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Heed the Call Guardians Part 2

Feline Warrior

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to provide more insight on my post Calling all Guardians and Heed the Call Guardians.

In Calling All Guardians,  I talk about how  I flew deep into space where there were giant crystal capsules of different colors. At each capsule I entered a code and unlocked my fellow guardian’s capsules. The last capsule I opened had a huge guardian in it. I placed my daughter in his arms and said watch over her.

My fellow guardians were of different shapes, sizes and colors. There was a blue and purple guardian that had gills and fins on their head. Their was a pink guardian that resembled a blow fish he was really big (puffed up). These guardians resembled fish. There was another set of blue and purple guardians that were giants. They were very tall and very muscular.

In 6/4/14 dream – Heed the Call Guardians, I talk about when my female team member and I turned around and headed in the other direction the gates/doors (portals) were opened and guardians and warriors from different worlds, galaxies, universes, etc. entered into the hallway. One of the female guardian commanders came to me and advised that guardians normally do not get involved in each other’s wars; however the command came from someone higher which I believe was from Yahshua. As more guardians and warriors started to arrive we heard banging as if different doors and barriers were being broken down.

I want to let you know that those guardians I saw were bird people. Yes a race of bird people. The ruler/Queen of these guardians had the shape and body type of a human, however she had the face and wings of a bird. She was covered in blue feathers and had the persona of a black woman. The other guardians and warriors had human faces; however they were covered in red, white or blue feathers. Their skin was a burnished brass color. Other guardians came through doors/gates/portals and they were feline beings, fish/marine beings and beings that I cannot even describe. Whether we spoke the same language or not, we were able to understand each other when we spoke.

There are many different beings in the galaxies. We stand together in peace and harmony. We joined together to fight common enemies.

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Written by Brother Whitfield