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Dream on July 30, 2015: Time and Space

time and space

Dream on July 30, 2015 Time and Space July 30, 2015

Shalom brothers and sisters. I want to share a dream with you that I had on July 30, 2015. Till this day I don’t understand the dream but it sure has to do with TIME and SPACE.

In the afternoon of July 30, 2015 I was laying in my bed and I was praying to Yah. I was feeling sad about a lot of things and I wanted Yah to speak to me. I told him to please talk to me and tell me something because it’s been a while since I had a dream or vision. So I laid down and decided to take a nap and as soon as I closed my eyes to rest I was in a dream. This dream is hard to describe so I will just mention key points to what he wanted me to remember. When I first got in the dream my body was vibrating and I heard a buzzing sound. I was in a house and I saw that the news was on the television. I didn’t walk up to the TV but it seem like I was flying or gliding towards the TV. I heard, “Pay attention to the TIME on the news”, so I just paid attention to the time and it was showing 2 something in the afternoon. I can’t remember the exact time but it was in the 8th hour according to Hebrew hours. Some type of destruction had happened and I think it was an earthquake. It seem like the news was covering the aftermath of the destruction and preparing to pick through the rubble. Now before I went to sleep and had my talk with Yah I remember watching a video on Youtube and this lady was talking about vibrations going on in CA. For more on the video that I watched please visit BPEarthWatch titled California Shaking/Blogtalk Radio. Maybe Yah is trying to tell me that an earthquake is soon to come to CA.

Now back to the dream so after I saw the images on TV I realized that I had seen this before. Then the scene changed and I saw a field but I was looking at it from above, it’s like as soon as I focused on a single point on the field I was instantly there like zooming in and out on focus binoculars. It’s like I did this by thought. My body moved according to my thoughts. I just can’t explain it because I don’t understand what was happening. I felt myself going up towards the sky and it happened really fast.

Then I appeared back in the house and I was looking towards this wall but something was there. I was supposed to focus on this particular area and at this time I had control so I wanted to see what else I could do. So I was thinking let me see if I can see my hand and my hand came in front of me and I waved my hand and it’s like I was bending through space. Was I bending time and space and was I traveling through time? I don’t know what was going on but space moved side to side like a ripple in space. It looked like a wave. I have no idea what I did and remind you I was vibrating the whole time and hearing this high pitch buzzing sound or frequency. Well that must mean that I’m vibrating at a high frequency.

I don’t know what Yah was trying to tell me but I know that I am light because I come from the Creator of the Universe and my energy comes from the Creator. When I think about all of this maybe I was traveling through time. Maybe Yah was trying to take me to another level or a higher dimension. I do seek wisdom every day and I have asked him to show me a lot of things so I guess he is taking me on a journey to the higher realms. But the dream was getting too real for me and it’s like I knew I was dreaming so I tried to wake myself up and I did. When I woke up I still felt the intense vibrating and I still could hear the buzzing sounds. It was amazing and maybe I am fully awakened. I always say how Yah is downloading things into my mind and I’m thinking about a million things at one time because it’s so much I want to know. Many times when I’m having deep thoughts I always say that my mind is speeding through the universe. I just know that he is trying to reveal something about TIME and SPACE.

Written by Sister Carter