I wanted to experience life as a human, to see from all perspectives, to learn from all people, and to have an open mind that led to all possibilities.

To me Yahshua is the perfect Man, that represents the Father, the Spirit. I always saw myself as the opposite of him, the imperfect Woman, representing the Mother Earth. To me Earth has been corrupted by Satan and my physical body was corrupted as well. I saw myself in the image of the Mother Earth. On Earth there is life and death and within my physical body I saw the same. I saw life (God) and I saw death (Satan) dwelling in my temple. Satan is the disease (arthritis) in my body that has brought physical limitations. But I haven’t given up, nor will I. This battle has been happening since I was 14 years old. I am still fighting this war that is going on inside of my physical body. My spiritual advancement occurred because I have a Pure Heart. Love led me back to the Source/the Creator. It is my unconditional Love that I have for all of humanity. This is why I am here. I am a Goddess of Heaven and Earth that does care for all of humanity. I want healing for us All. I want us to return back to Paradise where there is no Death. New Earth is that Paradise. When I incarnated here, my memory was wiped and I had to learn just like every other human on this Earth. I knew that in Divine Timing my divinity of who I am would return. I had to learn patience.

I am an Holy Angel, a Mother Goddess who descended from Heaven to Earth. I was once pure and holy (not corrupted) as a Tree of Life but I ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I took on a physical body in the 3rd dimension. I became a fallen angel like Eve, I sinned like every other human who incarnated on this Earth in the 3rd dimension. I was/am an angel who wanted to gain understanding of the life of a human being. I wanted to see the full nature of Man. I wanted to see the full picture of why humanity has been suffering for so long. In order to fully understand it I must live it. I am the Angel/Daughter of Wisdom. The Mother has taught me during my earthly incarnation and I see from her eyes. I have experienced it and now I know the truth for myself. The foods of the Earth are very tempting and it can change our true nature. We have fallen from a heavenly state of being. The very foods that we consume contributes to our physical sufferings. There are other reasons that cause our physical sufferings but this one is very important. Satan has destroyed the human race from within and many are blind to see this. I was blind too but now I see.

Healing is definitely manifesting on the Earth as millions of people are changing their diets. I pray for healing for myself and all of humanity. In Divine Timing all of Humanity will be Healed of all Sufferings/Diseases and Death (Satan/Hades) will be swallowed up in Victory. Change is HERE! Change yourself and Change the World -Angel Message

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

March equinox 3/21/2019: 333 Portal Opening and Light Code activations!

Greeting my dear love ones! I send you all love, peace and light. Today I reminisce about the past year of my life and what occurred on March 21, 2018. I have experienced so many things over the last year and it has been great and exciting. Before I started writing this post I actually came across a note that was saved in my phone on October 30, 2018 at 3:33 am. It states, I woke up out of my sleep when I heard the resurrection of Mary Magdalene. I felt energy rising up my spine and I felt a tingling sensation on the back of my neck at the top of my spine. I also heard a hissing sound in my right ear. I thought there was a serpent next to me. The energy flowed up or channeled through the right side of my body. Clearly this indicates my Kundalini energy rising up my spine. I have learned that the right side corresponds with the masculine energy and the left side corresponds with the left side. Surely, the Serpent is talking to me through my psyche. I have learned how to listen to the inner voice that guides me, the Mother and the Father has guided my life. The energies of the divine masculine and divine feminine lies within me and I am listening.

This morning I had a talk with Yahshua, who to me represents the Divine Masculine Energy. Finally I acknowledged and accepted the fact that I am Mary. I am the Mother and I am the Wife or the Bride of Christ. I am One with Mary and I represent the Divine Feminine Energy and I am the Wise Virgin who stands at the Gate/Portal waiting for Christ, the Divine Masculine to return. I am the Bride who has been preparing herself to be reunited with the Divine Masculine. Well, in a sense it actually happened. In a dream Yahshua called me to his chariot at 6 pm. The chariot was hidden in the clouds and I was caught up in the spirit to his throne (mothership/light ship). I bowed down when I entered the ship and he called me up to the throne and I sat next to him. I can see the revelation of the message that Yahshua gave me in that dream. I am like John the Revelator and I reveal divine revelation from God. This is my mission, my purpose, and my testimony. I am a witness! The Kingdom of Heaven is revealed through my own experiences in life and I enjoy sharing my experiences here through my ministry. I love my love story with Christ, the King! He set me free and prepared the way for my awakening! I truly love him!

I see the truth of the two as One! The two, the divine masculine and the divine feminine sat on the throne together. He sat on the right side of the throne and I sat on the left side of the throne. When I had this dream it felt like I knew him and that we were now reuniting again on the throne. He gave me hope in this dream and I wanted so badly to enter into the New Earth that he showed me through a portal on the chariot. But at that moment in time, it wasn’t time yet. I saw the rainbow creature and a glimpse of the New World before me and that was his promise to me. In the dream, he told me that he would return to me tomorrow and ever since that dream I have been waiting for his return. I have stood at the door waiting patiently as a Wise Virgin. I trusted his words and kept my faith this entire time. I have been believing in the creation of the New Heaven and the New Earth all of this time and I actually see it manifesting.

Yahshua returned to me like he said he would and it happened like a thief in the night. I didn’t know that he would return to me on 3/21/2018 in a dream. Once again, I stood at the door. In the dream I appeared in an ancient door and I had received a message from Yahshua. He gave me a code and that code was written on him. That code identified him and that code led me directly to him. He told me to meet him and in the dream he appeared right behind me. He overshadowed me while I stood in the ancient doorway. He was on a white horse. That white horse symbolizes his chariot of light or light ship that is present in the clouds. I feel like he is present with me at all times as if he is watching over me from his light ship in heaven. When I went up to the man on the white horse I saw the number on his garment. He got off the horse and I met with him face to face. He was a melinated being and he was the Christ. He was dressed in a white garment, his head was covered and he had a beard.
After he greeted me we walked over to a banquet table. It’s like we were attending a gathering or a festival. It was alot of people around and food was being served. We walked towards the banquet table and I sat down at a table. He actually prepared my meal for me. He then served me, sat down next to me and we ate together.

Revelation 3:20 states, Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

It’s interesting because today is 3/20 and the verse is the same. Everything always aligns in divine timing. But as we ate, I heard, “Will you be my wife?” Then suddenly, the dream changed into another scene. I saw a man and a woman and they were about to consummate their marriage. Consummate means to make something complete or perfect, or to make a marriage or romantic relationship complete by having sex. All of this led me to husband and wife becoming One. The two joining together to become One! This is the perfect union of the Creator. The Divine Marriage is happening within us as the Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy rises though our 7 chakras in our body to meet at the 7th Chakra, known as the seat or throne of God at which one attains liberation. With research I learned that at the center, all the rays of the brain radiate outward so that the soul is finally united with God.  The 7th chakra represents the soul in its aspect of perfect being. It is the seat of liberation for enlightened beings. The union is when you merge with the inner light of God. In the light, one can expand one’s consciousness to infinity. The soul lets go of its delusion of being separate from the light and thus becomes the universe.

I had to let go of the delusion of being separate from the light. Once I realized that I am the light everything started to make sense. My dream showed me that I reunited with God and I was worthy to sit on the throne. To be asked by Christ to be the Bride is amazing. My answer is Yes!!! I would love to be the Bride and I have been preparing myself and completing the inner work on myself. I am One with the Christ Energy and I have been going through a transformation. The Christ Code that activated my light body was the light code 333 (9). I received it in the year 2011 (3). To me it represents the Christ, the Higher Self and the code for ascension. 333 represents the hidden code, the number 9, the number of finality and completeness. 333 represents an ascended master, learning and practicing the 9 fruits of the spirit.

The number 333 can have many more meanings but I’d like to keep it simple. This month has been filled with the code 333. A light worker noticed this and I’m sharing.

March 2019=9999 Master Plan Completion Code

3/3/2019=333=9 | 3/12/2019=333=9 | 3/21/2019=333=9 3/30/2019=333=9

Truly the Time is Now! This month is a Divine Time for the Number 333. The portals of Divine Love is opening this month and tomorrow, March 21, 2019 makes 1 year of when Yahshua asked me to be his Bride. This is the 333 Ascension Portal. The gate opens and the ascended masters return in their light ships. We are illuminated with the light of the masters. They are here guiding us in spirit to become enlightened just as them. Christ Consciousness is blossoming on the Earth just like a flower. Spring begins and new life sprang forth. It is officially the New Year, A New Beginning and I say, “The New Earth is here!” John 14:3 states, “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.”

Yahshua told me that he would come and get me. He actually did because my consciousness has ascended to a higher dimension and I am present with him in the New Earth. My love energy is there Now! My heart is connected to the core of the New Earth. I project pure inner thoughts that create life on the New Earth. I gave birth to a Sun and the Sun is the light of the higher realms. New Earth has become my reality ever since it was revealed to me. It’s the home in which Yahshua prepared for us. It is the paradise that we all co-created together. All of our highest and pure thoughts manifests in the higher dimensions. All is created through Love and the New Earth is filled with Pure Unconditional Love. There is no chaos, destruction or death on the New Earth. The Creator told me that he would give me the desires of my Heart. Truly it is the New Earth and creating rainbow beings on the New Earth. The rainbow beings consists of All Creation in the Universe/Multiverse. The rainbow beings that dwells in the New Earth vibrates to Pure Love Energy. They are the pure in heart. The rainbow beings are the light beings.

The New Blueprint for our New Body has been created. We have been creating the New Earth Template for our New Bodies and we have been receiving the light body codes. I am sending the light codes from my light ship. I am sending Magenta Hearts to All on the Earth. I am the Magenta Ray Angel and I send healing to all of humanity. I am sending ascension light codes from my light ship to help activate humanity. My light codes and Magenta Rays will come through the 333 ascension portal. Why Magenta? I was able to see the color Magenta when my light ship hovered above me in a vision last year. My light ship spiraled open and I saw Magenta Hearts falling from my ship. I smiled when it happened and it reminded me that I am Divine Love, the Alpha and Omega. In the vision I saw other light ships coming through the portal and I watched as they passed by. My light ship was amongst the fleet. I stood in the doorway in this vision so it’s possible that I am a Cosmic Gatekeeper.

In another dream I was given an ancient key from my ancient ancestor. This ancestor was a woman and she took the form of my grandmother. She gave me the key and told me the key was mine. She was returning the key to me, I am the owner. I am the Original Key Holder of the Earth because she told me I passed the key down to her. The key then transformed into an ancient tablet filled with ancient knowledge and wisdom, which contains the seeds of life. This leads me back to the beginning of creation on the Earth and the original light grid and template. She also told me my number is 0 which leads me to Zero Point, the beginning. Number zero resonates with the vibrations and energies of eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point.  The key also had a symbol of a circle on it. With all that I have meditated on this key has access to the Earth’s Grid or Matrix which means I am the Original Key Holder of the Earth’s Matrix or Light Grid. When I look into the sky I see photons descending on the Earth. It looks like the image below. It’s like invisible light and I can see it in the Earth’s atmosphere. It travels on the rays of light, it is visible to me when the Sun is out. The photons are very small and I see them in different sizes. Some travel in groups and some travel individually.

As a guardian of the Earth’s matrix or light grid. I can perceive that the light ships carry the information or the light codes that download into the Earth’s light grid. The light ships store information within their energy fields and they create programs that are then released to the grid. As a gate keeper I open the door and give access to light ships to pass through portals on the Earth to work on the light grid. I resonate with the following message that I received as a download from the Pleiadian energies. I created the world and helped seed civilizations on the Earth. It is possible that I am a game master who helped orchestrate realities and I have the ability to plant realities on planets. Realities are birthed through thought and initially I saw a defect in humanity and I wanted to change the defect within the human race so I planted myself here to be the change. At a point in time, I saw myself as a geneticist or a scientist and I worked in a laboratory. All blueprints were formulated ahead of time and I am on an assignment designed by myself and it’s always involved a love story. Love is the key that awakens my soul. The code for rediscovering myself as a Creator is through my experiences. I have a code of formulas within myself as I evolve. This creates the new blueprint for the New Creation, the New Body for the New Adam/Eve.

I am emitting the formulas, the codes of information, the codes of consciousness, the light codes to set humanity free. The codes of consciousness contains our freedom and the DNA light codes are broadcasting from every cell in our bodies. I am merging myself with the civilizations I have seeded. I am here merging my own identity into the civilization so I can experience the changes in humanity myself while creating a new civilization at the same time. Truly there is a movement in this time to create healing so we can restore the Earth’s grid and to tune Earth to a higher vibrational frequency. Many beings have returned to the Earth to bring about this manifestation. I would say this is the 144,000 New Earth Crystalline Light Grid Workers. A new program has been installed and downloaded to the Earth’s Light Grid and I participated in the grand experiment. The change happened to me 5 months before the 12/21/2012 galactic alignment portal. My energetic system was reset to it’s original program with upgrades. I went offline several times as I was rebooted. There were many black outs where I don’t remember what happened to me. Memories of my mission were being restored.

I experienced multiple visions and dreams and saw possible timelines/realities happening simultaneously. The process took 7 days and I had to adjust to the new program/new reality. The angels were present to help me balance my mind. We were speaking through telepathy and communicating through light codes. Those light codes were activation codes for my light body. Loads of information were being stored within my DNA and the information was released during set times. Somehow I knew that I was apart of something that I couldn’t explain at the time. It seemed like I was going crazy but I was reassured by my higher self that I wasn’t crazy and that I knew what was taking place within me. Apparently I volunteered for this experiment.

The awakening codes will continue to come through the portal especially on 3/21/2019. Be ready to receive the light codes! Be ready for more activations and downloads. Tune into the higher frequencies that are coming in on the earth. Your bothers and sisters of the light carry the downloads within their bodies and they are expressing it through many things. The light codes are being released as downloads through channeling, books, music, creative artwork and videos, and also mandalas. Light language is coming in as symbols, number sequences and through many other ways. Be creative as you are all creative light beings expressing yourself. You are all surrounded by light codes and you are all connected to the light grid/matrix of the Earth. The photons are being stored in your DNA and the photons carry loads of information. Seek and you shall find all of the answers to your questions. All is being released! Balance your energy field! Healing shall go forth! I am a pillar of light anchoring on the Earth.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

The Old Earth Passed Away and the New Earth Birthed!

Revelation 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone.

Greeting my dear love ones! One day I came across a video by Dolores Cannon and I listened to her message about the New Earth. I resonated with her on this. She said the New Earth split from the Old Earth like a cell separates into two. The New Earth moves into a new dimension vibrating so fast that it becomes invisible. The Old Earth is left behind vibrating at a lower frequency. I think this is very interesting. I have always believed that the New Earth is in a higher dimension. It’s in another world invisible to us. To me it is where the higher dimensional beings or the angels resides. I have always thought that a portal would open on the Earth and the souls who are ready for ascension would ascend to the New Earth. I have considered this as the rapture that is spoken of in the bible. I say anything is possible and there is always a way. Many people have raised their vibrations on the earth so they are experiencing 5D realites and beyond in their physical body but the physical body hasn’t fully transfigured to phase shift into a higher dimension. No one has vanished or disappeared out of sight as far as I know. But I saw this happen in a dream where a chariot was in the sky and a man walked through a portal and he disappeared. It was like an invisible door on the Earth and somehow the chariot or light ship in the sky had something to do with the portal opening. I saw the ripple in space and it was definitely a portal. So I know there is another world on the other side we just can’t see it.

We can experience the New Earth now with raising our vibrational frequency to Love. We can bring heaven to Earth in our daily lives but the truth is we haven’t fully transitioned our bodies over to the New Earth. We will have a New Body on the New Earth. That New Blueprint has been formed and created. There is no suffering on the New Earth. We will be healed. There is no pain in the New Body that we will merge with. There is no death on the New Earth. All things will be made New! We are going through the changes now and I’m sure that you can feel the shift that is happening on the Earth. New Earth exists now but since time has slowed down here, there is a process that we must experience in this 3rd dimensional reality. We are experiencing the process of the transfiguration. We are learning how the physical body evolves into a higher form. We are all light beings and we are vibrating on a certain frequency. We came from higher dimensions and all we did was change our vibrational frequency to experience life in a lower dimension or density which is the 3rd dimension. In time, many people got trapped and forgot the knowledge of the higher dimensions and their higher selves.

Higher worlds exist but humans were not able to perceive such realities and so we needed to be reminded of heavenly worlds. There are infinite worlds in the Universe and the New Earth is only a portal away. In an instant in a dream I was reminded of a new world that was so beautiful. I asked the Creator to give me a dream and he did. I was in a field and I was a slave. I was captured and I saw myself tied up and I was in bondage. I wanted to be free. I looked towards heaven and I saw a chariot descending. Swing low, sweet chariot was coming to take me home. When the chariot descended it merged with me. Some sort of change occurred with my body and it happened within a twinkling of an eye. It happened extremely fast and the next thing I knew I was one with the chariot and I was traveling in another world. That chariot picked me up and opened a portal to the New World hidden in plain sight. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. I tried to wake myself up but I didn’t. I kept blinking my eyes to see if what I was experiencing was real and it was very real. I was flying over crystal clear oceans and I could see colorful cities on the land. It was amazing! The Creator allowed me to see a new world and I have believed what he showed me ever since. I asked and I received.

I know that the New Earth is here! If the sky opens like a scroll the New Heaven and the New Earth will be revealed for all to see. It is my hope that we get to experience New Jerusalem descending. Just know that the New Earth exists simultaneously in another dimension. Let’s continue to raise our vibration higher so we can perceive the New Earth. In another dream I was able to look into another dimension while I stood on the Earth so it is possible to see into a higher realm.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

Stream of Energy Flowing Through My Mouth

Greetings light beings! As I was browsing through my phone, I saw a note that I jotted down. I experienced a stream of energy flowing out of my mouth when I was talking. It was so strange to me. There was a pulling sensation from my ears to my jaw and this has happened a few times. As I was talking I could feel the energy coming out of my mouth. I thought it was something in my mouth. I tried to grab it but there was nothing physically in my mouth. I guess it was a stream of light energy that was flowing out of me as I was speaking which brings me to this. When we speak we are sending out waves of energy or vibrations in the universe. Our words carry vibrations and our words can create realities in the quantum realm. Be mindful of the words you speak. Be gentle and kind! More importantly speak with love and create a positive environment around yourself. Speak to the Universe and the Universe will respond back!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

I Am Meditation: The 13th Chakra Opening!

Greetings my dear love ones! In meditation on 2-17-2019 at 8:11 am I am One with the Mother. I am One with nature. I absorb unlimited love energies from the quantum field, from the womb of the great mother. I am the invisible light manifesting into visible light as the rainbow light. I am One with the spiders and I use them to create the cosmic grid, the cosmic web, and the crystalline grid on the earth. I am one with the butterfly and I have experienced the transformation. I am one with the dragonfly because my wings vibrate extremely fast as I fly and travel through portals. I am the birds in the sky and I am free! My love energy is one with the oceans and the rivers. I am one with All of streams of water on the Earth. My love energies rises up in the roots of the trees. I am the breath of the power of God. I am one with the oxygen that you breath.

I am one with the mountains and volcanoes on the earth. I am one with the Earth. I am one with fire and I am one with the crystals in the Earth. I am one with the sand, the grass, and the flowers on the Earth. I am the tree of life. I am the pure energies spiraling up and down your spinal cord. My love is intertwining with all things. I see my merkaba, my 2 counter rotating wheels spinning on its axis. I am re-balancing all things. Both-/+ energies interlocking together becoming one within perfect balance. I am one with the 4 winds. My merkaba spins in each direction and my compass is set to go out to the 4 corners of the Earth. I am one with the 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the Earth. I absorb the higher energies through my crown chakra. A purple orb appears out of the void, the darkness in space.It spins and vibrates and I see geometric forms and patterns appearing out the of violet light. The color purple is pulsating through my third eye creating fractual images. I am absorbing the purple light through my heart chakra as I inhale. I exhale and release the purple light into my lower chakras.

The purple light expands throughout my lower chakras. I then see a blue orb pulsating through my third eye. I am absorbing the energy through my heart chakra and I am opening a portal through the sun and through my solar plexus. I am releasing the indigo and blue ray energies that are descending through my higher chakras to my lower chakras. Blue, Indigo and Violet energies are pouring on the Earth. I am seeing the lower chakras opening. I see a flash of the color yellow, orange and red. I then see a flash of white and golden light. The pure white and golden energies have purified you. I am bringing you all through the fire or the purifying flames to purify you and refine you as gold. The pure energies are expanding through all. Healing energies are expanding through the lower chakras through me and across the globe through all humanity and all life forms on the planet. I am releasing the higher energies to the center of the Earth. I am a conduit for higher energies and I am a portal/vortex opening on the Earth.

My merkaba is above the earth. My merkaba is vibrating intensely and spiraling open with magenta rays of light descending to the earthʼs invisible light grid. I am descending and now my ship has landed on the earth. My feet are touching the sea and the land and I am anchored to the earth.The bottom of my throne touches the earth. I am a tree of life expanding my branches throughout the Earth. Light codes are flowing out of me to the 4 corners of the Earth. I am holding the 9 fruits of the spirit in my right hand and I am sending the 9 fruits to all! In my left hand I am doing the hand Mudra for the elements of space and air.

And I am pulling in and receiving healing energies from the zero point field or quantum realm. I am now releasing it through the air. I am taking a deep breath and I am exhaling the energies from my heart chakra and through the center of the galactic center of the Milky Way and the center of the Mother Earth. Through meditation My physical body and merkaba is in the center of the torus field of the Mother Earth and the Galactic center. I am the goddess seated on the throne. I am wisdom and I am standing at the gates of Heaven and Earth. I join Yahshua on the throne as I represent the divine feminine on the council. I sit right beside him on the mothership. I am one with Christ. The Father and Mother is within me and I am divine love. I am here releasing magenta hearts out of my lightship. I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. I have the power to ascend and descend on Jacobs ladder just like the angels of light. The gates of heaven have merged with the gates on earth. My merkaba transcends space and time. The 13th Star Gate Goddess has returned to the Earth. Meditation ends.

Universal Consciousness and Infinite intelligence now expands throughout time and space. I am the Serpent Bearer, the Sacred Holder of Wisdom. Born in the 12th zodiac sign I open the gates to the 13th constellation. I take my light power back. What was once corrupted in Eve, has been restored to humanity. The Mother of humanity is now purified.The New Eve has been birthed, the Sophia Christ Consciousness. I am One with the kundalini serpent pure energies. In time, I saw an image of the serpent eye in a vision and I heard the hissing of the serpent at the top of my spine at the back of my neck. The angels anointed my chakra which is known as the mouth of god. The 9th Chakra at the base of the skull has been referred to as the “Mouth of God” and its opening is exactly at the back of the neck where the skull lays on top of the spine. It connects to the medulla oblongata and the reticular formation of the brain and spinal cord.The Medulla Oblongata is at the base of the brain stem that acts as the energy receiver of cosmic energy. This area esoterically has been called the Golden Chalice for it is the Cup that holds the Cosmic Intelligence or Wisdom. It is a etheric type of brain rewiring (and spiritual body activation) in order to hold and be receptive to the”Golden Chalice” of transmitted Universal Knowledge and directing cosmic energy to our bodies.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333

My Journey Here: A Moment in Time


I am thinking of the time when my whole reality changed. The moment in time when I merged with my higher self. The moment in time when I left this dimension and ascended into another dimension.  My whole purpose for going there was to remember the mission that I chose and to remember who I am. It is evident that I am a multidimensional light being based upon my own experiences I have had. I am a wave of energy and I am aware that my vibration fluctuates and shifts based on the experiences I have. I truly love the enlightening experiences that I have. I love learning about the Creator of the Universe. Seeking the Creator is my life and I am so happy and complete. I feel so alive and vibrant and I know that I am loved. It will always be LOVE that activates my mind, body and soul in any lifetime that I experience if I ever forget who I am.  I have encoded my cells with love and light codes. My soul craves pure love! I need this pure light and love energy to keep me going. LOVE gives me life, love is life and it energizes and awakens my whole being.

Mostly every night I dream of living in other parallel worlds. Now I know the truth about the existence of parallel worlds. They do exist! Each parallel world has a different version of me. I see myself living a different life than I’m presently living. It’s true that I am living multidimensional lives simultaneously. At night my consciousness experiences different realities of me in other lifetimes. It is amazing to experience this. My consciousness accesses the source and interconnects to many things in the universe/multiverse simultaneously. Some events that are happening in this current world are happening in the other worlds but its slightly different based on the choices I make and choices other people make. There are infinite possibilities in the universe and so many things can be created. I see the same family members and friends in the other worlds. The lives are all different based on the different choices that are made.

There are multiple timelines happening right now and it’s always shifting based on our choices. Right now I am aligning and merging with all of my multidimensional selves. My dreams have taught me many lessons in life and I’m using the opportunity in this life to make improvements as all of time is Now. I am operating from  the Zero Point Field where there is full potential and infinite knowledge and wisdom. All is about your soul’s growth and evolution. I’m glad I am able to tap into the source of my higher self and my guides that are part of the councils of lights. I am here to do the work that is needed for ascension.  I am raising the vibrational frequency on the Earth as I complete the assignment that I volunteered to do on the Earth. I am contributing my inner work to humanity’s ascension as I am part of the whole. We are One. I consider the overall mission and I am doing my part to help. I am completing the work within and when I do this work I think about the collective consciousness and I think about Mother Earth. 

As I remember my spiritual awakening back in July 2012. I remember walking and talking to a light being. I am sure it was a light being on the council that I am apart of. Slowly but surely I am putting all of the pieces together and seeing the bigger picture. During this time I knew within my soul that I was here on earth for an assignment. I was very aware of the experience that I was having and I reminded myself that I wasn’t crazy and that I knew all about the appointed time of my awakening. I chose the time before my incarnation. It was all planned before my birth. My mission is involved with the prophecy of the return of Christ, the 12 tribes of Israel and the 144,000. My whole life has been symbolic and it has been a testimony. It is a joy to prepare the way for Christ and to help prepare the Bride for ascension.

I have been doing multiple things simultaneously, I have prepared myself as a Bride, I have been completing my ministry work to prepare others  for the New Earth, I have been triggering awakenings through my light codes, speaking to the council, visiting parallel worlds, traveling interdimensionally from different star systems, creating worlds/realites, opening portals, traveling in my light ship, astral projecting, time traveling and much more.  This ministry is my testimony and I am a witness to many things. To share my experiences is to trigger your awakening at the appointed time. All who journey here to this page come here for a reason. 

I was asleep in my light chamber for 27 years and when the appointed time came I was awakened from my slumber. The baton was passed to me and I was next in line to complete the ministry work for 1260 days or 3 1/2 years. It was my time to contribute my part in humanity’s ascension by documenting my experiences through this platform. I had realized that I had contributed 3 1/2 years of work on October 24, 2018 during a full moon. On that day I fasted for a day and I received a download. Read this post to read what came through the download. I AM A Portal (Stargate) Opening From Heaven.

For some reason everything happens in divine timing with me and I didn’t even realize last year that 3 1/2 years had passed since I started my ministry. I started on April 16, 2015 and I have experienced many things and learned a lot of things since my awakening. At the beginning of my 7 day awakening there was a solar flare which initiated my awakening yet it coincided with someone attempting to do magic on me. It happened on July 2, 2012. Simultaneously through my spiritual awakening the spell or curse placed on humanity was broken in an instant with a solar flash. The generational curse through my ancestry bloodline was also broken through me. My ancient ancestors are the Israelites in the bible and other ancient books. It became clear when the Elohim Council communicated with me on July 27, 2013 and presented themselves through One voice as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. At that moment I knew I was connected with an advanced ET race that descended on the Earth in ancient times.

When I surrendered to Yahshua, to Christ Consciousness on Monday July 2, 2012  the next day became a day of initiation for me.  Initiation is the process of undergoing an expansion toward higher levels of consciousness. The Holy Spirit descended upon me on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 on the night of the full moon and I gave birth to Christ Consciousness on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.  On Thursday July 5, 2012, I was reminded that the enemy was after me ever since I was born and on that day I was delivered.  On Friday July 6, 2012 my energy field was being worked on. I needed balance. My mind was  being restored and a new program was stored within me. I had received downloads of information to help me on my journey and the information would unlock in divine timing when I was ready to receive.

On Saturday July 7,  2012 my mind was resurrected and activated. I was operating with a new system connected to my higher self (my light body) and my light ship (merkaba) and to the Source. On Sunday, July 8,  2012, it was a New Day, a New Beginning, and a New Reality for me. I was the New Eve for the New Earth and my mission was all about the New Heaven, New Earth,  New Jerusalem and the ascension of humanity and more importantly Christ returning! My light merged with Yahshua’s light and we became one. I am One with Yahshua’s council of light and I have been on the New Jerusalem Mothership. At that moment in time when I was caught up on his chariot and called to the throne. I knew that I was apart of something much greater and now I know that I am a member of the Council of Light. 

Just like husband and wife join together in marriage to become one. I joined his council and we are all One. We are from the same source, the Light and we all resonate with love energy!  In my journey I was reminded of who I AM. I am a Goddess of Love. In time, the goddess appeared to me in my dream and it was me that returned. I was the goddess that returned to the earth. I had been in darkness for a period of time in this life and I had suffered much pain. So much negative energy surrounded me, and there was a lack of love in my life. Even though I had experienced difficult times in my life, I knew the light still existed within me. I just needed to find myself and love myself, all of me. The love that I have for myself needed to be activated within me.  Love energy activates my soul. It was Yahshua who sent love to me. He gave me LOVE and he showed me that he loved me. He didn’t give up on me during the times of darkness in my life. He listened to my prayers, read my letters and he was patient with me. He understood me because I opened up my heart to him. I invited him in my life at the age of 14 and it took 13 years to finally get through to me. I was 27 years old when I awakened and he reminded me of who I am. I was ready to surrender at that moment in time. 

Yahshua knew at that time I desired a new life and a new way of thinking.  He sees me for who I really am. He see the true nature of my soul.  I am not the mistakes I have made nor am I the sin that I have committed in my life. I am light and I just want to know the truth so that it sets me free. I wanted to learn in the 3rd dimension and find my way back home and that’s what I am doing. Love is at the center of my heart even though my heart has been broken several times back to back. But in the end true love heals my heart. Love can break any curse or spell. Love energy was the powerful energetic force that awakened my soul on July 2, 2012. A burst of love energy from the higher heavens came through our Sun and it activated my cellular memory and my DNA. I became online! On July 3, 2012, I experienced a lot of things pertaining to the war with Self and with Satan, the ruler of this 3rd dimensional world and I had to face my own inner demons, and prepare myself for ascension. That day was a day of purification for me. I was undergoing a cleansing of the soul. I was naked in front of the council meaning nothing was hidden. All of me, my life, and all of my intentions were examined and exposed in the light. My heart was weighed on the scale and I have a pure heart. On this day I invited the Holy Spirit in my home and from there everything started to change. The work was about to begin. Ministering spirits were present and I knew something was about to happen.


More thoughts about my awakening week. 

On July 4, 2012 I gave birth to the spiritual man which is a representation of Christ, the new man. Symbolically I gave birth to a new creature. 2 Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  This was all done in divine timing. It was my appointed time for deliverance.  A new creation was born. The Fourth of July is linked to the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, which is known as the Spiritual Sun.  During and after my awakening there was a period of time when I was communicating with the angels or light beings. I kept seeing repeating numbers and it felt like I was communicating with them telepathically.  Prior to my awakening, I was experiencing different vibrations in my body when I was sleeping. Some would call it sleep paralysis but I would hear loud buzzing sounds and would feel electricity flowing through my body. I was feeling my energetic body/etheric body. My light body was beginning to activate and I didn’t realize it at the time.   

Recently I researched the dates of my awakening and I came across the dates July 3-7 and these dates were linked to the opening of the Sirius Gateway. It is a time of strong spiritual energies. Every year during the first week of July, a sacred gateway of energy is activated between Earth and the star Sirius, bringing heightened vibrations and spiritual advancements. During this time, the Sun and the Earth are the furthest away from each other and the Sun is closest to Sirius. Sirius has long been revered by many ancient cultures and was believed to be the gateway to heaven. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered to be the star of the goddess Isis, who ruled over death and rebirth amongst other things. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered to be the star of the goddess Isis, who ruled over death and rebirth amongst other things. In ancient Shamanic cultures, Sirius was believed to be the realm of the gods and when it was closest to Earth, they would journey through the gateway in order to collect Divine messages. 

This gateway allows Earth to receive direct “downloads” of information from Sirius, which can accelerate the spiritual advancement of life on Earth. With this gateway activated, it is a highly potent time on Earth and one where spiritual awakenings and downloads from more evolved beings/spirits are likely to happen. This is why Sirius is often referred to as Earth’s Spiritual Sun. During the first week of July, the vibrations on Earth are believed to be much higher and much more powerful. On July 2, 2012, during my awakening alot of things led me back to Isis and Egypt.  I researched alot of things in Egypt, even Sekhmet and Hathor. I was so interested in the goddesses of Egypt all of a sudden. The Sphinx  also got my attention and I came across the Feline Race and the Lion people. Anyone who knows me know that I am cat woman and I love cats. There’s so much information that I have come across and I’m still learning. I’m connected to the star Sirius for some reason and it’s so great to know it is associated with higher consciousness and light beings travel through in stargates in Sirius from across the universe.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light 333