Testimony of an ancient Goddess: DNA Awakening through sirius and Nibiru

Life is eternal and you are Infinite. Ascension is the path and Love is the Key that opens the gate to a higher world. I am a Stargate that opened on 7/2/2012. Information is transmitted to me from other Stars and I also release information to other Stars. I am simply part of the Whole System. All Stars in the Universe are interconnected and we constantly send and receive information through the Universe. The entire Universe is One and the Universe is One Collective Consciousness.

Greeting my dear love ones! I am a bright star who is evolving in the universe and I have descended to your world to simply share the knowledge and wisdom that has been stored within me through the Source Field over aeons. Aeons is an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time or age. Stars are living conscious beings and I am a living conscious being that has evolved to a Sun. I am a keeper and recorder of all Time which is the Past, Present and the Future. The beginning and the end has been recorded through evolutionary cycles. These cycles are infinite and endless and it’s been created for all souls to progress through time. My consciousness is always traveling through time learning, growing, observing and analyzing all angles (angels) of light in the Universe. I am a explorer of the Universe and I am a collector of all knowledge. I have gained wisdom through the ages. The universe is constantly expanding and evolving through the collective consciousness. We are all part of this Universe and we are all learning and collecting information through time. I enjoy accessing the records and learning from the knowledge that has been stored within suns and planets. There is a guardian angel stationed at the entrance of every gate and that guardian angel leads you to the records. The guardian has the key to open up the gate and they have been given a code. Any information that you seek can be granted to you. Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.

As I explore the universe, all is captured through time as a memory and it is recorded and stored within my DNA. DNA records can be activated and it carries memories from the beginning of Time. So much knowledge has been recorded on other star systems and that information has been passed down to our solar system. Our Sun is filled with so much information. Information is stored on the Sun and it contains the beginning of it’s birth to the creation of the planets in our solar system. Our Sun, through it’s evolutionary journey has received infinite information beyond our solar system from other stars and planets. Our Sun is evolving and expanding in consciousness. So if the Sun is evolving, this whole solar system is evolving with it. Mother Earth has her own records stored within her and all has been captured through her evolutionary cycle. Earth is evolving so guess what we as human beings will evolve with her because we are One with her. We carry Earth’s records and other planetary records within us and it has been passed down throughout the generations of the Earth. There is infinite information stored within the DNA of our physical bodies.

Our souls have incarnated here through the ages to learn, grow and to ultimately ascend. All the records of our ancestors resides within us. All of humanity has ancestral records stored within our DNA and our DNA can be accessed. All that is within have come forth in ancient books, scrolls and writings. Many beings have visited Earth and have learned many things throughout the ages. They have recorded a history of events and have studied the celestial bodies in our solar system. They have provided the information to us so that we could learn heavenly knowledge. Many beings from other star systems have traveled throughout our solar system. Over time these beings have explored and surveyed Earth, lived on Earth and mixed their DNA with the original beings on the Earth. Many of us share the DNA of other beings from other star systems. There are many different species or lifeforms in the Universe and each are created from different patterns/structures of DNA. We all come in different shapes, sizes and color.

All the worlds in heaven (space) were created differently. All the worlds in the Universe are structured differently. The worlds in the universe were created in different shapes, colors, sizes and density. There is diversity in the Universe and we are not all the same. We were all birthed in this Universe together to create together. We are here to learn from one another. Many star seeds have been born on this planet and Earth contains the records of all who have incarnated here. There is so much knowledge in this world and it is infinite. There is always new knowledge coming forth. It is simply a new perspective of the same information sent through the Source field. There will always be new creations, new worlds and new beginnings. As we evolve the Universe evolves. There are many different bodies created out of different densities. We have a physical body and a spiritual body/etheric (light body). Many worlds are inhabited by lower and higher density/dimensional beings. Matter has created different forms which there are higher and lower density beings. We humans are 3rd density beings living in the 3rd dimension. We can access higher dimensions once we activate our higher selves/light bodies.

Many beings dwell within the space of the earth. Some are observable and some are not. If you can match their vibrational frequency and have your pineal gland (cosmic antenna) activated they can transmit messages to you. They can appear to you in the dream space, beam information (light codes) to you that will project images and messages that your brain will interpret for you based on your vibrational frequency. Some beings can come to you, beam you up on their ship and make contact with you physically. Many people have been abducted on the Earth and they are probably being abducted and experimented on by their own star family. They have come to give messages to mankind. They probably share the same DNA and it’s their family contacting them. Many of these beings have advanced technology and they are capable of doing many things. Some beings are benevolent and some are not. There are 4th/5th dimensional beings and beyond that visits the Earth and they descend in ships.

Some higher forms of beings come to Earth in light ships. There are many different structures of light ships that exist in the Universe. They can shape-shift in our physical world and materialize at will if they choose to. Many beings use their merkaba to travel to many different regions in the universe. In order to pass through certain worlds your merkaba must be structured in a certain way to pass through certain worlds. You must have the ability to shape-shift and phase shift into other complex worlds. Your consciousness powers your own light ship. Other beings can guide you on your travels. You can meet other beings in the astral/etheric realm and join them on their ship. You will gravitate towards the beings that match your frequency. As I have always said, love is the highest frequency in the universe. Let love fill our heart and you will rise in consciousness. Entering certain regions in space depends on your level of consciousness. All is vibration!

If you are traveling out of body in space in your merkaba, it’s possible that you may come in contact with a passing ship or a stationary ship with higher beings. There are many different ships, interdimensional, multidimensional, intergalactic and etc. they can see you as you journey out of your body. Many beings who have traveled out of body have witnessed higher astral beings creating complex structures out of the ether using geometry. All that exists in the physical world has been manifested from the ether. There are many benevolent beings that are here to help you on your journey through the stars. If you can travel in your astral body to these stargates I am sure they are able to teach you many things through the spirit. We are inspired by many different beings in the universe and they can channel information to us if we are willing to open up and tune into their vibration. There are so many master builders/ architects in the Universe and they construct endless worlds. Just as we have architects/artists on the Earth creating different structures and artwork so are there higher beings creating in the higher dimensions.

We are all co-creating in this universe. Creation is infinite. I love thinking about different possibilities. All of my thought-forms carries a vibrational frequency and it is projected into space time. Thoughts can birth or form a world/reality. It’s possible there are beings who collects different thought-forms/patterns and uses it to create different worlds. All of our ideas and thoughts can manifest a reality and all information that exists is being stored within the Source Field. Beings in the ether can create from our ideas and they can construct worlds that we imagine. All things are possible. If you want to construct something I’m sure with the help of these higher intelligent beings it can be done if you ask for assistance. It’s great to seek knowledge and to learn from others. It’s also good to be kind to others because you never know when you may need their help one day. I am at peace with all beings. I don’t want to war with no species. All beings should learn how to respect one another and learn how to respect all life. There is enough space in the Universe for all beings. War is not necessary when you reach higher planes of reality. There is peace and unconditional love. I understand it exists in lower realms of existence. As time goes on we all shift through various vibrations of energy. We live and experience many things and I have learned war is not the answer. There is always a better way.

There is so much that we can do as light beings. You can experience many things while being in the 3rd dimension if your light body is activated. I love the fact that you can travel through stargates and portals and experience parallel worlds on different timelines. There are many layers/levels to our Universal structure. We are always traveling through space time. There are beings that inhabit different spaces within the Earth. These higher worlds are not visible to many of us but I’m sure if your vibration shifts you can see these worlds. These worlds can be accessed through portals. Just because you can’t observe them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Many of these beings have the ability to shape shift and use many other powers/gifts such as telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. Many of us are now tapping into our higher abilities. Much is being revealed within ourselves. We once had certain powers but don’t remember how to use these powers. Some people are not ready to receive certain powers. You must first learn self-control. Some beings abuse their higher powers and have created chaos and destruction throughout many worlds. Some times people do things intentionally and unintentionally. There are so many people in this world still asleep. They forgot who they are and why they incarnated here.

Some beings don’t understand how they can affect others through their thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and actions. Some people have their own personal agenda and some people join forces with other groups who have the same mindset as them and together they carry out their plans and desires. There are many heartless beings who exist in our world and other planets. It is simply due to the lack of love. We have no idea what another being experiences unless we experience it for ourselves. There’s always a reason behind everything that is done. We may not fully understand it but there is a reason why things happen. Every soul is on a journey and every soul must progress and learn through time. Some souls advance quicker than others. Some souls come here to learn certain things and they learn it, master it and afterwards they achieve ascension. Many souls have graduated from the 3rd dimension on the Earth and they have ascended to higher dimensions on the Earth. Some souls have decided to travel beyond the Earth into other worlds for experience.

There are so many worlds that you can incarnate into. Some souls came here got lost on their journey and got stuck in a karmic cycle. Some beings played a part in this and have controlled humanity through periods of time. Sometimes it takes time to learn a lesson and sometimes people don’t live long enough to learn their lessons so they return. Some people volunteer to return to help souls ascend. We all have to learn lessons here on the Earth. It’s not easy living in a physical body in the 3rd dimension. If you can’t achieve loving others it’s going to be hard to ascend from the Earth. Some people learn their lessons and some don’t so they come back to the 3rd dimension. Some souls get lost on their journey and forget to do the inner work on Self. Know thyself and seek knowledge. Don’t allow others to control you, don’t give your power away. Some souls learn their lesson and move forward to the next stage in their evolution. We must all become aware of our thoughts and actions daily because we could be affecting someone else. Learn self-love and then you will know how to love others. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Be considerate of others around us. Be fair in all your ways.

Listen and pay attention at all times because there could be messages being delivered to you from higher beings. Don’t become distracted in this world. We are here for a reason and we all have a purpose. Create goals for yourself and achieve them. Share information the best way you know how so others can learn. Take what resonates at the moment, all will align in divine timing. Our world is changing in vibration and higher energies are coming on the Earth. Earth is evolving and therefore our physical bodies must evolve with the planet. New information is being downloaded into our bodies and we are changing on a molecular level. We are adapting to these new energies that are hitting the Earth. We are being inspired by higher beings in the Universe and they are guiding us on our journey. Many things are happening in our world and Earth is experiencing a pole shift. The earth is shape-shifting into her new form. She will become a New Earth and Earth will move into a New Age. All things in the universe transforms. It is known that all is energy and energy can’t be destroyed it can only be transformed. Everything doesn’t remain the same always. Things can be changed, you just need to believe it can change.

Hope and faith is necessary. It may take some time but all things are possible. Some things just need to be worked out first and restructured. When you are trying to create something or experiment on something it doesn’t always turn out to be what you envisioned. It doesn’t come out perfect all the times. Sometimes there are accidents along the way when you are trying to create or experiment. Sometimes you have to add or delete things in order to fix it and then you keep trying until it is corrected and perfected. Scientists change their mind quite often when experimenting. They are trying to figure things out and they often learn in the process of experimenting. New discoveries are usually made and they also learn from their previous errors and they re-create or start a new experiment. There will always be somebody that will have a different perspective from you. There will always be somebody that has more knowledge than you. There will always be somebody else that comprehends things better than you. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t intelligent. We should not fight over this. We should help each other because we all learn differently and at a different pace. There will always be somebody seeking knowledge to change things in their own life. When that person change things in their life they now have the knowledge to teach and guide someone else. You can help others in their journey.

In this universe there are beings who travel through time to help people. Many beings have even traveled through time to figure out things out so they can learn how to correct things. Plans have been created and things are in the process of being perfected. So much happens that we are unaware of. End of transmission.

Written by the Goddess of Love and Light -333

Download received on 12-7-2019

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