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Emotional Release: Healing Deep Wounds within Bloodlines and Ancestors-7/2/2019

Greeting my dear love ones! I have been extremely emotional the last week or two. So many emotions are coming to the surface right now that I am going through an emotional roll coaster. It is actually painful but I know things will get better with time. All the deep wounds within myself is being addressed and I’m working though it. All that my ancestors experienced in the past I can feel on a soul level. We must heal and we will heal through love and forgiveness. I am now facing alot of things that I didn’t want to face when it came to my ancestors but they want to be free. Something must be done here in America because the souls of my ancestors cry out in this land. That’s the truth. I can feel it on so many levels so there’s no more running from past issues, it’s time to face it all. The souls of my ancestors are finally being set free and released through me. I am here completing the inner work and I am here healing my DNA.

I am releasing all the emotional baggage from my ancestral karmic cycle. The curse is now broken and reversed! It is finished. I am tired of experiencing the same thing over and over again which is hurt, pain and suffering. It’s time to go on a new cycle, a new beginning where higher vibrations are experienced such as love, joy, happiness and peace. I have learned my lessons in which Karma has taught me and I have learned to love, forgive and release to heal. Me and my ancestors are breaking free from this corrupt system. I have the victory and I have overcome the rulers of this world. I broke free from this matrix on July 2, 2012 and now it is collapsing. My awakening energy sent out a solar flare that sent forth DNA activation light codes and everything is being reset, it’s being reversed. All the pain and the suffering in which we have endured for so long and doing other lifetimes will be healed. We will be purified and we will be resurrected, crowned and given thrones. We will reign with Christ, We will ascend!

As an intuitive empath, I am extremely sensitive right now and I can feel the energies coming through on this planet right now and it’s definitely affecting me. It feels like hot magma in the Earth is rising to the surface as if a volcano is about to erupt. The Earth is about to shake.

Unresolved issues have build up within me and I am experiencing the intensity of the energy though actual pain in my physical body. It is occurring within my lower chakras. I need to maintain an emotional balance because I am overly sensitive and it is affecting my energy field. We must maintain balance. So much is happening in my life right now and there’s alot that needs to be addressed. It’s possible there may be earthquakes in diverse places because people lives are about to be shaken with these incoming energies. All the fear, pain and trauma experienced from our ancestors are coming to the surface. Many tears have flowed from my eyes because all that hurts me inside is being released in this moment in time. I desire for all my deep wounds to heal and I want the souls of my ancestors to be set free. Souls are still trapped in lower vibrations on the Earth because they are having a hard time letting go of the past. Soon enough we will realize that we are our ancestors. They live through us because it’s in our DNA. Our DNA carries cellular memories of past lives. So much needs to be healed right now on a soul level. Righteous judgement shall go forth in this land and throughout the whole world. All that has been hidden will come to the light. All truth shall come forward and the wicked will be exposed. The Most High will take care of it all.

All of the negative emotions and feelings that have been held inside, never addressed or pushed to the side will now come to the surface. The energies will force you to deal with the issues that hasn’t been addressed in the past. The Time is Now! Mother Earth awakens and cries out, “It’s time for a new beginning, a new heaven and a new earth. It’s time for a new change and a major shift in consciousness. It’s time to heal and move forward so we can all evolve. All the negative energy that has been build up within the Mother Earth over time must be released. The earth must be healed and restored and we must do the same. All negative energy will be transmuted. The Divine Mother sends love energy to all on the planet and she sends divine healing. In order to heal we must all get to the root cause, address the issue, work through it or let it all go.

Written by Goddess of Love and Light