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Dream: The 4 Angels/Winds

4 angels

Dream: The 4 angels/ winds

Shalom brothers and sisters before I get into the dream that I had I just wanted to share with you what I recently did which made me remember the dream that I had about 1 to 2 years ago. Around the day of Atonement I was receiving a lot of revelation and I received in the spirit that the wedding feast is being prepared and it’s almost ready so I immediately had the idea to start inviting people to the wedding. I started invited so many people to my ministry page on facebook and I posted some scriptures regarding the parable of the banquet or the wedding feast. I sent out the invitation to all and someone responded and said, ” I AM CURIOUS AS TO WHY I WOULD BE INVITED TO THIS SITE. BEING A TORAH OBSERVANT HEBREW I AM FORCED TO DECLARE HEREIN, THAT THERE IS NO YASHUA COMING BACK TO SAVE OR JUDGE ANYONE. THE NEW TESTAMENT IS A COLLECTION OF FABLES AND A GREAT DECEPTION DESIGNED TO MISLEAD AND DESTROY THE ELECT. This is only a part of the person’s response and I just wanted to use this as an example. 

Now all I did was send the invitation. So that goes to show you that people refuse to come to the wedding feast. I simply responded, “No need for debate. You have made your decision. It’s been documented that you have declined to attend the Wedding Feast. Shalom!”

So brothers and sisters I have done my part and it is a fact that people will refuse to come to the wedding feast. We are in the final stages and this could be the last opportunity for people to accept the messiah. If you refuse to come that’s on you. You don’t have to attend the wedding feast. When Yahshua returns don’t try to change your mind because all who have rejected him will be same ones he reject at his coming. Some of our brothers and sisters are falling away from the truth and they are trying to convince others to follow them. Don’t be deceived! Keep the faith till the end.

I had a dream and I saw 4 huge Angels. One of the Angels headed my way and he came to my home and he picked me up and placed me on his shoulder. I looked down and saw people running towards the angel and they were trying to go with the Angels. The Angels just looked at them and kept on walking. They were not on the list to be gathered. The people were panicking and they couldn’t believe that the Angels walked passed them. Then the scene changed and from my bedroom window I saw the 4 Angels going out their separate ways.

The 4 winds in Revelation 7 came to mind.

“Then I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds so they did not blow on the earth or the sea, or even on any tree. And I saw another angel coming up from the east, carrying the seal of the living God. And he shouted to those four angels, who had been given power to harm land and sea, “Wait! Don’t harm the land or the sea or the trees until we have placed the seal of God on the foreheads of his servants.” And I heard how many were marked with the seal of God—144,000 were sealed from all the tribes of Israel:” from Judah 12,000 from Reuben 12,000 from Gad 12,000 from Asher 12,000 from Naphtali 12,000 from Manasseh 12,000 from Simeon 12,000 from Levi 12,000 from Issachar 12,000 from Zebulun 12,000 from Joseph 12,000 from Benjamin 12,000
Revelation 7:1-8 NLT

Written by Sister Carter