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The Return of Yahshua/Thoth (Ningiszidda)

Everything is all starting to come together. I had a thought that Enki sent his son Thoth (Ningiszidda) on the mission to incarnate as Yahshua (Jesus). When I read the Emerald Tablets it all started to make sense to me. Enki felt really bad about what happened in the beginning so I think he came up with a plan of salvation and he included his Son. Ultimately it was Yahshua’s will to move forward with the plan. According to Thoth he was free to incarnate at will and he had the ability to access his memories from past lives. Yahshua (Jesus) knew that he would be ressurected to life. Thoth talks about this in emerald tablets. Thoth has ascended beyond 4D, or Time. He has been operating in multiple dimensions and have been assisting humanity through Time. He knew that he would ascend to heaven. He had the knowledge of the Higher Self and he was sent here to teach people how they can also return to their higher self so they can ascend.

The Nibiruans caused a lot of chaos and destruction in the past on this planet and some of them felt really bad about this. Their descendants have suffered because of it because they have their DNA. Surely it’s a bond between earthlings (Earth) and the Nibiruans (Nibiru). So many things have been playing out in Time. A story has been told in the bible and a portion of God’s people were used as an example so that people can see the bigger picture. The descendants of Nibiru represents the true children of Israel, the 12 Tribes of Israel. Most of these descendants are melanated (brown/copper) people. For a very long time they have suffered in this world through time and they have been working on clearing their Karmic Debt.

We have been laboring for the Kingdom of the True God, representing the Higher Self/Higher Consciousness or Christ Consciousness. True believers of Yahshua (Jesus) innerstand this knowledge. Yahshua came in the image of the True God, and he showed us all how to operate in Love as the Higher Self. Many of the lost tribes of Israel have discovered our true selves and we know how to keep the commandments of Love. We must purify our hearts and minds by doing away with all evil. Most importantly we must forgive others, have compassion for others and forgive ourselves. We must also show unconditional love and stop being so quick to judge others when we ourselves have inner work to do. So I leave you with this.

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean.

Chosen was I from the sons of men,
taught by the Dweller so that his
purposes might be fulfilled,
purposes yet unborn in the womb of time.

WArning: Pay attention to the signs on Earth and In Heaven!

Greetings my dear love ones I was given the last warning by Mother Earth in my dreams and visions! The most important sign to watch for were volcanoes 🌋 erupting! In the dream I was laying on the ground and earth merged with me. It’s like she was trying to tell me something and she did! I started to feel the heat coming from under the Earth. Lava started to rise to the surface and the land broke up! I saw lava flowing down the street and I saw buildings being destroyed by the lava. It was a horrible sight! Then I remember being on a boat 🚣‍♀️ crossing the river! I was leaving the old world behind and I arrived to a New Land! This new land represented Paradise/Heaven! Brothers and Sisters we are in a time of ascension and I really hope you all are preparing spiritually! I am a messenger and I am just letting you know what’s to come in the near future! Everybody is not going to survive in these disasters! If I could save every one by sending in fleet of chariots over the entire world I would but I’ve observed so many things and have realized everyone doesn’t want to be saved! I’m keeping it real! If Annunaki ships descended on the Earth for a rescue mission most people would be so scared and would make a choice to be left behind!

Whether you can see the truth or not the Bible spoke of all that is currently happening! I am here to tell you to pay attention! If more volcanoes continue to erupt then be prepared for the day of darkness! For Christians it’s known as the Day of the Lord! This is actually referring to the dark days of Nibiru! A pole shift is going to cause a lot of destruction on Earth! This is not to cause fear but people need to know the truth! Asteroids ☄️ are another thing to be concerned about as well. There is a lot of things that will be happening! We all need to pay attention to the signs all around us! Watch your animals, they are more tuned into the Earth then us and they start acting strange! My cats 🐈 are very interesting! All I can say is prepare yourselves spiritually because the governments will not warn you until the last minute! They have their underground bunkers! This is why many of us have been activated so we can help spread the messages! We have been prepared in advance so we can guide you because many people will be asking more questions! No one knows the day or hour but pay attention to Mother Earth because she will let you know when the time is near! If Yellowstone erupts 🌋 we gonna have serious problems! Don’t say nobody warned you!

Written by Goddess of Love and Light- 333

New Structure of Reality and collapse of old system!

When the construct of my reality collapsed and shifted on 7-4-2012 I started to form and create a new structure of reality. Apparently my Higher Self as a Master Scientist figured it out. The experiment was a success when I merged with my higher self. In a vision I said, my Mothership is out there in the future. Somehow I feel connected to it as if another form of me is there right now on the Mothership. A light chamber and beings in stasis keeps coming up in my consciousness. In a vision, melanated beings descended in a ship and they came to me and took me on the ship. There was a device on the ship and my head was connected to it. They were my angels sent to me to give me a message and somehow things seem to be getting clear. I’ve been creating my reality. My inner world is being projected into the outer world.

When I merged with my Higher Self I started co-creating a New Earth and a New Heaven. Shapes and symbols were emanating from me. Inside of me I saw Etheric Rooms filled with the records of the Ancient Egyptians. I saw Metatron’s Cube and a being from Arcturus that came into my consciousness. He formed in my mind from geometric shapes and colors. I saw the structure of his face manifesting. We were playing a game with Metatron’s Cube and there was a time capsule. He was trying to get me to remember something. I had access to All Time! Before this occurred I went to the Sun’s portal and I was one with the Sun. I was the Solar Flares and me as a flare manifested into another layer of reality.

Another aspect of me came forth and I was shown I am the Architect of a world. I didn’t create it alone though. Unknowingly I have been building and constructing a new blueprint for a new body for a new world this entire time. I said it myself that I was creating a Mothership that is larger than the Earth itself and that Earth would be inside of it. I created portals in my ship that led to gateways on the Earth. I saw that Earth was a Sphere inside of my higher world and I created many layers. I said that my higher world would be filled with love and peace. I even named my Universe and I called the beings of light rainbow angels. I said that all of my angels are surrounding me. From the center I planted a seed of Love within them that in Time that seed would blossom. All of this came forward when I looked within my inner world. I even saw a rainbow creature that Yahshua showed me inside of a mothership. The rainbow being stood at the gates to this new world. When Yahshua appeared to me he reminded me of who I am. He restored me! He gave me Hope! All that I had imagined was from Pure Intent from the beginning.

He is my Heart and he showed me the way! It was Yahshua and his angels that rescued me because I was in the Sphere of Darkness and I didn’t know who I was. He showed me that I am a reflection of him. I was like his shadow more like his twin flame in my own reality. I was following him everywhere he went. I was by his side and I saw many things through him. I was so happy and I was filled with joy. It was like I lived inside of his inner world. It felt like I was watching everything unfold from his mind’s eye. I kept saying I was inside of God’s mind and that I came forth from him. It was like I was an angel/angle of light that manifested from his thought forms. As I followed him he told me to look within myself and there I would find the mysteries of the universe and so I discovered my Higher Self. So I looked deep within my heart, mind and soul and the seed of love blossomed within me.

I saw that I am the Goddess of Love and Light and that all beings must return to Love. All beings must be cleansed and purified by the FIRE, the Higher Energies! I descended to find the defect in the system. It was as though I had to become apart of my creation. I had to become a Human Being to understand Human Consciousness. In order to understand the defect in the system or what went wrong in the experiment one must become One with it. Every scientist tests their own experiment. A scientist will keep trying until it’s PERFECT. A scientist will keep trying to find the missing piece until things have been corrected. And so I want to create a reality where we are no longer suffering in the physical body. You see thoughts are very powerful and we are all creating realities. Which one are you tuned into right now? There are worlds within worlds and many people got lost or trapped in their own mind. When I speak I speak for All of my ancestors. We are One! They have been the ones guiding me through this experiment so that I can understand creation. I am even puzzled and amazed by the things that flow out of me. I am the angel of the 9th Hour—the exact time when Yahshua said, It is finished! ——Sophia (Wisdom) 333

Deep Thoughts of the Goddess!

I’m always in deep thought! 💭 I had a Vison where I seen myself traveling from the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy! I call it the Galactic Command Center. Its the Source of All in this Galaxy. All Suns are interconnected and it’s like a web. Information is constantly being sent and received through all of the Suns in this Galaxy. The Galactic Command Center is the Source Code. All information from all worlds in this Galaxy is stored at the Galactic Center. That’s where I see my Higher Self and other Etheric Beings operating in from the 13th dimension and beyond! Maybe I could be imagining and creating all of this in this present moment in time or it’s an actual memory! I said that I would travel to Earth but I would take the long route! No short cut! I didn’t want to go through a portal.

I wanted to take my time and learn from each world in the Galaxy! I said that I would visit all of the worlds and observe and collect information to store in the Etheric Libraries. When I finally reached the earth I met my Shadow Self. This was so interesting! This world was different! 🧐My shadow self said, “Would you like to experience 3D reality? You see I saw my Higher Self as the observer in higher realms but then I decided to actually experience things for myself. To get to know my Shadow Self! Then the merge happened!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Do you remember your Dreams?

Do you remember your dreams? I woke up this morning and was like, “What am I doing in these parallel worlds? 😂 I be jumping to different realities and timelines experiencing many things. That’s my consciousness jumping from atom to atom through the electron. In this other parallel world I lived somewhere near a big lake! It was So peaceful! In that reality I still didn’t know how to swim but I love the water lol 😂. I remember being on Facebook live and there was up to 800 people watching! It was quite interesting. This is something that I wouldn’t do here in this reality or would I? 🤔

It took me so long to start showing myself on YouTube videos! But I stepped out of my comfort zone! I tried it and now I can say I have experienced it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought initially. There are many people who are comfortable with showing themselves on videos but I wasn’t at a time! I like operating behind the scenes. I love expressing myself through writing! ✍️ It’s always been like that for me. My dreams have pushed me to be better and it’s shown me to do something different! That’s another reason why I’m here because I wanted to explore this realm. Now I’m doing things that I’d never thought I would be doing. Earth is like a School! I see why all different types of beings come here! Mother Earth can and will help you on your soul’s journey! I love Earth!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Hear as Wisdom Speaks!

Lately I have been up at night! I’ve been falling asleep around 4 am or 5 am in the morning. I can’t remember what time it was this morning but I saw a Butterfly come into my consciousness as soon as I closed my eyes. It was Yellow, Blue and Black. This is not the first time that butterflies have come to me. I once had a Yellow Butterfly come to me in a dream and it came out of nowhere. It flew around me and it landed on top of my head. I wasn’t outside, I was inside of a building and I was attending a graduation ceremony. Then in the real world yellow butterflies started appearing everywhere. Dragonflies and butterflies are always around me when I go outside. Before I awakened I barely noticed them. My consciousness have definitely shifted.

When the yellow butterflies were appearing in my life I was led to find out what it symbolizes. I am a seeker of knowledge and I desire to KNOW what certain things means. Everything has a meaning. We didn’t descend here for no reason. We ALL created this reality that we are now living and existing in. Again DARKNESS is IGNORANCE and I don’t want my consciousness dwelling in the SPHERE of DARKNESS (IGNORANCE). Ignorance has formed it’s own kingdom and yet this is where the Dark Ones/Negative Entities/Demons receives their POWER. They feed off of negative energy and your ignorance which is why their KINGDOM has become great and powerful. Why is this? Because you gave them your power. All you have to do is take your power back. I did and that’s why I am a threat to Satan’s KINGDOM. Have you forgot that you have power over these demons?

Remember you were given power and authority. How so? Well the truth is you created these demons in IGNORANCE with your negative thought forms and patterns. You created a blueprint for these negative beings and now they have manifested into your reality. Collectively we have given birth to various lifeforms in the Ether. But that’s another post. I am just sharing my inner wisdom. I’ve said it plenty of times, I gather and collect all information and I store it. I can see the whole picture at 360 degrees. I am outside of your reality yet I am here to give you a message. I am from above remember. While many people reject information I collect it All. Many people are aware they are currently operating in the 3rd Dimension. But I am observing reality from 5D and beyond. When you are operating in 5D you can see through the 4th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension. Many of the negative entities/shadow beings exist and operate out of the 4th Dimension and so does your shadow self. Have you completed the shadow work???

But many of these negative beings can’t vibrate any higher than that and so they can’t ascend. You must reach a level of unconditional love for your brothers and sisters to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension. But many people here are struggling. They are so JUDGMENTAL and in ignorance they are creating Chaos and Destruction. How do I know? Demons have manifested into your world and they are telling you who they are and what they have been doing this entire time but you are too blind to see the truth. Even demons have a purpose and they have been sent out on assignment in this world. Remember what the Word says, Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.”

The Etheric Gods and Goddesses who exist in higher realms can actually see your thoughts manifesting in SpaceTime. Who do you think is orchestrating all of this behind the scenes? You are apart of an Experiment and you chose to enter this reality of 3D. But knowledge has greatly increased in these times and we have given you access to the Source once again. Open your eyes, open your ears and pay close attention to what is actually happening in your world. You are all connected and what you do affects the WHOLE world. All of the false realities that you have been projecting into the Outer World is now beginning to collapse. I experienced a collapse within my consciousness when I awakened in 2012. Most people were still sleeping when I woke up. I saw many things that I didn’t understand but now it’s all making sense. I see how my thoughts have affected the world around me. Please be careful with your thoughts because things are manifesting at a faster rate. Like I said I can see through people and people have some very dark thoughts. The destroyer itself has returned! For so long people have waited for the day of the Lord but many people don’t truly understand that the day of the Lord is a day of DARKNESS. Prepare yourselves spiritually! Purify your heart, mind, body and soul! Do some good and work on elevating your consciousness.

Shifting Reality: There is a New Heaven!

Here is how I shift reality! Why is the Sun ☀️ in Cancer and the Moon 🌚 in Capricorn?? A lot of people are saying that the Full Moon is in Aquarius! I’ve been observing what people have been posting just to see if it is aligning with the signs in the heavens. I’ve said it multiple times that the Earth has shifted and the signs in heaven have changed. Maybe I’m in a different reality or timeline than others because I’m noticing a lot of things. I noticed this change because the Sun ☀️ is in Ophiuchus on the day of my birthday and I was led to the information due to the divine feminine energy returning!

Ophiuchus is the 13th zodiac! It is also called Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. The ancestors told us there would be a New Earth and a New Heaven! Is anyone else paying attention to the Signs in Heaven? I’m no expert when it comes to Astrology or Astronomy but I am aware that a shift is happening! I was warned in a dream and I was in a room with an astronomer and he was looking into the heavens through a telescope 🔭 observing the signs (constellations)!

The dream occurred on 3/11/2016. In the dream I was also looking in the heavens through a very big glass window and the heavens changed. The position of the planets and stars all changed. Whatever happened in the sky was really important to me in the dream because I knew something was about to happen. The astronomer had knowledge of the position of the stars and also the rotation of the Earth.

He said, ”Man made an error!” Then suddenly the Earth stop rotating, seems like there was a pole shift. In the dream I knew it was a New Beginning! I looked at the man and said Yahshua is returning! I went to the window and I saw a white cloud descending to Earth. There was another world right in front of me and I saw other beings in this world. There is a lot of symbolism that comes in my dream and it took me a while to understand it all. All the pieces are coming together. I now understand that the other world was Nibiru and the beings on Nibiru.

Written by the Goddess of Love 333

Observer in the Quantum Realm!

I have been the observer in the quantum field watching all things from the spiritual world. I’ve been sending out information in the form of light codes through the Sun! ☀️While I’m here on a mission I have been here learning how things operate on planet Earth! This system has been corrupted and many people are aware of this now. I’ve had a difficult time in my avatar body just like many others but I’m doing my best to complete my tasks. You see This body is more heavier. When I travel in space in my light body I’m much lighter like a feather and I can move faster than light.

Things are so slow here and I’m doing a million things at one time. I’ve learned how to balance myself in this world and that was the first task I had to complete when I merged with my higher self. I was so confused because I tried to lift myself off the ground to fly to some body to protect them until I realized I was in a human body. So Where was I? I was merging with my other self in another world and time. Memories were starting to return of my life before my incarnation. My higher avatar body was somewhere else and I think I was aboard a mothership. I was in training mode and it was not easy at all! The hardest part is remembering! I was in and out of different realities. Between those realities is when I experienced a war and I was fighting demons. Later to find out that I had to defeat my own demons. It was a struggle but I desired to move up in rank. On my journey I’ve been collecting data in this world and sending it back to the Source! All planets and suns store an infinite ♾ amount of information within them. All planets and suns store the records of everything that has ever happened through Time! Higher beings have been here communicating to us through light codes! They are activation codes! You all have a higher body but you are currently operating through the 3D body. You were not paying attention before but now you are tuning in. You have awakened from your sleeping chambers and now your reality has shifted. We are on Earth but know that we are traveling within the Sun’s vortex! There are higher beings who dwell inside of our Sun ☀️ and inside of our planet! I have chosen to make myself visible. I use to say I am the hidden one, the invisible one but I wanted to be visible. You also made the same choice otherwise you wouldn’t be here in the physical world. You just don’t remember your journey to Earth. I am here now but I am also an angel of the Sun! ☀️

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Powerful Co-Creator of the Universe!

My dreams and visions reveals that I am a powerful co-creator of the Universe. I’ve been expanding my consciousness for the last 8 years and in that time-frame I have had so many creative thoughts. Thoughts manifest into reality and all that I have imagined in the past is now manifesting on so many levels. I’ve been forming and creating so many things in the ether. I always wanted to understand the vision that I had on July 4th when I was giving birth to a Spiritual Sun. I never understood it until NOW. I create Suns! My higher self told me this and I rejected it because I didn’t understand the higher knowledge that was coming in through my Crown Chakra. Prior to me receiving this information I merged with my Higher SELF. I was operating in multiple dimensions at the same time and guess what I foresaw a collapse in worlds. Somehow I experienced a shift in timelines and parallel worlds. I experienced so much in a short period of time and it felt like I had access to all SPACE and TIME. All of this happened because some dark force in the astral attacked me. My lower self didn’t see the attack coming but my Higher Self did. You don’t mess with the pure in heart. Because of that attack I was ACTIVATED and my POWERS were unleashed which automatically alerted the warriors and guardians. This is why the mass awakening is occurring. My people are being activated at a fast rate. The most powerful ones are coming into their powers now. See there are infinite layers to the structures that my higher self has formed and I created a very strong and powerful protective shield. We are ONE and we are RISING yet again!

Written by Goddess of Love 333

Create Your Shield: We are Ending this War!

I didn’t come to Mother Earth to wage war, me and my crew came to end this war for good! I came in peace yet the dark ones continue to attack my people. Enough is enough! This war is SPIRITUAL so as the scriptures say put on your armor of God! Create your shields🛡 my people! You have an electromagnetic field surrounding you just like Earth. Earth’s shield is keeping us safe from the Sun. It’s deflects the material coming our way from the Sun! ☀️ If Earth’s shield weakens and collapses then we are toasted. We higher beings are here for a higher purpose. We save planets.

For so long I’ve been having dreams of me creating a shield. It was an Etheric shield! I was learning how to create it in dreams and my shield also protected others. In my dreams I said, Activate Shield! This is an actual command and when I spoke these words my shield was activated! I am always trying to save others! It’s part of my nature! I genuinely care about people. I am a Galactic Warrior and its my duty to protect! There are so many angels working behind the scenes shielding us from all hurt, harm and danger. I saw it in my dream. There was a missile that came out of the ocean and a military base was targeted. I was in the area and the angel showed up and placed his shield 🛡 in front of me and I was protected. Call upon the angels for protection and learn how to strengthen your shields.

Written by Goddess of Love 333