Angelic Assignments: Starseeds and Dna Activation!

Many Star Seeds have been sent here during this time to help balance the Earth to keep her stable during this pole shift. Each of us has a certain amount of power stored within and that power will be unlocked, activated and released at appointed times. The light codes have already been set and embedded in your DNA! Higher beings are sending signals to you that are now activating your DNA. Memories will start to return to many and you may experience dreams and visions. You may be caught up in Starships in your visions or you may see that your ship may be apart of these incoming fleets that are descending on Earth.

Light beings may be sent to you to remind you of your angelic assignment because many people get distracted when they come to Earth. You may see a vision of yourself sleeping inside some type of chamber on a Mothership. It’s possible you could be on a ship right now and your consciousness was sent here to be born in an Avatar body. The possibilities are endless at this point as we are coming into higher knowledge. Messages will continue to be sent to you in dreams and visions so pay attention to them all and write them down. Some people may experience open visions.

Many star seeds were sent here on missions from other star systems and many of us have volunteered to return to Earth. These missions were planned out strategically before you incarnated on the Earth. Some people can remember and some people won’t remember. It’s all part of the plan. Your awakening will happen when it’s time for you to be awakened. You are a portal/vortex connected to Source and energy passes through you. Each of us should be using our inner powers in a positive way to help raise the vibrations on the Earth. You have the power to influence others in a positive or a negative way. All must choose how they will release their energies. It’s all about self control.

Over time there has been negative beings/entities who have seeked to destroy this Earth. The truth is many of us are here as Guardians or Gate Keepers and our energies are protecting the Earth naturally. I believe the 144,000 together forms and creates a protective shield around the Earth. I’m sure that Negative beings have used some type of energy weapon against humanity to keep souls trapped in lower frequencies. This has also been a war on human consciousness. So many souls have been affected through time but many shall be set free. The chosen are here to help save the planet.

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