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Meditation at 8:11 AM on 2/24/19

I saw a blue energy being sitting in a meditation position in space with pure a light merkaba spinning around the being. Orange light orbs were orbiting on a path on each line of the merkaba. I was then in space looking at the earth. I could see the chakra colors aligned above the earth. I saw the earth with rainbow energy moving through the whole earth. The rainbow energy engulfed the whole surface of the earth and then radiated into space.

I then saw a purplish blue cloud mixing with a bright purple light and at the center was a pure white light. The colors circled the white light in an infinite dance as the pure white was drawing me in the pattern like a fractal pattern. I then saw the blue being sitting in the meditation position in space again. A portal of blue and white light energy opened behind the being and engulfed the being in the light. The being then turned into crystallized chakra colors. The being stretched out its hand and sent forth the energy of the portals and chakra energies toward the earth. All energies swirled together and became one as it reached the earth.

I saw myself in a meditation position breathing in the galaxy and exhaling pure light. I saw the galaxy merging into my golden light energy heart star by star. I then was standing above multiple galaxies admiring the pure light energies. I particularly remember 1 blue and 1 purple galaxy that were close in proximity to each other and shined brightly.

I then saw myself deep in space looking at a ball of blue and white energy with a long blue and white energy tail. The whole object pulsated almost like a heartbeat.

Written by the High Commander Guardian Knight