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Meditation at 11:11AM on 2/17/19

While meditating I saw myself outlined in white. I was in space and my chakras were aligned and lit. I can see straight through myself. I looked up into the universe and a white light came out of my mouth, nose, ears, eyes etc. As the white light left me it reached into the universe as rainbow colors.

I then saw myself as a giant skeleton each one of vertebrae’s lit up in white light. My spinal chord then stretched out as a bridge over the cosmos. I was traveling across my own spine, transversing space. I was back in complete darkness, I was outlined in white and everything else was dark like a shadow. White plasma light started emanating out of my hands and feet causing me to levitate in the space that I was in.

I then turned into a red orb of energy and I was emitting energy. I saw the energy leaving planet earth and radiating out into the universe as rainbow light. From a red orb of energy I evolved into a blue ball of energy to yellow and then to orange. There was still energy being emitted into the universe in rainbow colors. It was like I was a tower broadcasting a frequency into the universe.

I then saw myself above the milky way I watched as it spiraled. I then dove into the galactic central sun. I turned into a white pure energy. I was bathe in a warm white light. My head represented North, My legs represented South and my arms extended out to the East and West. I slowly started to spin clockwise. A blue plasma light emanated from me in the four cardinal directions.

I was again above the Milky Way galaxy and it was spiraling towards a sun and merging with a sun. The sun was a representation of my heart. The galaxy merged with my heart.

Written by the High Commander Guardian Knight