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6/4/14 dream – Heed the Call Guardians

warrior angel of god

Shalom Brother and Sisters! I wanted to provide you with a dream that I had on 6/4/14. I was the commander of an elite squad and each member had unique skills. I was in a research lab, when all of a sudden there were a lot of officers that came running into the room with their weapons. There was a loud banging sound. A guy had gained superhuman powers and was breaking through doors and walls in the research lab (Now the guy who gained the powers was a part of my elite team at one point, however he turned on us and was trying to kill us). Many of the officers had guns and I requested their back up weapons to arm myself. The banging continued and I could hear gunfire in the distance. I tried to hide a female team member of mine behind a machine; however in the end I decided it was better for her to come with me. We started walking up a long hallway. We heard banging in various places of the lab. While we were walking up the hallway a command was given over a Public Announcement System to have all doors/gates (portals) opened. As the doors/gates (portals) opened different search parties went in to search rooms for the man with the powers. I remember one search party team was completely covered in armor.

When my female team member and I turned around and headed in the other direction the gates/doors (portals) were opened and guardians and warriors from different worlds, galaxies, universes, etc. entered into the hallway. One of the female guardian commanders came to me and advised that guardians normally do not get involved in each other’s wars; however the command came from higher (I believe it was a call from Yahshua). As more guardians and warriors started to arrive we heard banging as if different doors and barriers were being broken down. We were all safe where we were. The enemy was nowhere near us. In my mind I could see the enemy, his eyes were red and he was wearing a black trench coat and metallic armor. I did not know exactly where he was but I could see him knocking down doors and barriers. All the guardians were gathering together under the call of Yahshua to face this enemy. We were prepared and ready for battle. I woke up and the enemy never got to us.

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Written by Brother Whitfield